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Climate Engineering And California Jam

from Zen Gardner:

In the video below, Billy DeMoss D. C. and myself, discuss the horrific effects and impacts of global climate engineering. Billy is the organizer of the California Jam, which is the “largest event for increased human potential and life sustainability”. The level of caring and engaged people in attendance is also exceptional as Cal Jam is the “fastest growing chiropractic event on the planet”.  This major event will be held in Costa Mesa, California, from March 27th thru the 29th. Event details can be viewed on this link for those who want more information or those who wish to attend. There are many well known speakers who can be viewed directly on this link. My most sincere gratitude for chiropractor Billy DeMoss for his tireless efforts in organizing this ground breaking gathering.

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    After listening to this, then reading the article in the Daily Bell by Jim Rogers,I would like to ask Jim-bo, WHERE??? Where in the world do I set my plow?

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