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Citibank Replaces JP Morgan as “Derivative King”

by Bix Weir, Road To Roota:

Last Friday the US Congress approved the latest spending bill which included a provision written by the criminals at Citibank to put the US taxpayer on the hook for $300T in Derivative bets. Now Congress is trying to explain why…

Congressman Defends Citibank Provision in Spending Bill

This Friday the OCC released the latest derivative holdings by the big banks and it shows that Citibank has increased their derivative position by $9 TRILLION to overtake JP Morgan who seems to have transferred these derivatives to Citi…

Read THIS: Citibank Replaces JP Morgan as “Derivative King”!

No wonder Jamie Dimon was on the phone to Washington all last week!!

And THIS: Jamie Dimon Himself Called to Urge Support for the Derivatives Bill

So what does it all means???

The Global Monetary System is TOAST!!!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road

Bix Weir

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3 comments to Citibank Replaces JP Morgan as “Derivative King”

  • The Truth

    The system was toast from 2008. All they did was scraped the burn off of the toast to make it look edible. The scent and taste had never changed. Maybe they will add water this time to soften the burnt part of it. We all know water is needed to put out fires.

  • rich

    I am sick of hearing of derivatives. What do we have to wait for every f—king quadzillion derivative to fail. I would think if one failed the dominoes would fall and the whole system blows up.Central planning has never or ever can control markets so what is holding things up.Someone with brains out there please explain y derivatives haven t imploded.

  • tomche

    I would like to know what Senators – by name – sponsored this change (who were paid off by Citibank) and who voted for it’s implementation. Then we need to call and write (flood them) with our ire and discontent…
    After all, those who sponsored this are TRAITORS and need to be rooted out by the snout.(I do not use the word Traitor lightly. They are TRAITORS and we had better start coming to grips with that fact….we had better start standing up to them now or this fight is done and they win.)

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