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Censoring New Sandy Hook Video Makes it OBVIOUS

from HighImpactFlix:

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7 comments to Censoring New Sandy Hook Video Makes it OBVIOUS

  • johns

    We will remember……. Keep the hoax alive till everyone can see it.

    KEEP IT ALIVE !!!!!!!

    Thanks for your efforts SGT.

  • CalSailX

    Of course they are going ape shit about that video, traitors are hanged. It’s pretty damned simple. How stupid do you think they are?

  • CalSailX

    Not as if some of these folks don’t have a special place in this old man’s life, to be honest I’d like to give every last one of the douche bags a big wet sloppy kiss.

    Soon they will know what it is to be war criminal, those that are tasked with bringing them into justice…let them understand a city square of people needs to see them doing that short drop and right turn at the end of a rope!

    They didn’t just earn what they’ll find at the end of that rope… they demanded it by their actions. Who are we… to deny what they have so demanded by their actions.

  • CalSailX

    They have to be tried… and if found guilty. Squeal and or die!

  • CalSailX

    To be honest it don’t even bother me any longer. They will get tried… convicted and hung. And there is a shit load of these folks that for some reason or another believe it’s not going to happen to them.

    They just don’t get it… which is going to make it all the more a surprise to them hitting the end of the rope. They own this from start to finish 😉

  • Rob

    Try uploading video to Live Leak

  • Gnostic

    I think it is obvious why……they want the sheep to know the truth, it magnifies their perception of power & control,

    i.e. ” Yes we created the hoax, What are you going to to about it, we create your reality” do not attempt to adjust your TV

    The Outer Limits – 1963 Seasons – Intro – HD

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