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Can The ROTHSCHILD Plan To ENSLAVE HUMANITY Be Stopped? — Michael Noonan

from SGT

Our friend Michael Noonan from Edge Trader Plus joins us to discuss the stark economic reality humanity is facing under the iron fist rule of the Rothschild International banking SYSTEM of total control. And despite the inevitable future collapse of the Dollar and the consequent end of U.S. world hegemony, according to Michael, the chances of toppling the Rothschild’s from their seat of world power appear to be slim.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

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134 comments to Can The ROTHSCHILD Plan To ENSLAVE HUMANITY Be Stopped? — Michael Noonan

  • f16hoser

    Is it time to sell all my Gold/Silver bullion and put everything into the S&P 500? So far, I’ve missed the last 5 years of equity run-up while my bullion is down 50% from when I bought it. If these rothschilds faggots won’t go away then what the fuck…?

    • Scott Wolf

      Down 50% in what? An I.O.U on the cusp of extinction? You should be buying more. These price manipulations are a gift from the central planners. EMBRACE THEM.OH THE HORROR OF PAPER MONEY AND THE CHAOS ATTACHED TO IT!

      Go ahead and convert your hard assets into fiat and buy into the euphoria of a market at the top. For God sakes, man, take a deep breath and THINK ABOUT what you are saying. The same instincts that served you until now will KEEP YOU SAFE in the future. Sell only if you need immediate cash for bills, etc. Beyond that, stand pat. Selling now only plays into the hands of those you despise. Remember, a star shines brightest just before it explodes! I’ve been saying it since late 2012 that the DOW will peak at about 19,000 at which point moving parts (the US BOND MARKET) will start to break.

      Consider these FACTS:

      ZIRP has been in place over 6 yrs and yet the free market is still the specter that our Keynesian masters and their digital currency cannot shake! EFF Martin Armstrong and Harry Dent. THINK FOR YOURSELF. Follow China’s lead.

      The VELOCITY OF MONEY is at an all-time low. How can that be if there is a recovery under way?

      Our labor participation rate is back to the late-1970s level. In fact, our labor force is smaller than 2000, yet we have now have fewer working age adults in the economy. A smaller labor market with a larger percentage of un/underemployed workers doesn’t make for economic nirvana. Not in this country or any other. Check out US DEBT You’ll see more clearly.

      The Fed balance sheet is up over 500% since 2000. Ask yourself this: How can the Fed prop up stocks, real estate, USTs, USEconomy, manipulate the gold price, and maintain confidence in the dollar, all at the same time? Easy, it can’t- not forever.

      Notional derivatives are $1.5 QUADRILLION, some 20x yearly global GDP! QUADRILLION, think about that.

      Japan is printing money. China is printing money. The ruble is crashing………

      The Baltic Dry Index is collapsing.

      The run up in the DOW is the precursor to economic Armageddon for the U.S. Those who possess PMs and do nothing at this time will survive. Those who succumb to emotion will perish.

      DON’T BE STUPID. Put on some Miles Davis or something and sit back and relax.

      Carpe Diem!!!!!

      • Eric

        Well said Scott.

        Imagine you are an average citizen of Russia. Or Venezuela. Americans should be thanking their lucky stars the dollar has not collapsed yet, and the entire country isn’t already on fire. We are fortunate that gas is under $3/gallon and we can still buy food from the store.

        If anyone feels like it’s a safe time to invest, by all means go to your online broker that almost certainly doesn’t register your trades in the first place and throw it into equities. Risk whatever you feel like you can afford to lose and then be happy when you lose it because you almost certainly will at this point.

        I’d rather be 5 years too early than 5 minutes too late.

        It doesn’t matter if you have stacked 1 ounce or 1 million ounces. What matters is that you are stacking and that you continue to stack. Saving is such a foreign concepts to Americans. All they know how to do is consume and spend. They have NO patience! They want it and they want it now.

        Well they will learn patience the hard way. They will learn what money really is the hard way. They will learn everything the hard way because they have done this to themselves!

        • Ed_B

          I agree with a lot of this but am also aware that diversification is a powerful force in personal finance. Because of this, I do not see investing as an either / or question but more as a collection of “ands”. Do I have some gold and silver? You bet! Do I also have some stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs? You bet. When my paper investments deliver a nice profit, ALL of it goes into the stack. Been doing that since 2010. We can and should do both because only the stock market has delivered results over time that beat inflation and taxation combined.

          Sure, the US will collapse at some point but when will that be? If the histories of other great empires that have collapsed are any guide, this could be going on for several more decades. Will it? No one knows. In the mean time, my plan is to have a good supply of PMs as my financial insurance, a store of value, and as an inflation hedge but to also invest in other things that have done pretty well for the past few years. If the SHTF tomorrow, I will be more ready for that than about 95% of my fellow citizens. If it doesn’t happen for years to come, well, by then my stack will be approaching epic proportions. It’s a WIN either way. But anyone putting ALL of their money into one thing had better hope that they are 100% right. If they are not, they WILL regret it.

          • Scott Wolf

            The beauty of this whole thing is that we don’t need a collapse. Gold and silver are indeed moving toward the financial system again, so having some in your portfolio is a calculated and shrewd investment. Everything else is noise.

            • fonestar

              I just wanted to comment and say how strongly I disagree with Michael Noonan here. I understand where his sentiment is coming from but it is off. The Rothschilds can be stopped. Look, we are only a few years into what I would describe as an “epochal change”. The advent of the printing press was one of these, so was the industrial revolution and we are at this point only ~20yrs into the internet era. Look, in 2014 people still trust their corporate television and corporate radio more than information from the internet. But just look how the Sandy Hoax thing has backfired in a major way on TPTB? People are waking up en masse because of this thing, because they see that elections are rigged and the US is really a one party system. People are seeing they don’t need a corporation to make an amazing movie or documentary. We still have the best opportunity ever to change the world right before our eyes.

              Oh, and at one point the Pharoahs and Caesars were pretty powerful too. They’re all dead now.

          • Eric

            Sorry Ed my friend but your words remind me of this…

            I understand your point of view and clearly the inflation has gone into equities which have saved the day, but the benefits of this system are not those of which I want any part of anymore as my trust has been completely eradicated.

            Do I still participate? Yes, but I am working my way out as best I can. I am not interested in investing or taking risk and personally feel everyone should run run run from this system as much as possible at this point because anything goes now. There is no rule of law anymore.

            If accumulating gold and silver is risky, then yes I better hope I am 100% right or else I’m in deep doo doo. But I’m still not ruling out a dip down to $1000 and if I can take the pain we have had to endure the past 4 years, I think I can hang on a bit longer.

      • f16hoser

        I hear ya Scott. I’m just frustrated that we all know what’s going on yet nothing is done to stop the regulators/manipulators. I have to always remind myself why I got into Gold/Silver bullion. I’m adding bullion when I can. I truly believe the dollars days are numbered and wish it would just get here already. I’m ready for yet and so are a few of my closest friends. I think I’m looking forward to the last laugh as some of my friends think I’m crazy as they yuck it up inside the Matrix called the Amerikan dream.

    • sam

      The Rothschild fagots will NOT go away. What makes all of us “think” that because we have this or that, silver or gold, that all of a sudden the MOST powerful people [demonic satanists] are going to lose all of their money and power? It matters NOT what comes next, the faggots with the money will still be in control.

      In fact, their control INCREASES as they crash the world financial systems to create a one world currency with a one world government. The reality is that ALL governments have been colluding to steal their citizens money, land, and whatever they can get their little hands on. MUST READ… DTCC [Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation] World Wide Theft of ALL Stocks, Bonds, Etc. The people own nothing!

      God further warns us… Mark 13:19″For those days will be a time of tribulation such as has not occurred since the beginning of the creation which God created until now, and never will. 20″Unless the Lord had shortened those days, no life would have been saved; but for the sake of the elect, whom He chose, He shortened the days. 21″And then if anyone says to you, ‘Behold, here is the Christ’; or, ‘Behold, He is there’; do not believe him;… The King of Despots [the anti-christ] will deceive many – so do not believe the lies that God is here or there and do not take a mark so you can buy or sell.

      God is warning us that the times we are going to face are going to be beyond belief. Think about the technology the governments now possess that they have not shown us. Google DARPA and some of the mess they have created and bred.

      Also- don’t think for one minute that Russia is our enemy. The world leaders are laughing their asses off at how stupid we are to believe these lies. They are ALL working together acting their part on the world stage – Just as God tells us in His Word… Rev 17: 12″The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have not yet received a kingdom, but they receive authority as kings with the beast for one hour. 13″These have one purpose, and they give their power and authority to the beast.

      Think about what God just told us. There will be 10 Kings [world leaders] who have not yet received a kingdom. What does this mean? And then THEY [the 10 world leaders] ALL give THEIR power and THEIR authority to the BEAST [the King of Lawlessness.] Let me ask you, do you think there is lawlessness in the US right now? Of course! That is ALL there is! There is NO rule of law.

      Further calrification – The world is being divided into 10 Super Nations…

      EVERYTHING is going as God has planned. The world leaders are working TOGETHER! Guess what? They have once again deceived us!!!

      Are you spiritually ready?

  • Bobby

    Thanks for all the great work you do to keep us informed. Is there a way to download an audio version of the podcast so I can listen (and present it to others) to it in the car on a long drive and not use up all my data streaming it from YouTube, which inherently streams both the video and audio when I’m really only interested in the audio. Thanks and happy new year!

    • Warp

      On an iPhone (last I used one), if you lock out, hit the lock button, and hit play, it’s audio-only.

      On an android device, an app like “QueueTube” can do audio-only.

      • SGT

        Hey Bobby, Warp’s advice on how to get audio only makes sense. We were providing mp3 versions of the interviews for a while but it became a burden on our overworked server so I got away from it. There’s a chance we will start making these available as mp3’s again though, new server allowing. In the meantime, warp’s idea maybe?

    • rl

      Yes Bobby, there is a very good, easy, and instant downloader that works with mozilla.
      Other browsers I am not sure of and Sean and the guys might be able to help you there.

      Very sobering and necessary interview. Also timely as the season approaches. I like they way Noonan simply points to the fact we are not dealing with idiots as so many would like to think or infer. And if in fact its time to tell the truth unwashed as it were; rothschilds = is-real = zionists. 200 years in the making and 500 in the planning if not more with the khazar ‘tribes’ raping the world and being cast out time after time for 1000+ years before that. Not victims but vipers and people knew who and what they were dealing with plain and simple. They didnt ‘wander’ for nothing…

      Cognative disonance’s greatest hurdle in the ussa, so much so that it is almost undoable per the self induced guilt it can inspire, is to debunk the victims of the world for who they really are, beleive me. I also can see the brain washing that we as a nation have been put under leading to nieghbor on nieghbor if they have their way, while the slaves believe their master as always and clamor to be saved like never before.

      We cant even look up in the sky en masse and realize we are being poisoned daily so why would they not beleive they can do what they want whenever they want. The fact of the matter is they can and we have no idea per our ignorance what they have done and what they are capable of because at the bottom of what passes for a heart they believe beyond a single doubt that YOU are cattle, bread for the slaughter, literally!

      We as those of the uncog’ cant even look to history as recent as the bolsheviks; jewish instigated, controlled, and ran across the board. Russia or the USSR was a jewish state from lenin/trotsky and the top down to the tune of 200 plus documented commissars, etc. etc, within the first 3-4 years of the peoples party, later to become communism. With 100s of millions changing hands from the start supporting the work of the phsychos even in 1910 dollars. Some 40+ million were murdered usually after unmentionable torture for the true non believers. This wasnt even in our history books in school as all the while the nazis are shoved down our throats not stop to this day for 70 years, lest we forget to support and pity the victims of the world and their nation state.

      We are fools which real history proves time after time and THAT is the hardest pill to swallow and what cannot be faced. The brain is warped beyond recognition of reality past or present… while trying to tell you something isnt right as we choose the easy fix… the never ending stimuli we get every day that herds us like the cattle we are. Even we here get our dose of diversion and run with it because it might be this, that, or them, as the diversion(s) keeps us looking everywhere but to the facts of the matter from history and documented reality.
      Pavlovs dog mignt be staring at you in the mirror every day too.
      Cognitive dissonance is easy to obtain. The truth can be painful “belief” shattering work.

      Sure hope reigns supreme but all the same between pms and all the rest we focus on and pay attention to there is only one solution if the time comes…. when your nieghbors choose to make you the enemy. Noonan’s reference to state county and city is well placed.
      Am I over stating and playing histrionics… mongering fear with tin hat firmly in place?
      You decide.
      I already have because history and facts are on my side and how you will fare in the days ahead is up to you and which ever parameters you choose to abide by.

      Thanks Sean and Rory and the rest for all you do and my rantings have about ran their course. And if we are to see a better day the wake up will have to come fast, and the unspeakable will have to be spoken. Because as we know the ‘laws’ are already in place and being acted upon to outlaw the truth from passing your lips. I cant wait to see people believe freedom of speech is dangerous and only terrorists dont believe the daily lie served up in a suit and tie in high def. 1984 aint nothing to what we will see in the new year and I will leave sgt comments to others as my part is done.

      Peace and Love to you all.

      • Gnostic


        Very well said, I know were you are coming from. What I have come to terms with is that many of us are on different levels of understanding especially when it comes to history. People actually were more enlightened before they had the Gutenberg press & have devolved with technology as a means to find truth. The elite Jews use technology against all people, Most cannot or will not discern the truth from the lies.

        The issue you bring up is very complex yet simple, the problem is most are uncomfortable castigating an entire race or religion such as the jews, I can understand that, it turns people off, it is perceived as hateful, when in reality it is a warning to all, especially brainwashed low level jews who shall also suffer under the yolk of cabalistic jewish leaders.

        The following video really helped me to understand how jews have been isolated & brainwashed for 1000’s of years & how judaism is both religious & political.

        I am at peace now understanding how many jews have been manipulated to support evil. although they may not be acting in the best interests of us Goyim, I truly pity them, they have an inner conflict as a result their souls are desolate & dark.

        Peace to all & to all a good night……

        • Eric

          We have ALL been manipulated Gnostic.

          Too many have bought into belief systems of all topics and they never questioned enough.

          There is nobody enslaving us. We do it to ourselves.

          It’s all built upon trust. Everyone has put their trust in the wrong people and in the wrong places.

          • Gnostic

            Eric, You are 100% Correct,

            I could write a book on how we all have been manipulated now that i can see it, I was focusing on rl’s comments in the hope of understanding the reasons for the clannish nature of Judaism/Zionism & how it’s leaders have influenced the Jewish people through fear & false religious doctrine for millennia.

            In other words not all Jews are evil by nature, nor are Christians or any other group, they become evil by nurture & ignorance.

            • Eric

              Yeah I agree but they don’t necessarily become evil.

              They’re just been brainwashed and programmed much like everyone else. I think “jews” have just had a deeper level of mind control thrust upon them and it is that much more difficult for them to break free and think for themselves.

              Depending on how deep the subconscious has been programmed will decide how many of the people around us lose it and turn into assholes.

              I’m seeing a lot of people lately who have drained their savings and are becoming desperate, and rather than ask better questions and do any kind of serious thinking, their ego controls their mind and they lash out emotionally and become assholes. Which in turn just pushes the ones trying to help them away.

              This will be a very interesting time to be alive and difficult to survive for the foolish among us.

              Here’s one “jew” who gets it.

              • Eric

                I mean the guy speaking, not the idiot who made the video.

              • Johnny Pallyswine

                Israel is .00002% of the MiddleEast; Jews count .000001% of humanity.. WHY ARE SO MANY FILTHY WASPS AND MUSLIMS OBSESSED WITH JEWS

              • Jacobson

                Only shallow minded people speak about “jews” as one group.
                It will be like speaking at “americans” .

                Americans are so brainwashed
                Americans are so racist
                Americans are fat
                No more America…
                Remeber Rome ?

                • Eric

                  But Jacob, I thought you were all about “your people?”. Is that not “one group?”

                  I love how your true colors run through the lines.

                • Jacobson

                  But Eric, when you guys speak about “americans” you know exactly how to seperate the government and the citizens.
                  But Eric, when I speak about “my people” I’m not representing anyone.
                  But Eric, usually my comments are the reflection to the nazis here.
                  But Eric, I can tell what the books I follow teach.

                  But Eric, cant you see your own obsession ?

                  “We are not antisemites, we are anti-zionists…
                  Those evil jews and their books…
                  The evil Talmud…
                  They killed Jesus…
                  Their believes are satanic…
                  Jews control the world and all the rest are passive – it’s a one man’s show…
                  We are not antisemites, that’s why bash the jewish books and not the zionist state.
                  We have jewish friends…”

                  Thank god I don’t have to live under your filthy regime.

                • Eric

                  When I refer to “Americans” I am referring to citizens. I’m not referring to politicians. It would be similar to saying Israeli citizens, not Jews which would refer to a race or religious group. If i want to refer to US politicians, I like to make sure the dual Israeli/US citizens are distinguished from those with only US citizenship since you can’t serve 2 masters. People is plural so you must be referring to a group? I didn’t say all those things but it doesn’t surprise me that you misquote me.

                  Which god are you thanking?

                  Yahweh, Yaldabaoth, Jehovah or the demiurge?

                  I would like to thank him you don’t live here either.

            • Johnny Pallyswine

              Not all Muslims and WASPS and Catholics are designed for evil such as raping little native girls and boys, exterminating entire native tribes and stealing their resoruces.

              Not all. But a lot are very evil guided by killing and rape

    • Ed_B

      Hey, Bobby. Would it be of any use to you to use one of those You Tube to mp3 conversion programs? I use one that works real well. These are audio only but work well for music and for YT info as well. A quick Internet search will show several of these programs and most are free. 🙂

    • sam

      @bobby: The fastest downloader I have ever had. It is 5 times faster than most anything I have tried. It also does mp3… I don’t download with this.

  • wauhoo

    It was very sad to hear the commentary regarding precious metals holders doing well financially, but at the risk of jealous snitches turning them in. Does it then make sense to move your precious metals to another country that has better things to do than confiscate citizens or visitors precious metals? If so, what country would be best? Also, would it be better to move them to a poor country or a wealthy country? Thoughts appreciated.

    • SGT

      Gold Money has vaults in other countries and offers the service, so a diversified approach might include that. I think SD Bullion also provides some storage options – and I know Miles Franklin offers metals storage solutions in their vault in Canada. But IMO it’s all a gamble at this point though because as we’ve all learned, if you don’t hold it you don’t own it.

      • fuzzy

        Dear SGT…
        I listen to you asking these questions and feeling there is no hope. Let me ask you, WHAT IF there IS a way to fight this and you have been ignoring it because it would take too much time to understand it?

        What if I told you I volunteer for a group of nerds who have taken bitcoin and fixed nearly all the issues with it so people can completely undercut the Rothschild’s cartel? What if I were to tell you this technology would for the first time in recorded human history enable completely auditable and provably fair elections (

        What if I told you this group of nerds, led by an amazing man who I have been priviledged to call friend, have found a way to make it so people can have their own bank?

        And most of all…what if I told you that the Rothschilds are very aware of the new digital money battle ground called “cryptocurrency” and are working day and night to ensure THEY come out on top?

        What if I were to tell you that nearly all cryptocurrency in its current form will end up equally as bad as the current system, only with a new branch of money masters who serve the Rothschilds…only with a power FAR exceeding that which they wield today?

        These statements are all true. But I left out a great deal of amazing aspects about this technology and what it can do for freedom. It is hard to be a consistent listener to you two (who I respect so deeply) and to know that no matter how smart you guys are, you for some reason are COMPLETELY overlooking the one thing that can change the balance. Therefore, I sit and watch as BitShares, the only blockchain technology that truly gives the power to the people, gets eaten alive by systems that purport to be “decentralized” as a badge of honor, but in effect will only give the centralized power structures a more resilience to attack.

        I honestly don’t even know why I post anymore here, because part of me feels it will not be acknowledged. The only reason I can muster is that I CAN’T give up when trying to reach people who already have traction in the liberty community.

        THERE IS a way to both help show the true prices of gold/silver and other pm’s while also changing the system to one ruled by US, the people of the world. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to contact me at my email address. I look forward to the day that our good lord shines a light in your heart upon the wisdom in my words–as they did not come from me, but instead come from a place he has deemed me worthy to visit. Blockchain technology is going to do a great deal to help this world, or a great deal to hurt it. Either way, the first 5-10 years of it is going to make everyone THINK it is a good thing…but in the long term is where it really matters.

        Thanks again for your time.

      • Ed_B

        “But IMO it’s all a gamble at this point though because as we’ve all learned, if you don’t hold it you don’t own it.”

        Good point, Sean. Thanks for bringing that up because it is critical.

        When we all talk about a SHTF scenario, one thing that seems to be central to all of these possible scenarios is the chaos that ensues once the S really does HTF. This makes estimating what will happen very difficult, IMO. During a SHTF scenario, which seems more likely? That a PM storage company will honor their pledge to safeguard our metal OR will they see their vaults as a honey-pot that they can use to help their own families survive? I think that the latter is much more likely. Additionally, we do not know what kind of draconian travel restrictions will be implemented once the SHTF, so even if one does have some metal in a foreign country, it does them no good if they cannot access it.

        All that said, I remain a big fan of diversification in many things. Diversification of location for our PMs is included in this. I prefer to deposit my PMs in the Bank of Mother Earth. It is safe, secure, cheap, and VERY difficult for anyone else to access. 🙂

    • sam

      @wauhoo: We moved to Ecuador and love it. The people are very friendly and will give you the shirt off of their backs, if they had one. The food is cheap, $2 – $3 for soup, fish/chicken, salad, rice, and fresh glass of juice. A grocery cart full of produce is $10.

      Our reasons for coming here are many. The first being that this country all ready lost its currency 15 yrs ago and the people did not kill each other. We now use the dollar here. Food is plentiful because mot everyone grows it. On the coast fish is abundant.

      You can choose your own micro climate as Ecuador has many. On the coast the temp is nver over 95 but averages around 85 and at night drops to 65-75. The mountains [Cuenca at 8500′] averages around 70-75 day and 50 at night. There are many other climates – but keep in mind we do not have your typical seasons because we are on the equator.

      The people here are free – not like in the US. Pass a cop and NO big deal. Want a fire on the beach – NO big deal. Want to drive on the beach – NO big deal. Get the picture? This place is like America 1950.

      Drop my a PM if you desire more info.

  • jskauai

    The question was asked will precious metal holders fair better than non-precious metal holders? I have been reading Michael for quite some time and he has always encouraged people to acquire physical precious metals, so I believe, he believes, pms holders will fair much better.. The other question about how your neighbor will react to you if they know you have pms and they don’t is no different than today as how people react to a financially well off person as opposed to people who are unemployed. I don’t believe when the $US goes down it will create chaos. I believe it will be managed by the elites to transition into their new currency. Look how things have played out in other currencies that were destroyed for insights to this. f16hoser new put all your eggs into one basket. Chasing after stocks at these levels appear to be riskier than buying silver coins when the mining companies are struggling to make any profits.

    • Hal

      Yes, yes, yes I have to agree with that sentiment. The idea of complete ‘Anarchy’ ensuing upon a major financial shift in relative purchasing power of various assets and currencies always seems extreme. We already live in a world of tremendous wealth disparity – many places have ultra poor and mega rich living in close proximity. Just because some people’s positions may change drastically does not mean the situation as a whole has changed a great

    • Hal

      Yes, yes, yes I have to agree with that sentiment. The idea of complete ‘Anarchy’ ensuing upon a major financial shift in relative purchasing power of various assets and currencies always seems extreme. We already live in a world of tremendous wealth disparity – many places have ultra poor and mega rich living in close proximity. Just because some people’s positions may change drastically does not mean the situation as a whole has changed a great deal….although somewhat, perhaps.

      And we all know it’s much easier to attain those much desired comforts of an “easy life” if one has money….if PMs really are the best form of money that we have here in this life, then they WILL re-assert themselves as money/currency…eventually. At that point you will want to have them – OR a great deal of any asset or thing of worth, but PMs are probably the easiest to store/hold/liquidate/ etc which is of course the reeeeeeezon that they are money to begin with.

      Here’s hoping your stack is toppling over!

      • Hal

        Please excuse the double post as it’s easy to mislcick the ‘autopost’ when submitting from the phone.

      • Ed_B

        You guys need to understand that whether or not chaos ensues when the SHTF all depends on how hungry people get. We have already seen people behave like animals during Black Friday shopping. What do you think will happen if the EBT and SNAP cards stop working and millions of people don’t eat for a few days? It will be worse. A LOT worse.

        The police forces in the US are not gearing up like they are for exercise. They have been told that civil unrest is coming and that they have to be ready to maintain the rules of law and order when it does. If they are not underestimating the potential for disaster here, why should we?

  • Marty

    Hi Sean
    I agree with Noonan that it appears bleak and hopeless, and so it’s prudent to plan for survival within the system. But I think that the empire has chinks in the armor, like the death star in star wars. I don’t think that we should give up, as we do have a slim chance to take down the system. Sites like yours are part of the solution.

    Please email me so that I can help support you and also give you other help. Thanks

  • Sunday 21 December 2014

    Thank you for taking the time to reply, guys.

    f16hoser: Yep, time to buy the S&P that you missed on the upside, while selling your gold/silver at the lows so you do not miss the turnarounds. 😉

    Thanks, Bobby, and holiday cheers to you…

    wauhoo: There is the expression, if you do not hold it, you do not own it. If you send your PMs to another country, how would you get them back into the US, without risking confiscation during the return process? Just a thought.

    The notion of “jealous snitches” is something of which to be aware, not make you sad. One always has to deal with what is, and be aware of what may happen.



  • jskauai

    f16hoser should read never put all your gas into one basket…sorry but no edit button.

  • f16hoser

    I didn’t put it all in. About 2/3rds. I still have a chunk in a retirement account. I kept it in government bonds thinking the stock market was gonna tank because of all the money printing. Guess that was a bad call. As long as they keep printing why not a 30,000 DOW and 3,000 S&P500
    I still believe in real money Vs FIAT. I just don’t see anything changing while the banks control governments.

    • Ed_B

      “I just don’t see anything changing while the banks control governments.”

      I agree with that but suggest that while we have very little influence over the actions of others, we have a LOT of influence over our own actions. Because of this, we should love our family with all our might, do all we can to help and protect them in any way that we can, and prep for an uncertain future but do not fear it. Get right with God and seek to serve Him as well. We can do this by serving others. We never know when even a small thing to us will be really big to someone else – a kind word, a gentle pat on the back, or a small act of friendship at a critical moment can be very important to someone in need of such help. I know because I was once about as low as a man can get and someone else reached out to me in friendship. It made ALL of the difference. It really did.

  • Jay Stacker

    The Sheeple are no longer pertinent to big Federal government or to the banks, big government no longer works for the benefit of the masses but works for the Banks and the .1% (the banks do not need the sheeples money, they can create money, at interest (Taxes you pay) to the sheeple from nothing to loan out at interest (fractional banking) again. One way seems to be grass roots from the state level even if it means succession from such a corrupt federal government. The private banks (aka The Federal Reserve) will never allow their strangle hold on the american and for that matter the worlds sheeple go.

    • Ed_B

      I take it that you are referring to secession and not succession. If so, I agree that it is an option and one that liberty-loving Americans across this country likely would support.

      “The private banks (aka The Federal Reserve) will never allow their strangle hold on the american and for that matter the worlds sheeple go.”

      I wonder if King George III thought that of the American colonies? How did that work out for him? We need to keep such things in mind when discussing whether or not to confront tyranny. Tyranny should ALWAYS be confronted and opposed – peacefully, if at all possible, but by force of arms if necessary. That is both our duty and our right.

  • Sean….This interview makes me wish…Big Time…that you would have Michael Noonan on along with Bix Weir. Michael says the bad guys will win…Bix says the good guys ARE winning. I hope you read this. I hope you DO this!

    • SGT

      Hey June, I read it! And you are right, Weir & Noonan, it’s a very interesting idea for a future interview, thanks!

      • Jeff

        SGT throw Duane into a round table with these two to filter out too much “good guy” noise from Bix. CD’s got ideas about the future that are way different than both of these guys. Sadly I think Mike has got it right. It’s full spectrum domination at this point and minus a divine intervention of some sort I think it’s pretty much over. Much of what he said is exactly the what a logical thinking mind would conclude and it’s pretty hard to see things any other way. Like he said…. enjoy your “existence” while you can.

    • sam

      @june: God tells us who wins [for the short haul] – see my post above. Hint: it ain’t us!

  • f16hoser

    So, Michael Noonan is saying: Grin and Bare it”
    -Jim Willie says: “Unplug and buy Gold/Silver” (I’m a subscriber)
    -King World News has been saying for years: The system is close to collapse and
    Gold/Silver is set to Skyrocket any minute”
    -We have a DOJ that openly backstops these banksters while deflecting attention away
    via race war baiting.
    -Laws being passed so certain party members can stay in power/elected only to have
    said law reversed a year or two later before any of it is implemented.
    I’m sorry. I wanna believe in justice but I’ve watched the stock market trickle up while real value (PM’s) trickle down and now wallow around in a worthless price range. Now this guy says China and Russia are no better than the US and all governments are tied to Rothschild Central Banking. I love alternative news but you have to admit, it’s the same story day in and day out while the Matrix Sheeple appear to be having all the fun living in their ignorant bliss!
    Sorry; I’m frustrated and needed to rant///

    • Ed_B

      OK, Hoser, we get it. We really do and it is called frustration. Many of us feel the same way and for many of the same reasons. That said, however, the price slump in PMs for the past few years is an opportunity that is not to be missed. Anyone who bought silver when silver prices were in the $30s or even $40s but who can also now average down via buying at $15-16 an oz. has the chance to do just that. As more cheap silver is bought, their average cost per oz. falls. Those of us who use a dollar cost averaging approach to PM purchases have bought silver, and perhaps gold too, at many different prices but our average price is quite reasonable. It is not the good times that test the strength of one’s convictions.

  • Wow f16hoser, I totally relate!…Good post. I guess nobody said this was going to be easy, but what we now face is the height of uneasiness, discomfort, frustration…and potential humiliation when we were thinking we’d all be proven right on that glorious day when the stackers were crowned healthy, wealthy, and wise. Anyway…as to my former post…here’s Bix Weir’s latest email…
    I have long talked about the massive amount of gold that is above ground. After reading “Gold Warriors” by Sterling and Peggy Seagrave and going through the thousands of support documents I have come to the conclusion that the 180,000 tons of available gold promoted by the likes of Jeffrey Christian of CPM Group and the World Gold Council are total and complete nonsense.
    There are MILLIONS of tons of gold above ground!!

    Is This Video Evidence that the Gold Conspiracies are True??

    Of course…the answer is to SWAP your Gold for Silver!!

    May the Road you choose be the Right Toad.

    Bix Weir

  • I might add, the wealth watchman is also of the opinion that silver is the real weak spot of the powers that be. Sean…how about Bix, the watchman, Noonan…and (yikes!)…Rickards…if you could get him?…Just dreaming again.

  • One more thing….Noonan says the Banksters created the derivatives….so they will have answer to it…which we don’t yet see. However, regarding Bix’s assessment…Greenspan and friends had a hand in creating the hft and derivatives nightmare as a trap, into which the central Bankster PTB folks walked years ago…what say you?

    • SGT

      I say they are setting US up to get screwed by their derivatives nightmare, case in point Citigroup’s hand in writing the new $1.01 Trillion US Gov’t spending package which according to Zero Hedge has we the taxpayers on the line for TENS if not HUNDREDS of TRILLIONS in derivatives losses.

      • Ed_B

        Yes, that is exactly what Citi did and why Elizabeth Warren went ballistic. I do not care for her politics but she is right on at least this one issue. There is no way in Hell that the American tax-payer should be on the hook for ANY bankster fraud or system abuse. We get NO part of the profits from THEIR activities, so why should WE have any part of the cost?

        To top this all off, these numbers are totally insane. The USA cannot even pay down, let alone pay OFF the $18T we owe on the national debt, so what makes anyone think that a number that is 15-20 times larger CAN be paid? By anyone? It can’t and it is foolish to think that it can be done at all, let alone anytime soon.

  • Stefan

    Wow, Let me point out 2 Kings 6. Come’an folks, is there not one person of faith? Don’t you understand Rothschild is pure evil? Understand, just understand.

    • SGT

      There is spiritual wickedness in high places, that’s for sure. And this is a war for the souls of men. Atheists and Agnostics rejects that, but it is the truth.

      For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

      I’m adding that to the body copy of this post.

      • senj

        Perhaps you should also add Ezekiel 7:19

        They shall cast their silver in the streets, and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the LORD: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumblingblock of their iniquity.

        • sam

          @senj: This means that gold and silver, even though they are worth a FORTUNE, will NOT save men from the wrath of God. TPTB “think” they can even buy off God. What a sick state they find their souls in. If they even still have one.

      • Ed_B

        “Atheists and Agnostics rejects that, but it is the truth.”

        Yes, it is, and ignoring a truth does not make it any the less truthful. The coming collapse in our financial world is merely a shadow of the true battle here. As you say, this will be a spiritual challenge every bit as much as a financial and physical one. I refer to this as The Time of Testing. Those who pass this test will survive and they will do so by placing all that they are in the hands of God. As a nation, we have gotten away from these simple truths and the prosperity that they brought to us. Now, we must know some real pain to bring us back onto the true path. Righteousness may not be in style with Men these days but I am sure that God still holds it in high regard.

  • f16hoser

    I will continue to buy Silver bullion. I have money in the stock market in very conservative Bonds. I keep just enough in the bank to pay bills while I stuff the mattress sort of speak. I have lots of prep’s, guns and ammo and 2 back-up generators. I live in the country yet close enough to like minded friends in a conservative Midwest community.
    Make no mistake though; I would rather fight these Washington Bureaucrats tooth and nail as I prefer a Stand-up Fight over all this tap-dancing around and finger pointing thru alternative news articles. I’m ready for this whole thing to come to a head. If you’re ready great; if not, good luck to ya. See you on the other side. I’m more convinced everyday that the status-quot will continue until society breaks down and we are forced into another Bankster, NWO Utopian illusion full of Stepford Wives, microwave ovens and 750 Sq Ft ranch style Bungalows for you and 18 other people…
    Oh yeah, and your PM’s will still be range bound at a meaningless price.
    At least the Packers won today! YIPEE

    • Ed_B

      “Oh yeah, and your PM’s will still be range bound at a meaningless price.”

      Manipulation of PM prices is one of those things that continues until it simply cannot. The entire house of cards economy we have is unsustainable and it will collapse at some point. When, not if, it does, this manipulation will not be able to continue.

      A great power rises in the East and it is solidly based on gold and silver. As the time of collapse approaches, those who have gold and silver WILL take over the price-setting mechanism and it will be in their best interest to push these prices as high as possible. They will do this because it will enhance their wealth and power and to reduce those of America.

  • Rainmaker

    Can’t say I disagree much with Noonan. Except for one issue that no one really wants to verbalize. The problem is not the elite. The only power they wield is that which is bestowed upon them. We have all been put on notice that 500 million would be good stability population-wise, which eventually will occur should the present trajectory continue. The problem is not the elitists. The problem is all the rest of us, combined. The choice is ours. A mass awakening or a mass culling.

  • NIX

    Bravo! unbelievable ! verry inspiring! ” impossible to stop them ” precious !!

    Heart of the warrior.

  • Gnostic

    The flame always burns brightest before it goes dark. ie stock market & dollar.

    • Ed_B

      It sure does. I remember well that just before it imploded, both the Zimbabwe dollar and stock market were at ALL TIME HIGHS. This is that very bright flash that happens just before the bulb burns out.

  • Sean – I strongly urge you to pursue putting together a panel as proposed above by poster June Shellene. It would be invaluable and a service to do an interview incorporating people with opposing views. Noonan depresses us by telling us the situation is hopeless. Bix urges us not to give up hope! Let us hear and learn from how these guys – and others – would address their differences. You’d be a great moderator for that. I hope we can look forward to it! Thanks, Eric

  • NIX


    WOW !



  • f16hoser

    I agree Rainmaker. The amount of Tyranny “They” get away with is the amount we’ll put up with. That’s why I’ve had it with this banker cabal system and those who serve it. I’m ready to fight these Fuckers, Straight Away!

  • NIX

    lADY’S AND GENTLEMAN ( little experimente here)

    Try to put a grain of sand in a fucking $20 000 dollar TIMEX WATCH and see how it goes!!! hail to the king !

  • Blounttruth

    Hey SGT, I am sure you are privy to this, but wanted to see what your opinion is of the following?:

    • SGT

      B, I lost track of these Keenan updates a while back, thanks for the link and reminding me. He is at odds w/ claims coming from Karen Hudes while he himself makes incredible claims, so I’m intrigued by his story. I will post his update in the next several hours right here. Thank again!

      • Eric

        I was following the whole Neil/Jean/Karen/Cobra/Poof/Zap/etc. thing closely for a long long time. I gave up on following all these “saviors.”

        I finally just got tired of waiting and wasting time where it doesn’t help. Updates and updates and updates…okay whatever.

        At this point, I plan on buying as much gold (and silver) as I can in 2015. I plan on finding deals and storing more calories. I plan on growing my own food indoors more and more. I plan on working on saving energy, paying off debt, cleaning guns, working on water filtration, and whatever else I can to empower myself. I plan on waking at least 3 more people up and convincing them to stop being a slave and take their power back.

        Salvation lies within.

  • The Truth

    I would like to show you all something on a graph which shows the amount of money Americans will spend on Christmas gifts this year. But just look at the peaks and troughs and you will notice a descending slope as far as the amount in Billions. Right after the peaks in 1999, 2007, & now 2014? We had major stock market crashes. The other thing is, The market has gone up 600 points in 2days when it took a week or more to sell off. This reminds me of something I read at the run up to 1929 crash. These fast and shallow corrections normally let you know when something or someone is running out of breath. Now can they artificially give air to the market? We already know this, but machines cannot save a dying patient forever or else grandma and grandpa would still be around today.

  • Blounttruth

    No problem. My father is a huge follower of Hudes and has been preaching to me the importance of what she is doing or trying to do. I myself am a bit skeptical, as I find it hard to believe that the one woman standing for freedom and relief from the global bankers would take an interview and speak of off the wall things. The kind of things that would cause a large portion of people to label her a nut job and for that I give dad a hard time, but considering the fact that I was not truly awake until 2006, what do I know.

    After looking at global finance, the last decade of legislation, and the corporatism that has evolved from a nation of free people, I keep hoping for a huge event to turn the tables on the globalists as it is obvious that the majority of American’s ignorance and apathy will lead to their own demise, unless….

    • Ed_B

      My thought on Hudes is that if she really posed a threat to the elites, she would already have done a swan dive off of a bank building somewhere. That was all the rage several months ago, yet seems to be tapering off. How could they possibly have missed her? Because of this, Hudes looks to me a lot more like an elite shill / dis-info agent than a truth teller.

  • glitter 1

    Michael Noonan is an astute individual.
    There is only one who has overcome the world,the victory is sealed and when he returns rightousness will reign,but until that time,time that is coming sooner than most comprehend,until then:

    > The NWO is not what most think.
    > The Goal/End Game is all scripted and is playing out as planned.
    > The Controllers are not just in the US,UK,EU,they are also in
    China,Russia,Japan,Korea,Canada,Mexico and all of the rest.
    > They are all in on it and doing their bit part.
    > Once you know and understand the Big Picture Plan,you can connect the Dots and
    deduce where this is all headed.
    > “The Signs Of The Times”,the Markers and Sign Posts are before us to see.The
    Controllers will not turn it back/allow it to turn back.
    > When the Great Convergence arrives,they will all go under ground and leave the
    “Profane” to swing in the breeze on their own,to fend for themselves.

    • glitter 1

      How would a cabal hell bent on creating a One World Government,which will be a Totalitarian,Socialist/Communist Regime accomplish such a goal.First you create/foster an Idealogy of Capitalism and Communism(Thesis/Antithesis) and institute these let say by the creation of nation states such as America under Capitalism then Totalitarian/Communism under Russia and then China.Now in order to foment the finality/fruition of three planned WW’s in order to bring about the Hegalian Dielectic of Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis to ultimately abolish Captitalism and merge it with Totalitarian/Socialism,you have to first create the discord between the two so that out of the ashes(WWIII)a NWO(One World Totalitarian Socialist Government can emerge.
      Why else would a NWO Wonk like George Soros Brag that” China Will Lead The NWO and America Had Better Get Use To The Idea” Why is all of the West’s Gold being allowed to be siphoned/transferred/looted East to China and a lesser extent Russia.

      These are not random acts,but are the result of a well planned,choreographed,generational sequence of events and they are on track with the end game,which is in sight.The take down of Capitalist America is the last big enchilada.As soon as the US is bankrupted lead into war,in the end all(what’s left) will be merged together into their One World Totalitarian Socialist Government(NWO Utopia,”The Great Work”)

      Oh by the way,The Elites that cntrol the top of all Socialist/Communist Regimes are True Pure Capitalists,They own/control all the wealth,the working class gets the crumbs. All is not what it seems.Connect those DOTS.It has all been written about.It has all been Prophesied to happen,we are the generation that is witness to it.

  • ChainMailArmor

    Merry “Christ”mas to you too SGT,

    Gotta love the candid responses and honesty that came out of this interview. Michael tells it like it is and I respect that. I agree that these banking dynasties, some of which have been around for many centuries and are deeply rooted into every faucet of every system and won’t be taken out easily.

    There is of course a spiritual element to all of this and if the Enemy is supposed to create a one world monetary system where no one can buy or sell without the mark of the beast as was prophesied by John(an eye witness to the ministry, death, and resurrection of the Christ) over two thousand years ago then as these events unfold we can strengthen our faith knowing that there is One who is greater than all of these wicked, misguided people and that He has a Master Plan.

    God is the one who ultimately puts an end to the schemes of the wicked when Jesus comes back like he said he would. So, there is our Hope.. as always.. where it should be… In the Lord. To put your hope(confident expectation) in anything else is foolish. So, while we prepare as much as possible because God has given us the insight to know some of the schemes of these evil banksters, let us also… including myself, remember to put our Hope where it rightfully belongs, in the Lord.

    • SGT

      Thanks CMA, there have been some complaints about this interview in the You Tube comments calling it “worthless” because it provides “no solutions” – but as I pointed out there, we don’t script these and I had no idea what Michael was going to say. So we release them as we record them, we seek a variety of opinions on the evil we are facing and Michael surely gave us his.

    • Ed_B

      Exceptionally well said, CMA. My thought is that whether a man is a slave or free begins in his own heart. If our hearts are free, we not only are not slaves but we cannot become slaves. Yes, there are the physical trappings of slavery but it is the hearts of the people involved that truly matter.

      • Gnostic

        Deuteronomy 15:6

        King James Version.

        For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee.

  • Jayko

    Even though bleak, I do not believe that the Rothschild will rule the world forever as there is never an empire or King that ruled the world forever. I do not know when or how but I am sure one thing is that their tyranny of enslavement of man kind will end one way or the other. I do not believe the BRICS are ruled by the Rothschild, the anti-hegemon have their own mafia oligarchs and I believe that they will cooperate and bring them down. Remember folks the Rothschilds only rose to prominence for 500 years prior to that during the Spanish/Iberian empire it was a different group that was running the world, the group related to Ignatius of Loyola.
    Just like the reserve currencies are never kept forever, rulers of the world never ruled the world forever. Despite the bleakness, history however says that there will always be a day when people will break free. People must also note America came as an idea as a rebellion against the banksters. The world goes through a cycle and I do believe the Rothschild will one day fall, and when they do, it is going to be vicious where the wrath of the people around the world will vent on them that their future generations will cease to exist from that point on.

  • I, along with anyone else who could be considered “hyper-awake” for any considerable period of time, can certainly understand Michael’s cynicism in this regard. The proverbial insult of the stupefied masses truly compounds to injury when one realizes just how simple the solutions are. Disengage and set up alternative infrastructure, that’s all this takes.

    One can’t be starved to death if local food production and preservation skills are abundant and common. One can’t be frozen to death if the wood stove in the corner is kept crackling and in working order. One cannot be driven into a Neofeudalist Dark Age if, when grid-based power is no longer available, there’s a solar panel on every roof and a wind turbine in every backyard.

    The collapse of the Soviet Union was preceded by one of the largest black and grey market systems the world has ever seen. Government-run factories cranked out goods by night off-books; secret crops were planted, harvested, and sold. The secret police couldn’t stop it, lest they go without themselves. Unfortunately, America’s “industrialize everything” model of control and Empire means the shortage of goods necessary to drive such an underground movement won’t be seen until it’s too late, and convincing the masses of coming hardship in the age of Imperial hubris and abundance is a difficult task, indeed.

    …but the sheer simplicity of the solution continues to drive me. These changes don’t require everyone in your community to take action, they merely require enough.

    Are YOU a part of this solution, or are you merely an “awake” armchair quarterback? Too many in this “movement,” if it can be called as such, are the latter. It’s high time that changed or NOTHING will change.

  • AgShaman

    If you control what comes out of the media mouthpieces….you control who gets the blame for the global economic crash.

    You saw the Jack Ryan park bench speech…predictive programming is their main tool of magic to propagandize the clueless western zombies.

    Only fools believe in coinky-dinks at this stage of the game. Within the content of Tom Clancy’s latest books, will you find the gameplans of these psychopaths.

  • RayToday

    Very well done Sean. This is a really powerful interview, thank you for producing it.

    Merry Christmas to all SGT readers!

  • Jeff

    Great interview no matter the bleakness. Let’s face it, we’re at full-spectrum domination at every level. Most of us here have been around for several years with this atmosphere. At this point it’s pretty much hopeless. Until the time is right, it’s best to “turn on, plug in and cop out” (Gil Scott-Heron).

    Seconding Ray above…Merry Christmas to the SGT community.


    how about stop blaming the papal serving Rothschild’s and look to Rome!

    • Gnostic

      how about stop the disinfo bo one buys it the vatican has been under jewish cabalist control like the rest of the west.

      • Jacobson

        How about stop the brainwashing of your kids ?
        Start with telling them the truth about Santa-CoCa-Claus the pedophile ?
        “Hoe Hoe Hoe” – this man is horny and he is buying kids with presents.

        And I haven’t talked about the way people celebrate the birth of Jesus –
        BUY present = I love you.

        • Eric

          Speaking of brainwashing, why is there a 6 pointed star (hexagram) on your flag?

          • Jacobson

            Oh Eric, It’s just a symbol of the state of Israel.
            Jews usually don’t have sybols.
            Anyways, one star is better than the 50 with the red lines which represent the blood.

            • Eric

              I don’t think so Jacob. Symbols are everywhere and they do have meaning. The elite have been using symbols to dominate our consciousness for centuries.

              There is a big difference between a 6 pointed star and a 5 pointed star. There is also a big difference between a 5 pointed star upright and one that is upside down.

  • Tom G.

    Merry Christmas Sean! (Yeah, I said it too.)

  • Jayko

    The Pepe Escobar interview posted by sgt is amazing as it contradicts Noonan’s point of view that the Rothschild is fully in control

    If you read the white paper from the vineyard of the saker gives you an idea that the BRICS are part of the anti-hegemon against the Rothschild.

    China and India had the biggest GDP for a long time, it is only the last 500 years (the Rothschild period) that they lost their title. The two nations have learned their lessons and are now assembling a coalition to fight the Rothschild. Noonan is wrong about the PBOC, it is state owned CB not a Rothschild CB. They have a lot of disputes with the Rothschild and the Chinese do not trust them. Remember the CCP (which is a front of the old triad families from the Ming dynasty period) came to power due to the last Rothschild CB hyperinflated the monetary system multiple times with 1948 being the last straw. The biggest deed Mao did was to nationalize the CB and it is through it that hyperinflation was culled.

    The BRICS do work with the Rothschild as they still carry a big stick (US military, NED/5th column and financial terrorism) as their independent systems are not ready yet. They will however when the right time arrives would stab them in the back if opportunity arises. The same thing among the cabal thieves in the west, if you do not think the Rockefellers would not want to stab Rothschild if they can so they become the boss of the mafia cabal, then you do not understand how psychopaths work.

    It is hard being a Mafia boss as there are a lot of spears within your family in itself. The cracks and rivalry within the cabal is very clear as you can see it with the geopolitical ongoings. The Rockefellers are losing so much monies with the Russian sanctions right now.

    For those who have work as a project manager do firmly understand, stakeholder management is very very difficult. The larger the scope, the more chefs steering it. That usually results into a failed project with minimal deliverables if any. The F35 program is a good example of failed project management, too many chefs, scope is too big, nothing gets done properly the end result is cost and schedule overruns.

    This is why Empires the larger they become the quicker they fall. The Rothschild empire has expanded to its maximum, as history indicates and reflected in the Tytler’s cycle to where Western civilization is now at. I firmly believe Noonan will be wrong and it is the likes of Pepe Escobar, Jim Willie, V the Guerrilla Economist and Chris Duane that will be correct that the BRICS will in the end prevail leading to the world becoming more local and multipolar. The Rothschild will be disposed off after the BRICS lure them in and when the right time comes stab the backs of these parasites.

    Remember the Mafias have games, within the large umbrella of a crime syndicate, the alliances there are of convenience. Since all governments are mafia syndicates the competition to be the big boss for the next century is up for grabs for all players. Nothing is assured for the Rothschild to stay on top even among his territory (the West).

    As for the BRICS relationship with the IMF, remember they are using the voting rights as a trojan horse. My belief is that the West will not relinquish it leading to the justification of their own systems such as the BRICS development bank and AIIB. The UN will eventually be displaced as well by their rival system – the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM). With Russia already testing the alternative Swift, I can see that 2015 will reveal that the BRICS are indeed for real an anti-hegemon coalition run by national mafias who are rebelling from the Rothschild as they want to be in control of their destiny and future independently. Local and Multi-Polarism is what will free humanity from debt slavery and job serfdom. The rise of entreprenuership with real freedom of choosing your occupation and financial liberty will rise from the ashes of the incinerated system which I can see result in the symbolic public hanging/guillotine of the Rothschild family.

  • This discussion goes far beyond the subject matter in the title (which is interesting enough), and delves into the global control that’s been going on for a very long time.

    ITCCS Juror: There was no ITCCS trial of UK Queen & Pope Ratzinger. Trial a Kevin Annett fabrication

  • Suzanne

    I disagree… it is NOT impossible to stop the Rothschilds and their cabal. We know who they are and we can also take down their step-and-fetch-its in governments and corporations. They may have spent the US government’s tons of gold to build those deep underground shelters for themselves, but the ones nearest Washington DC and in Colorado have been collapsed (remember those earthquakes?). They may still be equipping other shelters, but there will be plenty of people around that will be all too willing to weld their air ducts closed.

    We’re already seeing blowback against the municipal corporate code enforcement cops…. and John Darash at National Liberty Alliance is taking the cops and their kangaroo courts to task in New York. This is being multiplied.
    How about Neil Keenan getting possession of the Global Collateral Accounts?
    The Pentagon Regulars likely understand what is going on and that if they want to be relevant AND if they want to have any assets to retire with, they’d better get a move on.
    So the banksters got a provision into the new budget to make sure they get bailed out when the $300 TRILLION derivatives bubble collapses… bail them out with WHAT? They will have already collapsed the stock markets and it will be time to round the banksters and their political enablers up.
    Did you hear the interview with Paul Craig Roberts about how Russia could trigger a whole string of major black swan events against the western banksters?

    I’m seeing a bunch of intersecting events coming… a perfect storm against the cabal.

  • Jeff

    “Did you hear the interview with Paul Craig Roberts about how Russia could trigger a whole string of major black swan events against the western banksters?”

    You obviously didn’t listen to the interview.

  • When I think of all of the many financial writers, bloggers, journalists etc that have very rapidly become an organically grown, SOC, as Clif High would say…as Self Organizing Collective. This SOC has gained thousands of followers over the past few years…many of them since the crisis broke through into public view in 2008. Indeed, something huge has taken place…and still is, and those of us who are taking part in this SOC… the writers, video makers, those buying PM’s, or spreading independent media articles, etc…can’t easily discern the situation on the battle field. We’ve got mud in our eyes, so to speak, from being in the trenches. Stepping back, the fact that we exist, that we’re truly global, capable of communicating among ourselves in the blink of an eye… that we are the many against the very few, and the fact that it is we, not the PTB, that have access to true power (which always serves the primal will to good)…gives me hope. Clif over at says 2015 will be the year of the “flying shit storm.” It sure seems that way to me. Many thanks to SGT for helping us all to feel like we’re not alone at this trying time, and may the spirit of Christmas be with you, Sean…your family, and all your readers.

  • ArvLondon

    Back to Russia and sanction for a sec….

    Back in July 2014, the oil price was around $112, ruble around 34
    Now in Dec 2014, the oil price is 60, ruble around 55

    So with a high oil price Russia was getting 3808 rubles per barrel, now with a low oil price and massive ruble shorting, Russia is getting 3279 rubles per barrel. That is only a 14% drop and definately NOT as significant as the media would have us believe, even with 70% of Russian revenues coming from oil/gas exports.

    It seems to me if the west was trying to hurt Russia with the oil price, dropping the price whilst leaving the exchange rate at the 34 mark would have hurt Russia much more, leading to a 2040 ruble per barrel price as this would have caused ~45% drop in revenues.

    With the way things have actually played out, dollar pricing of oil is actually hurting those who drill it in dollar costs, not rubles. Something fishy is going on here.


    • rl

      Very astute Arv.
      Putin and Obama are just the boys who’s act is on center stage now.
      Minion millionaires controlled by trillionaires, as always.
      Buffet, Gates, along with these two and the rest… handed millions.
      All just bagmen for death and destruction…

  • WillyT

    The 85 Richest People In The World Have As Much Wealth As The 3.5 Billion Poorest.

    Here’s something to think about. So I’m sure the Rothchilds are included in the 85 people.I would say they are a bit out numbered. People may not be waking up at the pace they should be however if you look at the imbalance in the numbers that leaves 2.5 billion, the bottom half of the world’s population owns the same as the richest 85 people in the world.It wouldn’t take much to throw these people off of their pedestals. We’re intelligent human beings so when you look at these numbers, we stand a huge chance of prevailing over evil. It’s a mind set people, if we let ourselves become slaves we will be. Collectively we can do a lot to change the strength these 85 people think they have. Their just people like we are. It’s not all about money it’s about the strength of human spirit. It’s a lot easier to fight for something than to be sitting back being all smug about what you think you have control over. They cannot control our thoughts or take control of your soul, at least those of us who are awake. There’s so many thongs we can do, the possibilities are endless. We can be part of the problem or become part of the solution, it’s our choice. Food for thought people. Keep hope alive, there’s a lot to live for. Merry Christmas SGT and all Sgt readers.

    • Sherrie

      Thank you, I was beginning to wonder if I am one of the only ones who remembers we are suppose to be living in a constitutional republic and when it all goes south we don’t have to nor should we be willing to just roll over and accept more piles of dung from ‘those in charge’. A collapse is most likely what is needed to remind the pissed off masses what we have allowed to be done to us. To continue to comply with more fraud and corruption will no longer be tolerated. The pendulum will be headed back the other way and we will have a return to the “All laws repugnant to the constitution are null and void” (Marbury vs Madison 1803) way of thinking. Those ‘in charge’ will finally be dealt with. I can’t imagine the ‘give up’ mindset is going to sit well with a majority of angry and armed American citizens. I refuse to succumb to more BS from the ‘powerful’ Oz and I know I won’t be alone in refusing.

  • Gnostic

    Why Did Hitler Arrest Louis de Rothschild? (1938 newspaper clipping)

  • moopst

    Sean, I’ve noticed a lot of feedback in your latest videos lately. May I suggest you (and Rory) use earbuds or over the ear earphones to isolate the audio you hear from your microphone? Also you might try and see if your sound card is sending the audio back out. As a final resort you might ask your guests to record on their end and send you a high quality .mp3 that you can splice in with an audio editor. This would work very well even if you have dropouts due to internet bandwidth issues.

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