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Boycott, Label or Ban? How Best to Fight the Spreading of GMOs

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

After the devastating loss in Oregon’s labeling campaign to gain transparency regarding genetically modified organisms, many consumers have begun looking for a new tactic to defeat Monsanto and its millions. If we can’t go through democratic channels due to the infiltration of our government agencies as well as food makers that have spent unprecedented sums to keep us in the dark about what is in our food – how do we make sure we are not eating toxic, biotech products?

It seems there are three (possibly four) battles in the war to fight GMOs, and each has their positives and negatives. Here they are laid out in simple terms, but I encourage you to voice your opinion on social media sites by re-posting and commenting below so that we can finally disarm the companies causing great damage to our world food supply and eradicating balance in nature as fast as activists can try to replace it.

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1 comment to Boycott, Label or Ban? How Best to Fight the Spreading of GMOs

  • Randy0302

    This fall I planted multiple fruit trees and berry bushes in my suburban yard. I started an indoor aquaponics garden, dug up some garden space in my yard and collected all the neighbors leaves for mulch. I even started a worm bin in the kitchen.
    Sure I’m worried about food supply and Monsanto crap.
    What I didn’t realize is that I would like it a lot. Growing your own food is very empowering as well as being a very healthy way to live.
    Stop protesting, signing petitions and worrying about votes there rigged.
    When I look at a lawn I see farmland! Get growing folks!

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