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Body cameras reduce police use-of-force, citizen complaints – study

from RT:

A recently published experiment using a California police department is the first full scientific study to focus on how body cameras affect interactions between the public and law enforcement officials, researchers say.

The experiment was conducted by the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Criminology (IoC), on the Rialto Police Department in California, where one of the authors, William A. Farrar, is the police chief.

The study focused specifically on use-of-force and citizens’ complaints, which were hypothesized to be affected by officers wearing cameras, given the possible deterrent effect of the devices on noncompliant behavior,” the authors wrote in their introduction.

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1 comment to Body cameras reduce police use-of-force, citizen complaints – study

  • Ed_B

    These wearable cameras look good to me, as do the dash cams in patrol cars and in private cars as well. When a detailed record of an event is made, everyone involved tends to be better behaved.

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