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Armed Customer Takes On Armed Robber At Las Vegas Red Lobster

from Western Journalism:

When a concealed weapon permit holder entered a Las Vegas restaurant Thursday evening, he relied on his handgun to prevent a robbery in progress and potentially save lives in the process.

According to KTNV, police responded to the Red Lobster around 9:45 p.m. after receiving a report that an armed robbery resulted in the theft of a cash register. As the suspect attempted to flee through a rear exit, however, the armed customer fired a shot, startling the robber and causing him to drop the till.

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1 comment to Armed Customer Takes On Armed Robber At Las Vegas Red Lobster

  • Ed_B

    Well, here we go… yet another story where a gun PREVENTED a crime and possibly the loss of life. We won’t be seeing, hearing, or reading about this in the MSM, unless the gun owner is charged with some sort of fake crime like discharging a weapon in town. It just doesn’t fit the current lefto-communist narrative… and ALL “news” MUST do so. This is why the MSM is going the way of the dodo and why the alt news is thriving.

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