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Regime Change In Cuba

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Craig Roberts:

Letter from a reader: I wish I could visit Cuba while it’s still Cuba, even though poor they have better medical care than the US. The first thing that will happen when the US starts doing business, the old cars will disappear. The streets will be one big traffic jam and the hand pulled carts gone. The Cuban food will be taken over by Burger King, Pizza Hut and Hard Rock Café. Saw it happen in Cancun within three years. The Cuban music will end up rap, screaming vocalizations of young women who stick their tongues out constantly and sing about nothing over and over and over. US Hotels will open and use the Cubans as cheap labor. Condo’s will pop up all over the island so retirees can live cheaply like Panama. The CUBAN CULTURE will disappear and once again casinos, drugs and prostitution will return and it will be like it was before the revolution. WE WILL take over and RUIN THE PLACE!! just like we ruined Vegas, San Francisco and Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Mexico. The CIA will pick their government and use gitmo to punish anyone who doesn’t agree, just like Abu Ghraib. I wish I could go and warn them all, listen to their great music and eat their wonderful ethnic food. I wish I could warn them about what is coming.

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