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10 Prepping Mistakes That Could Kill You (and How to Avoid Them)

from The Daily Sheeple:

Everyone makes mistakes, but when it comes to Prepping, all of our efforts are directed toward actions that are designed to either keep us safer, prolong our lives or stave off some disaster that could be prevented with a little foresight and planning. When it comes to survival, mistakes can kill you and that is the last thing we want to happen, isn’t it?

In this article, I wanted to discuss some common prepping mistakes that I have seen over the years and ideas I have that I believe will help the person new to prepping avoid them. I do this with the hopes that others will realize how some of these actions can put you at a distinct disadvantage in your prepping efforts in the best case, but could result in death in others.

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1 comment to 10 Prepping Mistakes That Could Kill You (and How to Avoid Them)

  • Ed_B

    “Keep your preparations secret unless you want to share with the world. In that case, expect your food, supplies and anything you have to be taken from you in a worst case scenario.”

    Just as we do not know WHEN the SHTF, we also do not know how long it will last. Without knowing that, how can we possibly give away the supplies that will keep our family alive? We’d all feel like crap if we were generous to others while condemning our own family members to starvation.

    “… but instead of planning ahead, storing food and supplies and trying to become self-sufficient, they plan to take what others have. If this is you, I want to let you know you are making a huge prepping mistake.”

    Indeed so. Attempting to take what others have is a great way to get dead. Vital supplies could easily be the difference between life and death. No one will give up what they have easily.

    “Sure, you may get away with some violence, but it will catch up to you.”

    Yes, it will. Even if violent illegal actions allow someone to survive, when the dust settles, justice will be done upon them.

    “You can augment that with some freeze-dried foods, but make sure you test this with your family first to get their take on what they will be forced to eat possibly to survive.”

    Two weeks into a SHTF scenario, there will not be any finicky eaters. There will only be those who get something to eat and those who do not. Sure, it’s better if what you have is tasty but it is amazing at just how much better food tastes when you are starving. Fortunately, most of the freeze dried food sellers offer variety packs so people can sample their wares before buying in quantity.

    “A common question then becomes how can I get my spouse on board with prepping.”

    This is absolutely critical to prepping successfully. If one’s spouse is not on board with prepping, it will be enormously difficult to prep. It will have to be very low key if it is not to cause any marital problems.

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