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What ONE thing do you need to FEEL better PREPARED? Feedback from the PREPAREDNESS COMMUNITY!

by Todd Sepulveda , Ready Nutrition:

[RN note: There are many facets to prepping for disasters. We must think of shelf stable foods, alternative cooking, emergency water supplies, alternative energy, security … the list goes on and on. This can be very overwhelming and frustration can take over leaving many to give up on preparedness altogether. ]

Todd Sepulveda, founder of PrepperWebsite created a questionnaire asking the preparedness community what one area of preparedness would make them feel better prepared. This survey provides good insight on the struggles that preppers face in fortifying and preparing their homes to withstand a disaster. Perhaps the answers provided by the community can help you in your preparedness endeavors.

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2 comments to What ONE thing do you need to FEEL better PREPARED? Feedback from the PREPAREDNESS COMMUNITY!

  • Ed_B

    This is an interesting question and one that many of us ponder routinely. IMO, reliable comms are probably the weakest spot in my prepping. If phone service goes down, we need a reliable way to communicate with our friends and fellow preppers at a distance… several miles, if possible. Would like to have some small radios that have mics and ear pieces for quiet comms during tactical situations as well as for more mundane comms. Not that everything else is super good but this is probably my weakest prepping area.

    • Eric

      Check out some of these Ed…

      I picked up one a while back for around $43 and while I initially had problems with the charger (and still need to explore that), the unit works great. A decent handheld CB radio is a good idea too. Having some of those 2 way radios from any electronics store on hand is a good idea too.

      My weakest area is I’m surrounded by morons and assholes and need a better community not filled with immature 50 year old children who don’t want an ounce of responsibility.

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