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Was FSU Shooter On Mass Murder Pills?

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

FSU shooter Mayron May was said to have a deteriorated mental condition and taking medication for ADHD.
Of the top ten prescription drugs linked to violence toward others, a 2010 study based on FDA adverse reaction data show that five were antidepressants and two were for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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4 comments to Was FSU Shooter On Mass Murder Pills?

  • You know what? Alex Jones is really showing his true colors now, and I’m SICK of seeing his shit on SGT. No offense intended, Sean, but c’mon — when is it really going to sink in that these people are controlled opposition? Just my 2 cents. Hey, you canned MrCati — heck, I’d rather see his stuff here than this crap. Just my 4 cents.

    Here’s your antidote, and your reality check:

    FSU Shooting HOAX! Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist Lawyer & Books Stopping Bullets!

  • Here’s a current expose that is quite good. Thing is, you don’t even have to be Christian to see what’s going on. I think Christians understand the duplicity better than others though, maybe because they’re being targeting, and/or maybe because they are on alert for the great deceptions — and if they’re Christians AND “conspiracy theorists” then they’re a double target. Full disclosure: Personally, I’m agnostic, but I don’t reject other people’s belief systems (as long as they aren’t targeting or controlling me) and don’t discount Christianity at all. I was actually raised Christian, but really have only rejected organized religion because of its control agenda. The word of Christ has always resonated with me. The followers, now that’s another story (especially the hateful ones like Falwell and Robertson and the Pope).


  • Mind control crazy talk in FSU manifestos sent from the grave

  • FSU Shooting Hoax? False Flag? Shooter Claims Mind Control, Gang Stalked By Government!

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