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US Mint Caught Totally Off Guard By EPIC Wave of Silver Demand — “We are witnessing history”

from Silver Doctors:


T. Ferguson joins The Doc & Eric Dubin for a Special Market Alert edition for this week’s Metals & Markets, discussing: 

  • US Mint caught completely off guard by EPIC physical demand, SOLD OUT of Silver Eagles after burning through over 2 million oz in less than 2 hours Wednesday morning!
  • Primary Dealer of Silver Eagles CAUGHT OVERSOLD– reportedly cancels previously placed contracts for Silver Eagles- a completely unprecedented development!
  • Silver tests $15 are we staring at a 2008 Deja Vu collapse to support at $9? 
  • Not just the US Mint- Canadian Mint may be sold out of Maples as soon as Thursday, and one of the US’ largest  private mint HALTS SILVER ROUND SALES!

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14 comments to US Mint Caught Totally Off Guard By EPIC Wave of Silver Demand — “We are witnessing history”

  • David Chan

    I am a Hong Kong citizen of Chinese origin. I was brought up in an environment where education on gold and silver has been non-existent. I happened to be your faithful visitor, learning a lot from you – good guys – a lot about everything. I literally “lost” money from purchasing gold and especially silver after the major fall in 2011, but I just keep stacking all the way until this very moment. I am going to buy more in the coming week in view of the cheap price. Although I have tremendous faith in PM and none of any Government, my wife has been picking on me all these years complaining my “stupid” choice. “I told you long time ago to dump your silver coins and bars! Now, look at you. You have lost over half of your money!” We often quarrel fiercely because of that. Even my colleagues lately have started laughing at me on open occasions by reminding me of the dropping price. “The more you buy, the more you lose!” Majority of the sheeple are brainwashed, unable to think intelligently.

    I love your website and I would like to extend my thankfulness for telling us the truth all these years. We really need honest people.

    • SGT

      David, I’m sorry to hear about your experience, at this point in the round-trip $15 – $49 – $15 manipulation, there isn’t one among us who hasn’t experienced at least some of the same to one degree or another. There are many victims of this paper manipulation and good folks like you are among them. It seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel and then to have people say “I told ya so” when they can’t even articulate what a central bank is, is just more salt in the wound. All I can say is thanks for sharing & God Bless – it’s always darkest before the dawn.

      PLEASE listen and re-listen to this DOC update for perspective on where things really stand right now:

    • Greg

      Been buying since 2011 so have experienced the decline as most stackers have.
      Keep the faith and forget about what other people think. You had the courage of your convictions and in the end will be proved right. Unlike most people who are cowards, content in their bubbles but never brave enough to push the boundaries and live life.

      Would I have done anything different in hindsight. Not a chance, I’m glad to have been steadily stacking, and will keep on stacking right through these price drops. My metal is tucked away safely, I have slept very easily at night in the last 3 years,

      You just gotta feel sorry for people that are more ignorant than yourself David

  • David Chan

    I visit your website almost every other hour to keep up with current global developments. I do not need the mainstream media (MSM) because my wife has been watching MSM like a sitting duck, brainlessly in front of the television. She puts a lot of money in the stock market buying blue chips with the belief that they are safe and rewarding. She, like people come across with, is unaware of any systemic risk (such as what a central bank is…as you just said).

    Ordinary people in Hong Kong are not that good in English and most of us will avoid reading English newspapers. Their knowledge of the world derive mainly from the translated news from MSM via local MSM. Our English level mostly remain at high school level in addition to the fact that we give up critical thinking. Students and young people in Hong Kong are either at best bookworms, or simply resistant to tedious textbooks written in childish English. Even the Monetary Authority does not have even a word about investing in precious metals. You can image how naive this third financial centre is!!

    • Steve_D

      Well David, your English is superb and you seem very switched on to the issues.

      Also you read this website so you must be great! 🙂 you’re one of us.

      • SGT

        Agreed. You are clearly an honest, decent, smart guy David, and unfortunately in a broken, corrupt financial paradigm that rewards criminality and blind allegiance to the status quo, honesty & decency are rarely rewarded. As cliche as it sounds, as far as precious metals go, about all we can do is ‘know we are right and sit tight’ until the paper market is broken by the PHYSICAL reality of real world demand.

      • Eric

        A million times better than my chinese.

  • David Chan

    Dear Greg, Steve and SGT.,

    There is not one single night which I go to bed without an I-pad by my pillow turned on, listening to your broadcast / interviews. Sgtreport and Silverdoctors are my top choices. Besides learning how to express things in modern American English, the most enjoyable thing to do is to learn real knowledge from You. A million thanks.

    I will definitely do all my best to educate, accordingly, people around me and wake them the hell up.

    • SGT

      I personally consider it the highest praise to be mentioned at all as someone you would actively choose to tune in to, thank you David – we’ll do our best to keep up with the news and info, which is coming almost faster than we can handle. God Bless.

      • David Chan

        A few years ago, I happened to go into a newly-renovated bookshop in Central and saw a book about 911 written by a Chinese residing in the United States. I bought the book after stand-reading the preface. I am very thankful as it systematically analyses the 911 Commission Report and points out all the coincidences and unreasonableness. It led me to the Internet to learn more about the cover-ups of the Bush administration. The conspiracy theories are very convincing because I am capable of critical thinking. All my colleagues, including my wife, have been labelling me as “nuts”! Don’t people have brains any more?

        It further led to the understanding of gold and silver through Youtube, which paved my way to know sgtreport, silverdoctors, zero hedge, kitco, etc. 2013 was the time when I began purchasing gold and silver through Kitco in HK. And that was the time when my wife and I have had major arguments while PM prices have been descending.

        I love sgtreport and silverdoctors as you are spiritual nutritious food. You have taught me to think in a new horizon. I am still a new born baby in front of you people, but I am very willing to learn from you! Thanks a million!

    • glitter 1

      You are a class act! Also,most Americans function a about an 8th grade English level.You are way past the majority in the US.The time will come when you will be seen as a monetary genius and your wife will be complaining why she didn’t listen to you because her Blue Chips are only worth half what the use to be.

  • zola

    Hi dear all,

    I am another stacker from HK. :))

    Are you really HK citizen? .. with so pure English. Hope can get contact with you one day.

    Also many thanks to SGT which I’ve been followed for 3-4 years together with,, etc….


    • David Chan

      I was born in Hong Kong in 1958 and my parents came from Mainland China when they were young because of the war. My dad, deceased when I was 20, learned English all by himself from scratch! He later became a free-lance translator for a U.S. Official agency, translating novels from English into Chinese. When I was young, he had been harsh to me and, on the other hand, taught me a lot about Political issues such as the 10-day war between Israel and Egypt, the news about the young American soldiers cooling down their machine guns by pissing at them during the Korean War because of Communist Chinese “people sea” Tactics. He also told me there was already unmanned jetliner where his boss flew in. Prior to his death, he was editor of two reputatable Chinese newspapers taking charge of their international news translation divisions. He was also a short-lived translator of Reader’s Digest in H.K. Prior to his hospitalisation.

      Oh, sorry. I am a bit way off. Yesterday, when I went up to Kitco’s office, again, in Central for PM purchases, I saw two customers. Out of curiosity, I asked the customer service assistant whom he served me, “Are they coming up for buying or selling?” He refused to answer questions that involve customers’ private matters. However, as a nosy person, I kept asking in a friendly manner as I have already been their valuable buyer. In the end, this is his reply in Cantonese, a local dialect prevailing in Hong Kong and Southern China. Let me honestly convey it as follow (I am not going to reveal the person’s name):

      During the month of October, an approximate total of 2,000 troy ounces were sold back by customers to Kitco. However, Kitco has sold during the same period of time at least 30 times more (at least 60,000 ounces in simple maths). And that was before the recent smack down.

      I am most willing to share if I have further info. Thanks.

  • zola

    Hi David,

    First of all thank you so much for your precious time. I really did not expect your so promt reply.

    As for me, I am actually a mainland china emigrant. I came to HK when I was around 14 (I was born in 1968). And it was basically in HK that I learnded English.

    Long stroy short, oh my GOODNESS!, Conspiracy theroies(Facts)….Yep, it’s just been over 3 years that i fowwled the internet over this issue and then extended to economy, politics as well as religious and I have been downloaded related articles, videos for … nearly half TG of hard disk!

    Yeah me too i am considered as “Nuts” by my colleagues, families, and even in my church when I asked them the authenticity of The Prophecy of the Last Pope (Petrus Romanus); The Prophecy of Rabbi Kaduri about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ through the prediction of the death of Ariel Sharon….

    Sorry I still got so many to write but my english and typing is not that good. It would be great if only we can have a gathering for indepth sharing.

    Once again thanks a lot for your invaluable sharing.

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