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Top Secret Gold Repatriation – Mike Maloney

from Mike Maloney:

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2 comments to Top Secret Gold Repatriation – Mike Maloney

  • Frank Zak

    The only way to stop gold from crashing
    the financial system is to drive paper
    prices up very fast. Only problem is
    the paper gold wants out to replace
    with physical. There is a risk
    that the paper traders see the handwriting
    on the wall and create an endless vortex down on Comex.
    A Comex paper contract is only worth
    less than $20 in real gold.

    My calculations show GLD will drop
    below 400 tonnes by next Christmas 2015.
    GLD has 720 tonnes now.

    John Paulson’s hedge fund owns 323 tonnes,
    or 45%, of GLD and he said he won’t sell.

    That will only leave 73 tonnes in GLD
    that can be sold.

    Now you know why Paulson won’t sell ?

  • Ed_B

    I am not convinced that any gold has changed hands here. This looks a lot like a false bar event, IMO. This would be a financial false flag event that supposedly involves gold bars. If industrial giant Germany, the backbone of the EU, cannot repatriate its gold, yet tiny Netherlands can, what the hell is going on here? There are so many things not right with all this that it is difficult to track them all. Until more of them are tracked, I suggest that we all take this story with a giant grain of salt.

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