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The Truth About War

from TruthNeverTold:

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3 comments to The Truth About War

  • Gnostic


    I like your mojo, but to say Obama has any power & to not talk about the powerful dual israeli’s who drive war policy, makes you a coward, Sir.

    • Silver Shield

      You mean like this video from a day or so ago?
      Two things…
      1. Israel has been doing nothing in the past 6 years since the neo cons left, I mean Netanyahu is pathetic and they can’t even get us to war in Syria much less Iran…
      2. I’ve got 800 videos on YouTube, I even have a skull Obama coin out and you throw a couple comments on Sgt and I am the coward?

  • AgShaman

    Always quality coming from TNT, but this one resonates with the “is-ness” that burns hot inside a truthseeker.

    If you could find a way to get people to listen to the content provided by and posted here at this place….

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