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The Scary Truth Behind the Halloween Rally

from Peter Schiff:

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2 comments to The Scary Truth Behind the Halloween Rally

  • Sam

    Very good explanation with many eye opening facts and reasoning to consider here at this point in time.

    Perhaps the biggest factors being misplaced confidence on the part of investor unintelligent herd mentalities along with egregious Federal Reserve policies, I agree, there will be QE to infinity & in greater quantities despite the official declared stop that actually in reality hasn’t occured…

    The resultant snap back of Ag stocks and PM’s priced in dollars will be record breaking, the writing is on the wall.

  • Angel

    You have to admire the thorough manner in which Schiff explains things, always drawing attention to the psychology behind policy as it relates to perception.

    QE “ends”, yet the stock market goes up, gold stocks go down and gold and silver go down. Go figure.

    Just goes to show you that ANYTHING is possible in the twilight zone. A head fake is putting it mildly, but the curtain will be lifted soon enough. Fantasy can only outfox reality for so long before the fantasy is popped. Sadly, only a small minority understand this.

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