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The Russians Are Coming

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Actor and noted comedian, Jonathan Winters, once made a mockery of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union in the classic comedy movie The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming. It is distressing to report, that contrary to the mainstream position that Russia lost the Cold War, the Russians are indeed very healthy and ready to wage war against the United States as Americans are living on borrowed time as we have failed to prepare for a joint Russian and Chinese attack upon our country.

The United States has not been attacked on the home front for 200 years dating back to the War of 1812. There exists a plethora of confirming information to support the fact that America’s days may be numbered and that we are totally unprepared for what is coming. There exists credible evidence that the American people have also been betrayed from within by some key leaders, namely, Barack Hussein Obama.

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13 comments to The Russians Are Coming

  • Rainmaker

    Hodges certainly is provocative. Can’t say that I agree with all his points, many are conjecture after all. Still, it is interesting to note that the same groups funded the kidnapping of the Russian nation around the same time as the kidnapping of the American nation and the utter defeat of the German nation, almost 100 years ago. Too bad Dave doesn’t tie in the banksters, fascists and their minions (who we vote for) with his thesis.

    • Ed_B

      Yes, we do vote for them, but then, we really do not have a real choice. I mean, is it a choice when we “choose” between this fascist or that fascist or this minion or that minion?

      The good news is that there are some very good candidates coming into politics. A number of them are vets who know what it means to commit troops to battle and who truly understand how precious liberty really is. Their viewpoint is unique in that they have been there and done that. Joni Ernst is a wonderful candidate from Iowa. I am happy that she won a seat in the US Senate. I hope that she remains true to her values and is not corrupted by the slime in DC. I wish that my state (WA) had candidates of her quality instead of the morons that we now have in the US Senate.

      • aa

        I feel your pain Ed-b. My Senators are Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. If they are ever voted out of office I expect the majority of California voters will replace them with even worse if that’s possible.

    • aa

      Rainmaker,Dave places the bankers at the very center of his rogues gallery in many of his articles. I just placed bankers in his websites search engine and 5 articles came up with bankers as the main thesis.

  • glitter 1

    I’ve posted the following a couple of times recently,I’m posting it again because it’s an appropriate response:

    > The NWO is not what most think.
    > The Goal/End Game is all scripted and is playing out as planned.
    > The Controllers are not just in the US,UK,EU,they are also in
    China,Russia,Japan,Korea,Canada,Mexico and all of the rest.
    > They are all in on it and doing their bit part.
    > Once you know and understand the Big Picture Plan,you can connect the Dots and
    deduce where this is all headed.
    > “The Signs Of The Times”,the Markers and Sign Posts are before us to see.The
    Controllers will not turn it back/allow it to turn back.
    > When the Great Convergence arrives,they will all go under ground and leave the
    “Profane” to swing in the breeze on their own,to fend for themselves.

    Also,review this recent post made recently and perform an overlay to see how it fits in:

    glitter 1
    October 29, 2014 at 4:44 pm · Reply
    I just finished viewing Lindsey William’s latest DVD” Special Events Scheduled For 2015″.Per his Elite Connection(not his preditions).
    I know that many roll their eyes back into their head when they see/hear that name and that’s ok for those that think their own opinion is the final authority,but for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear here it goes:

    > The Elites expect a “Devine Intervention”,possibly a comet/asteroid/heavenly body crashing into the Atlantic Ocean creating an East Coast Flood.(my first thought was “Global Coastal Event”- Clif High,hmmm..)

    > There is going to be a Stock Market Crash.

    > There is going to be a Housing Market Crash.

    > There is going to be a Derivative Meltdown.

    > The Health Care System(Obamacare)will collapse.

    > There will be a Financial Collapse during September/October.

    > The price/value of Gold will sky rocket.

    These are the things “That Will Not Happen”

    > There will not be Riots.

    > Gun confiscation will not happen.

    Lindsey made a point to say that The Elite(s) are not god(s),even though they may think they are.Even though this is their plan(s) and time table(s),dynamics of events could cause revision and changes to the plan,but these are the scheduled events for 2015.
    He also pointed out that he is no longer doing interviews and requests that the DVD not be uploaded to the Internet(you tube).

    I don’t know about you,but reading this Dave Hodges piece the word “Correlation” comes to mind.I can visualize a large slug of S**T headed towards a large Fan!

  • Stuckinsidethematrix

    I am not going to read this article because from past experience I have found his fear-mongering, hate filled, hysterical rantings to be BS. Worst, he petends to be some sort of watchman or whistleblower.

    I can guess the contents of this article as he follows the same recipe every time. All he does is mix a little truth with a little BS, adds that into the pot with a bit of confusion and conjecture, gives it all a shake, and out froths a load of anti-muslim and anti-russian hysteria. On first glance it actually looks like a revelation. On the surface it looks wholesome and good, but once you get a taste you realise its just a hate filled poison brew that you would do well to avoid.

    If you believe Hodges, then Obama is actually a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who has invited quarter of a million Russian and Chinese troops into US bases. These troops, whilst they enjoy US military hospitality and logistical support, are apparently busy wandering round US towns on thier rest days, eating burgers and telling the locals they will be taking over soon (I kid you not).

    Yep, all drivel. He appeals to the same bunch that still believe 9/11 was done by ‘them evil Muslims who hate us for our freedoms’, and that the Russians are still ‘commies’ who should be ‘first striked’ now. Sadly, those who buy into this still represent a large number of people.

    Try this for a summary of the article I have not, and will not read and see if it fits, Sarc on: Run the Russians are coming!, wait they are already here! Yes, there are a 100,000 or more in US bases all over the country! It gets worst, Obama the Muslim President invited them here!, He is really Muslim Brotherhood you know, and related to the antichrist. He only pretends to invade Muslim countries around the world and he doesnt really kill countless babies and children, he just pretends, cause hes a muslim and wants us all dead. And wait till you here this!, the Chinese have already invaded too!They are going to help the Russians take over when the collapse comes! They are going to dress up as UN peacekeepers and march us all of to the FEMA camps for incineration! Then they are going to divide up the counrty between them!. Sarc off.

    Well, was I close, or do I need to eat my words?

    • Harvey Wallbanger

      I think you nailed it Stuck. This idiot Hodges lost me when I read one of his articles that said the Canada was going to participate in an invasion and gun confiscation of the US. Yah right on Dave! That would constitute a suicide mission to the most heavily armed private citizen nation on the planet. Being 1/10 the population of the US with a modest military that is funded accordingly where does this dimwit get his information, comic books?

    • Angel

      No need to eat your words, stuck, you got it right.

      Yes, there are some truths in his message which I have no argument with at all. But it seems to me they serve to entice the unsuspecting, and once he has the reader where he wants them, he drops the same bombshell. The title says it all, doesn’t it?

      I don’t know if you read his articles when the Ukraine fiasco was really brewing earlier this year, but he was right on board with the official narrative coming out of DC and the EU. He and Slavo from SHTF. Oh, and of course, Mr. Skousen himself.

      That would have been fine and good if only they could have backed it up with facts, but they could not. Nobody could. And they ended up looking foolish because of it. It’s the same song and dance with their “The Russians Are Coming” routine. NEVER any facts to back it up, which gets rather tiresome after hearing it so often. But then again, I suppose the same could be said for many others in the alt-media, so it all comes down to what we WISH to believe. Or, doing the responsible thing and performing our due diligence by attempting to substantiate what is being conveyed by looking elsewhere.

      Hodges has been complaining of late that the visitor numbers to his site are being manipulated lower since he began reporting on the Ebola issue. Could it be that just maybe people are getting tired of unsubstantiated claims and fear-mongering every time he writes an article on this?

    • Gnostic

      Stuck, well said,

      The “Isolation” of Vladimir Putin

      Poor Mr. Putin. So “isolated”! Not a friend in the whole wide world, all because he refuses to join The New World Order…

    • Stuckinsidethematrix

      Thanks Harvey, Angel, & Gnostic.

      I feel it is important to shine a light onto some of these so called ‘watchmen’ who are actually leading people down a blind alley and back into the warmongers matrix.

      Love that last bit about ‘comic books’, lol. Yes I think you are right. Hodges is obviously an intelligent individual, who has mastered the story tellers art, however he has chosen to use his skills to lead people down the path of fear and hatred. Maybe he actually believes his own stories? Who knows.

      The last article I read was around the beginning of the Ukraine crisis, which must have been a wet dream for Hodges as he could use all the MSM spin and lies to strengthen his stories, and give them some sort of credibility.

      I was not aware he had drawn Slavo into this nonsense, but as I suspected Mac was no fan of the Russians, it doesn’t shock me.

      I am reasured that Hodges readership base is falling. Too many people are already lost in the web of lies spun by the MSM and the .Gov about ‘Russian aggression’ and plans to ‘invade europe’, we dont need any more being led astray by pseudo-truthers/fake-watchmen.

      Isolation of Putin hey, is that what he said. Lol, that statement always makes me laugh. The majority of the worlds population live in the East. Just two of Russias main clients alone, India and China, represent almost 3 Billion people! Isolation indeed.

      PS I’ll check out your link later.

  • andrew james

    Part of Golitsyn’s plan is lulling US all to sleep. I hope for their sake that they have a plan B for that one.

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