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The Next Crash in 2016

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls Canada:

For the past two years (more or less) readers have read warnings that a horrific economic collapse is brewing across the Western world. It will be the final collapse for these regimes, as none of these economies will be able to survive this coming cataclysm in their present form.

There is no prognostication involved here as the “warning signs” that a collapse is coming couldn’t be more obvious if they were laid-out on a road map. Worse, we know (for a multitude of reasons) that the Next Crash will be much more severe than the economic collapse which preceded it (the Crash of ’08), because nothing has been fixed since that previous crisis.

Indeed, our governments have done nothing since that time except more of all of the economic policies (i.e. mistakes) which caused the last crash, and obviously these governments cannot “put out a fire” by using much, much more gasoline:

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4 comments to The Next Crash in 2016

  • Scott

    Here are the phrases we are all sick and tired of hearing! Change the dialog!

    “This is unsustainable…….”
    “Collapse is coming in 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2025……”
    “We’ll never see $32, $30, $22, $18, $17 again…….”
    “The next crash is……..”
    “The Comex will fail……,”

  • Troy

    People made big money that bought stocks in 2008-2009. Around a month ago, I cashed out my 401-K, it tripled in value since 2008-2009…hopefully I did the right thing. Some say the DOW could go past 20,000….I didn’t want to take the chance. I used the money to pay off my home, and paid off a small home improvement loan. I am now totally debt free. My food stock is large yet…so I’ll eat down the stock, and start to replace it with newer stuff. Most of my food stock was bought in 2011, 2012. If the stock market does crash, I will not invest any money in it…I’m done with stocks. Any money in the future I have for investing will go into home improvement, projects on my property, silver, maybe some wooded acres somewhere in my area…if anyone will sell. NO MORE STOCK MARKET FOR THIS CAT!

  • James R Long

    As I watch all of this unfold it is like watching a long train wreck underway.

    The inevitable collapse of the belief that the Earth can afford any more Economic Growth to infinity is about to collapse. Thus the nuclear detonation of the Growth model is underway. The economic collapse started in 2008 and these last times of power will be catastrophic, its epic collapse and this play at the last morsel at the lowest cost serving the high price of implosion.

    News flash you can’t take oil from the ground and transport it without spills; fracking is a bad idea to make America oil independent; burning so called Fossil fuel makes the air bad and the water polluted for life. However, even “green energy” has environmental impact too. The energy resources in petro are probably scaring those powers that are, because of the dollars backing. There isn’t a shortage, peak oil, and that is why so much remains off-line and being made to be off. Saudis don’t want Iranian oil on-line because that’d destabilize their need for high oil prices, thus enemy Iran and Syria. Russia under attack with an attempt to force them off-line. North Africa and much of the Middle-East in turmoil and the oil is still low, somewhat to the higher dollar, but more importantly no economic growth. The wars since Reagan for the most part have been to keep oil off the market to make a false impression of oil shortages. The “Green Initiative” against Carbon burning for “Greenhouse Gases” can be easily disproved. As the sunspot activity reduced the Earth began to cool, so when that story was starting to collapse we had 9/11 and new bogymen enemies and the name was changed to “Climate Change”. Oil most likely is a byproduct of the Earth. So a shortage of fuel had to be created. Then Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant either by design or accident re-awakened the short-lived anti-nuke (For good reasons) movement. And, we have no idea where the cores are which along with BP response to their “event” is killing the ocean.

    The most inept president at problem solving and negotiation with his house in total disarray at the helm of the US, came in peacefully, let’s see if he’s the last President as Graham said, the dude does meet a lot of the description of the Anti-Christ.

    The Fed and all world central banks need to print money to give an illusion of prosperity. The moves against anti-petro dollaring the world leads to less stability here at home, so we force people to keep using dollars because when the dollar is no longer the world reserve it will be a seismic moment, so thus more war or go to war for that reason.

    The numbers they run by us in the nightly news and other mainstream media and the switching constantly of the enemy is reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984. Fictitious numbers to say the economy is up to fool those they can into believing everyone else is prosperous it’s just you and your friends doing bad, so hate these people or those people and the state has a war against the bogymen.

    Why do they have so many poorly designed “false flags” is because it works and also they’re done to keep the “Conspiracy Theory” people busy to get their fear porn. Sports fans have sports, TV couch potato people need their modern soaps the “reality” shows and the Conspiracy peoples their entertainment… Beautiful manipulation. The ever created bogy monster. Did any of the YouTube Channel owners who “report” on the conspiracy never wonder why Google a government, if not created by its controlled by the government, tool allows them on. They think they are getting the word out, but all it is is a diversion. Some of the proven ones are really obvious, I agree with them for the government to see how stupid people are. But it does keep people entertained, busy and divided.

    The Mainstream creating “us and them” stuff to divide and conquer is purely hard to watch unfold. People in terror get in to survival mode trying to cling to what little they have and fight against one another. Devaluing currency makes goods and service expensive and makes cheap good. People can’t understand to have more all must win not demonize those without as the reason they have so little. The people collecting food stamps (EBT) just waited on you last time you bought something from Asia. Who is the enemy and who is the victim is hard for people to comprehend. They pay taxes to keep corporations afloat rather than the company paying to keep them fed, clothed and housed, so the average taxpayer’s money doesn’t support the workers’ need but the corporate need at profits with cheap labor.

    The “gun” stuff is also rather unfortunate to see unfold in the pure fantasy realm. Gun control aint happing because it is impossible and Billy Bob, Juan, and the hoods aint given up no weapon; but the “false flag” to get the law passed in Washington state a week before the election was beautifully executed. Timing is everything. Great to have a drill the same scenario in place where conveniently an election is taking place and for it to go real world live drill… Bogy man; hey how about limiting hatchets after those attacks… More us and them and another incarnation of a bogyman fear.

    Millions of younger “refugees/illegals” enter as the average age American is past working age is a nice addition. Gotta have producers and consumers for the dependents of a service sector economy. And, now they can also have the additional benefit of utilizing the “us and them” to keep people mad and divided.

    Money buying elections now, with much policies of “Trickle-up” in overdrive to give them more money to buy more power and it gets the “us and them” envy going!

    Anyhow, the survivalist will get the real wake-up call when this unfolds in the “Dark Age Mad Max” scenario that is being aligned. They don’t have a chance either, but hey it gives them something to do, worry about, and utilize capitol for consumerism.

    It is collapse of the old system, the pivot to New World will be increasingly drastic as the inevitable placing the finger in the hole and using duct tape will be utilized but this really is cruel when the finger in the dyke is those who are wealthy people on the hill that don’t care about what happens to the people in the valley.

    I like how the nuke is remarketed in end-of-world films when it is utilized to break up the coming asteroid or the recent propaganda that it would restate the “Core (Disaster Film)”. Genius to give the masses a reason to want to keep that which would only destroy as a “savior”. Uranium is the Earth’s Heart and it is unstable when removed from her body.

    Anyhow, to watch the collapse take place is hard, so Christ better get down here soon! Because we’re incapable of loving each other as our self!

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