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THE MADNESS OF A LOST… SOUL — With 22 Days To Go, The Best Buy “Black Friday” Line Has Started

from ZeroHedge:

Having apparently missed the note about Walmart spreading its Black Friday love across five days, these two ‘intrepid’ shoppers have decided that whatever it is that is inside this Beaumont, CA Best Buy is worth 22 nights of sleeping under the stars on a warm pavement…

As The Banning-Beaumont Patch reports,

Vickey Torres of Cabazon and Juanita Salas of Beaumont arrived at Best Buy in Beaumont on Wednesday— 22 days before deals begin for the infamous shopping day on Thanksgiving night.

“We could have started later, but then we wouldn’t be sure to get first in line,” Torres told Patch on Friday, as she and Salas sat under the hot sun in front of the electronics store. “They only get a few items at the cheaper prices and it’s first come, first served.”

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14 comments to THE MADNESS OF A LOST… SOUL — With 22 Days To Go, The Best Buy “Black Friday” Line Has Started

  • Eric

    “hyuck…I don’t know whats they gots. I just know I needs to be first to gets em.”

    Oooo 22 days of camping out to get a cheap junky tv. Geeez.

    Ya know, I used to think ‘white trash’ was a derogatory term but then I realized it just means poor white people.

  • Steelerdude

    How in the HELL do you just throw 22 days away of your life?????

    These people are mentally ill….

  • Eric

    I suppose we can expect the same if not worse this year.

    Black Friday Shopping Chaos [Super Cut Compilation]

  • Jeff

    SGT this is great! You get a nice jump on the production of “Madness of a Lost Society – 2014 Edition”. Sure hope you pull that together this year. I always look forward to it.

  • dan

    The really sad part is that these people are ‘breeders’ and can pass along their genes….In this case,on the other hand , I certainly hope that ‘shopping’ is an inherited trait…..imho

  • Rodster

    Someone needs to tell them you can now save yourself from the mayhem and chaos and buy from the store’s website. Retailers have finally gotten the message and are offering 95% of those same deals online.

    • Eric

      You assume that telling someone anything consisting of pure common sense will ever get through to the lard filled calcified skull of theirs and snap them out of their dumbed down consumer induced coma.

  • Scott

    The real motive here is for two fat white chicks to get their 22 days of fame, and they will get it, and millions will tune in.

  • Freud

    What would be funny, if the economy, society collapsed, ww3 kicked off, a major earthquake wipes out half of Kalifornia and ebola caused a pandemic, all a couple of days from now. Would they still be waiting in line camped out before the doors opened?

  • Angel

    I’m convinced that all of this Black Thursday/Friday crapolla isn’t so much about scoring a good deal as it is about the excitement and adrenaline rush that empty people get off the ensuing madness and stress that accompanies these days.

    In the case of people like these two woman, they simply cannot wait to get on with it, such is the superficiality of their lives that they would actually do what they’re doing.

    As I’ve been doing for years, any shopping or errands that I have to accomplish will be done BEFORE their idiotic party starts or at the end of the weekend. The last thing I want to do is be anywhere around crowds or stores during this period. It will be hibernation time for me.

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