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The Golden Canary

by Dr. Jerome, TF Metals Report:

Gold has always been viewed as a safe haven for investors when world markets are in turmoil. When the bear comes out of the cave, sell your stocks and guy gold, then sit tight until the bulls are back. That cute little system has worked for people since our nation left the gold standard back in the sixties, but it has turned gold into the proverbial canary in the coal mine. When the canary stops singing, due to unbreathable or flammable gasses building up, the miners better get out. That little system worked pretty well also… that is until the canary died in 2008 and somebody nailed him to his post and set up a recording of a canary singing in the background and told the miners to go back to work.

And they did.

So today, gold prices are allegedly manipulated. Not all the time, mind you, not so much that we notice something wrong with our canary, but just enough to contain price, just enough to keep the miners working, just enough to keep investors from panicking, selling their stocks, and jumping into gold for safety.


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2 comments to The Golden Canary

  • Frank Zak

    This financial mess is not new. We lived through
    it with Reagan in a recession just as bad as this one
    and the threat of financial collapse.

    Now we have 2008 and absolutely nothing has changed.

    Deja Vu all over again and again and again……..

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    The contention that gold is manipulated is easy to verify yet simple enough to camoflage, the ruse easily hoodwinking the unsophisticated, the capable person or sceptic who are unwilling to expend the small amount of effort required to uncover the essence of this all encompassing yet ultimately enslaving deception.
    In my view, it is not the deceptive gold price setting scam that will open the spillgate of anger. No, it will be the moment of discovery by the common worker and people that they are being defrauded by simple conartistry, the sophist’s trick occurring with a sleight of hand when they exchange false redeemable claims to wealth in payment for a worker’s labour. They swagger with contempt, using their unearned influence to buy legal protection for their plot to defraud. They get to buy goods and to pay for services rendered with deceitful tokens, offered as confirmation of stored wealth, offered in good faith as a promissory note, carrying their word of settlement should the holder need to redeem it with the note writer. Their credit note of honor and a measure of their good word is yet to be exposed as a lie and fraudulent. They heve nothing to redeem for it if
    ever challenged.
    There will be hell to pay for their actions when the worker realises he has been duped into accepting their good word. Indignation of the receipient is the emotion that has to be nurtured.
    Gold is a side issue for them, a side event because it is not the medium of exchange for their effort. Its ties to this will come as a natural consequence when the unveiling of the true nature of payment is occurs.
    When the workers discover that they are being defrauded and stolen from, they will be a force to be reckoned with and that is what will be needed, a reckoning.

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