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The Ferguson Verdict: Propaganda Decoded – Darren Wilson, Michael Brown and Racism

from Stefan Molyneux:

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2 comments to The Ferguson Verdict: Propaganda Decoded – Darren Wilson, Michael Brown and Racism

  • Rutherford82

    The people of Ferguson should not be upset that Michael Brown was killed during an altercation with police, they should be more concerned with the social factors that have led to poverty in their community and should be using their energy to mitigate these conditions. If the community has enough wealth to buy things they need/want, there will invariably be less run-ins with the law and, subsequently, less police shootings of people in said community. MLK had just started a movement to fight poverty before his tragic assassination (which some believe was the main motivation for his assassination) and I believe people the world over need to look back at his teachings and methods to attempt to combat poverty if they truly wish to make social progress in their own communities.
    If in fact poverty is not the reason that Michael Brown allegedly robbed a convenience store, then we should make an effort to understand why that happened.
    Lastly, police are trained to dominate, submit, arrest and detain people through force, deception, and any other means necessary. It is their job to not let people get away. If you choose to fight them in the street as opposed to the courtroom, there is a very good chance you will be hurt or killed.

  • C.I.

    Good Work This Man Stefan

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