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Systemic Breakdown & Economic Collapse Guaranteed | Jim Willie (Part 1)

from FinanceAndLiberty:

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79 comments to Systemic Breakdown & Economic Collapse Guaranteed | Jim Willie (Part 1)

  • Timco

    Well Jim, what are you worried about if for? You live comfortably in Cost Rica on the money stupid Americans pay for your newsletter. If you love America so much, come on back and join the revolution.

  • Jim Willie is a disgrace to our Founding Fathers who fought and died for our freedom. How dare he criticize this nation, while living in Costa Rica off our money. If you don’t have the balz to live here, shut your trap slick willie.

  • Rainmaker

    Want to listen to part 2, gotta pay. Elijah, you should go to law school or get a poly/sci degree. You could be a lawyer or politician or both. Hope Jim Willie is going to get a cut.

    • rudenewt

      Frankly I lose a lot of trust for those that try to profit off pain and misery. If the idea is to inform and prepare against a common foe then you’d think the information would be put out there for all to see. By charging for it you’re saying it’s just another act in the clown show and really has no true value. Not a good move Elijah and fabian.

      • jerry

        what do expect for free besides welfare and foodstamps

      • glitter 1

        Just how do you support yourself!What kind of scam are you receiving renumeration for! Hahaha

        • rudenewt

          What do I expect for free? Well nothing I suppose. But what is being sold? The watch man’s warning cry? Wtf is that? JW or who ever wants to sell their opinion on what to invest in where OK that’s fine. But you want to tell me the sky is falling but only for a buck? Who are you kidding? That is a scam by it’s very nature because if it was really a problem you’d be spreading the word to save your own a$$.

          And what kind of scam do I support myself with? The best one of all of course. I’m a government paid defense attorney. You have no choice but to come to me when the state threatens to Take your freedom and you pray to God I know what I’m doing when your number comes up. And the best part (for me) is I get paid no matter what kind of dead beat dirt bag you turn out to be. Of course the bad part is the government uses dumb a$$ dirt bags that everyone can’t wait to see thrown in a hole for eternity to create the president to Chuck “normal” people in jail after they’ve agreed to sacrifice their rights for some small modicum of revenge and a large portion of police state security but hey man, you tend to get what you ask for no matter what arena you play in.

          So the watchman wants to cash in on you before the barbarians rape and plunder you and you’re good with that? It begs the question why resist at all then?

          • Eric

            A government paid defense attorney who can’t even spell the word precedent…makes sense.

            What’s it like to be a total sellout to the city of London?


            I won’t be coming to you. Hopefully your job will wither away as more people wake up to who they truly are. Sold your soul to the Vatican and Satan I guess.


            • rudenewt

              What’s it like to be a sell out to London? I wouldn’t know they’ve never contacted me maybe you, knowing so much, can forward a contact number cause I could use a raise. As to your articles they have the same problem all the “research” in that area does which is namely a lack of guns and willingness to use them (and normally around a hundred year gap in use of those particular legal claims not that i disagree that common law is a better system). You can claim all the sovereign authority you want but if you’re just going to puss out when “the man” calls your bluff let’s face it you don’t deserve freedom anyway. As to coming to me if you have the resources then great, you wouldn’t get me anyway. Spend between 5 to a 100 grand to get the same result you’d get from a court appointed lawyer (just FYI we all spell the same having been raised in merica) but what ever floats your boat dude. Where we do agree is that I would hope my job withers away too because that would mean crime as we know it would be over and done with. Your guess on my soul is also wrong but that’s unsurprising as it was really meant to be an insult more than part of a logically based argument. It’s easy to recognize as a lot of my clients argue the same way when they realize the facts are not on their side. Surely the results will turn out different for you though.

              • Eric

                Yes but you are are a member of the BAR (British Accredited Registry) are you not?

                I’m not claiming any sovereign anything newt. I just know who I am.

                Peace dude.

          • Eric

            Dead fictional entities with titles will have to realize the error of their ways if they want to survive in the future.

          • glitter 1

            A Government sponsored/paid Lawyer,the highest form of hypocrisy.Talk about rape and plunder.I rest my case.Nothing personal,but when you see the name Jim Willie,why don’t you just pass on buy,exercise a little democracy in action and make a choice not to listen for FREE.The next time you are tasked with representing one of those “Dead Beat Dirt Bags”(so called) why don’t you do the Virtuous thing and do it Pro Bono Publico for the common/greater good and spare the tax payer(s).I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in that happening.

            Have a nice day!

            • Eric

              Hey glitter… An attorney is not a lawyer. Please see my links above.

            • rudenewt

              I actually like JW. It’s the sucker pay to play I take issue with. As to “dead beat dirt bags” they are people just like you and me. Most have just made and continue to make bad choices due to a variety of reasons. I deal with cops and prosecutors on a daily basis as well and there are good and bad there too. Since I practice near a military base I get a lot of uncle Sams finest oddly enough and guess what? They’re just people too.

              what I am finding typical is that you and my new pal Eric don’t seem capable of addressing the actual point. Do you think it’s OK for the watchman to charge you for the warning?

              • Eric

                If he provides a valuable service and people are willing to pay him for it, why shouldn’t he be compensated for it?

                The warning is already there. You’re lucky he does the interview and you get the first half for free. Didn’t even have to go look that hard.

                • rudenewt

                  There you go a strait forward answer. Well done. And I agree with your assessment of a valuable service for compensation. So now where is the line between a service and a duty? Particularly here where I am curious as to whether the underlying theme is the country is lost and we just hope for the best after some form of collapse or is there an attempt to save the constitutional republic? If the former then why not get paid for any thing you discover. If the latter then shouldn’t the info be pooled and dispersed to as many as possible? Isn’t the lure of a fast buck a main cause of our current problems?

                  I don’t think anyone on this site is going to do badly either way. People that frequent this site are informed and resolved. But what of all the others. You don’t always fight just for yourself. Republic or no Republic? Sacrifice or fast buck? If I really wanted to make money I’d go private and empty your bank account when you had nowhere left to turn instead I’m a monkey wrench in the system bleeding it dry with it’s own rules. This current system is doomed. JW is a good motivator to get people thinking in new directions. Is it really a good idea to create yet another obstacle to that message?

                • Eric

                  A service is not a duty. This is hardly a country or a nation in my opinion. It’s a big mall and a circus run by corrupt psychopathic officers of a legal corporation who like to call it a country or a nation because so many still believe it is one. The Republic was lost long ago. It’s gone. However I do believe it will come back as the corporation destroys itself. Somehow I don’t think China is going to bail out the Federal Reserve system forever and I know there is an effort to restore the Republic.

                  I wouldn’t consider his newsletter the “lure of a fast buck.”. We’ve all been trying to get the info out there. People just aren’t listening and they aren’t thinking for themselves which is the biggest problem. Everyone needs to figure it out in their own way. Imagine if you were born and automatically knew everything you were meant to do in this lifetime. How would you grow? How would you evolve?

                  Everyone is trying to survive and find their purpose for being here, but we all have bills (or statements which is what they actually only are) to pay. Everything is global now. Staying in the police state isn’t for everyone, and a modern patriot isn’t a soldier on the battlefield. As Thomas Jefferson said, “dissension is the greatest form of patriotism.”. Hope that helped.

          • frank


            While I agree with what you have said. And I only post a reply to you, to show you that you are not alone, I would advise you to save your breath when it comes to JW die hards….these self appointed “enlightened” saviours of us poor blind sheeple no way better than we do and will never be convinced that JW and ilk are all liars, crooks or buffons.

            • frank

              know, not no…..

              • rudenewt

                Frank thanks for reading all points of view. Please be aware I like Jim Willie and eagerly look forward to his interviews and posts. I do not subscribe to his news letter but will read them if posted publicly. I also like Joel Skousen, Alex Jones, Fabian Calvo, Chris Duane, Greg Hunter and a host of others often posted on this site. Their view points are sometimes directly opposed which is just fine as it makes you think. Sometimes I agree with their points sometimes I don’t but in the end my opinion is just that, mine. It doesn’t make what they say right or wrong, it’s just information. I base my opinion on the information I choose to use or not use and make my long term plans from there. Part of my reason for posting on this thread, beyond the initial annoyance at an attempt to get into my wallet, was to gauge the mood of what I believe to be the informed crowd and like to think of as my peer group. It seems to be one of pessimism which is a shame since we are winning. Please note my comments have revolved around paying for part two and not the substance of JW’s position.

                Misspelling is common on threads and usually the first attack people like to make when they strongly disagree with a point. I try to avoid personal attacks but don’t always succeed and have no problems apologizing when I regain a bit of rationality. A little heated debate is good for thickening the skin and learning patience anyway.

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Right on, rudenewt! Hillary and the gubbermint did all that establishment work for his site, right? They must have even set up the interview, too. Why should he be charging money for all their effort?

  • Ingenue8


    If you have received 2 death threats by the mossad, you wanna come back to america?

    • Timco

      Jim Willie is a gas bag who would be cleaning toilets in the local Holiday Inn, if not for the generous support of his newsletter subscribers. Stay here in America and fight for your Country, or shut the hell up. In times like these, we need men, not cowards who flee to safety when the going gets tough.

    • Gnostic


      you must be mistaken are you sure it was mossad & not the Jesuit Vatican reptilian luciferian freemason illuminati, after all they control the money & the world & have the most to lose.

      just saying………

    • Nicksauto

      Actually it was the Justice Dept. He and Martin Armstrong have some junk in the trunk.

  • Sam

    What so many seem to be suffering from is attack the messenger syndrome…8-0

    • Eric

      I think they’re confusing feeling for thinking Sam.

      I don’t see any comments debunking his claims as being factually incorrect yet. Just a lot of name calling.

    • Angel


      This isn’t even constructive criticism, it’s a small-minded minority making a lame attempt at instigating an angry reaction. We mustn’t allow them to dictate the course of the comment section by feeding the flames, as most of us expect more than that from these articles and interviews. In other words, substance over superficiality.

      As for the interview, Willie lays it all out as clear as day. We are living in a false reality, an illusion like never before, but one that’s been remarkably easy to pull off. And this is the danger to all of this. The FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY that exists across the board – from the financial sector, to the business sector, to Joe Blow on the street.

      Everything that comes out of the idiot box is taken as gospel. The media is the false prophet, the population are the gullible sheep. And just beyond the veil is the truth staring us in the face.

      We don’t need a degree in economics to understand all of this. All we need are the cajones to peak behind the veil and see things for what they ARE, not as we wish them to be through our normalcy bias. But first, we have to grow the heck up.

      • Eric

        Right on Angel!

        Everyone needs to grow the heck up and be responsible well informed adults and INDIVIDUALS!

        I enjoyed this interview a lot. Nothing terribly new but JW always says it how it is. Not how everyone wants it to be.

        So grow up guys and start dealing with it! Or go vote for asshole on the whichever side you want, get your hopes up, expect a different result and then get angry about it. That has worked so marvelously for the past 50 years.

        • Angel

          Or go vote, get your hopes crushed, get angry about it, then go on to SGT and blame the “gurus”.

          No, we need to EXIT this game, Eric. Each and every one of us. It starts at the individual level, as every great change does. The term “revolution” has been watered down, over-simplified, and perverted. What we are in desperate need of is a revolution of the MIND, and until that happens, evolution will merely putter along.

          I know that this is the revolution that you understand, I’ve read enough of your comments. I wasn’t necessarily a fan of theirs, but the Beatles had it right in that song.

          • Eric

            I’m right with you my friend. You are on top of it. Until there is a critical mass of people who start thinking for themselves and stop allowing themselves to be programmed and brainwashed, until they start questioning everything and let the ego and emotions subside, until they stop drinking the diet sodas and flouridation that is destroying their brains, until they start asking BETTER questions, evolution will merely putter along. Or humanity may just survive and evolve in much smaller numbers. Or not at all. I have to admit, I’m not sure I really care much more. I have no children to care for. No real friends. My family is hopeless. There is no getting through to any of them, I pray only for a giant asteroid the size of Texas to come as soon as possible. I could easily give up, but I probably won’t. I just get tired of hearing stupidity everywhere I go.

            • Angel

              I hear your frustration, Eric, but school’s not over ’til it’s over. It’s a matter of detaching oneself from it to a degree so that when things get too heavy, we can just go with the flow, as if watching a show on the big screen.

              This is both a necessary safety valve as well as an effective way of viewing and interacting with the world without the emotions getting always in the way and clouding perception. But detachment is no easy thing. Besides, sometimes emotion is necessary, including anger, so long as it’s focused.

              But you know what Eric? When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. The journey continues. On to the next university. I will welcome it, but not prematurely.

      • Ed_B

        “We are living in a false reality, an illusion like never before…”

        Hmmm… red or blue pill? Yes, this is definitely a Matrix environment. It is one that survives for a long time because it is all based upon the specific lies that the sheeple just want to hear. Funny how unsatisfying and feeble those lies / excuses become once one awakens.

  • Bertlittle

    Personally I agree with timco. I don’t like being told how screwd we are from some dude who doesn’t live here. I think they call it an armchair quarterback.

  • AgShaman

    I’ve moved on already, from worrying about what other people outside this country think about the dying Ponzi that is the US FED system.

    Going fwd…it’s about the solutions to survival, what can be done to clear out the parasites, and how people can thrive in the future if the are successful in removing the parasite control over this planet.

    Willie is a smart cat….he should focus on solutions and networking with like minded people that search out these solutions

  • Kevin

    “Fight for your country or shut the hell up.” “Join the revolution.”

    What the are you guys talking about? What revolution??? Are you referring to the thousands of morons watching sports all weekend or online bickering about who has the best “survival” weapon? Or perhaps the thousands of idiots lined up at Starbucks waiting to pay $4 bucks for a 50 cent cup of coffee? Or how about the hoards of freedom loving Americans drooling over the up coming Black Friday sales?

    Jim Willie is right. We are screwed. Voter apathy let it happen. Our military has failed to uphold its oath to serve the constitution and Costa Rica sounds pretty good right about now.

    • aa

      Agreed Kevin. What revolution are they referring to and what exactly are we to be doing in this “revolution”? Writing angry letters to our congressmen and senators? Good luck with that. Who is leading this revolution? They like to compare the present situation to 1776-this is absurd. How do you join a revolution that hasn’t been declared and has no leaders? And Don brought up a good point: “Your enemy will be 95% of what was America.” Timco’s comment about Jim Willie being a gasbag who would be cleaning toilets were it not for the generous support of his subscribers is ludicrous. People subscribe to his newsletter and listen to him because he is brilliant and has something to say. Anyone who thinks he is safe in Costa Rica is delusional. The powers that be knows where he lives and can take him out anytime they want to. By continually speaking out against the establishment Willie has placed himself squarely on their radar screen and he knows it. This doesn’t sound like cowardice to me.

      • glitter 1

        If any thinks Costa Rico is safe or some what better than the US,then checkout my e-mail discussion with him,start at the bottom and work up.Also,I don’t subscribe to his news letter either.He has never not responded to an e-mail I send:


        US not interested in tax base for tiny CR with its 5 million population

        CR is a major stopping ground in narco money laundering with banks here

        On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 6:58 AM, wrote:

        Leviathan must maintain/grow it’s tax base.


        In a message dated 11/3/2014 7:21:22 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
        sounds like a 51st state in US Fascist nation

        On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 11:58 PM, wrote:

        Sounds like an old Bogart movie.

        In a message dated 11/3/2014 12:06:32 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:

        US agents control the banks here

        they control the borders here

        they control the airport here

        they are like fuckn maggots arresting people, kidnapping people

        nazi extension

        On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 7:55 PM, wrote:

        For some reason I sense it’s easier to be incognito down there.


        In a message dated 11/2/2014 8:44:24 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
        each country down here in Central America is totally different
        each is also undergoing notable change

        On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 7:36 PM, wrote:

        Yeah, the person is a financial advisor.He’s sourcing/under writing a different Medicare Advantage Plan for my Mother-In-Law,nice guy.

        In a message dated 11/2/2014 8:19:56 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes:
        I wish it were a paradise here

        it is not

        but it is very nice

        changing for worse every year

        taxes starting, with the fukkup US advising the CRgovt

        On Sun, Nov 2, 2014 at 2:57 PM, wrote:

        It’s getting out! I just came in contact with/met someone that is moving/retiring to Costa Rica! They can’t wait.

  • Timco

    Hang in there Kevin. We will get through this dark period. Our children are depending on us.

    • Don

      And all you would have had to do is take a lesson from our founding fathers and move to greener pastures. Now you will end up being turned in by an o-bot for a meal ticket. Guess who your children count on then? The state. LOL! Pull yer head out yer ass and look around. Your enemy will be 95% of what was America. It is an unwinnable battle.

      • Matt

        Gosh Don, with an attitude like that you have already lost the fight.

        • Don

          Gosh Matt, with an observation like that you haven’t interacted with anyone in real life for the past decade. We HAVE already lost. Merica is welcoming the fascism with open arms.

          • Gosh Don, with an attitude like that you have already lost the fight.

            Well I’m not welcoming it there Don. If everyone was just like you…. hell yes it’s gone. Fortunately, we’re all not like you.

            • Don

              No everyone is not like me, I comprehend words and concepts. I made the point moving was a viable plan (with precedent) and Merica was already lost with their welcoming of the fascism. If you choose to take from those statements anything other than what I actually wrote, it reflects more on you than me. I did not concede defeat, but I am realistic about the situation. Every liberty minded person is facing the golden horde commanded by a sociopathic politician. Operating within a system designed to supress them while strengthening the worst of society. Best case scenario I envision is peppers and those visiting sgtreport et all…survive at a 5 to 1 ratio vs the average schlub. Despite UA being less than 1%.

              • Stuckinsidethematrix


                I promised myself I’d give commenting a break but I cant sit here and see you get beat up for telling it like it is.

                So I’m wading in to say I agree with your perspective, and that I got your back covered.

                Just because you’ve got a realistic attitude does not mean you have given up the fight. If you had you wouldn’t bother visiting truth websites and leaving hard hitting comments.

                I know where you are coming from, and more importantly I know that people have gotta pick their battles carefully, otherwise thier first battle could be thier last.

                Looks like the ‘romantics’ or ‘idealists’ who haven’t got both feet on the ground are swinging some punches at you Don, so I’ll swing some back at them and see how they like it.

                There are some real fu-kwits out there who sit at home waiting for someone else to start a ‘revolution’ – so they can see how its going before they decide to take part, or not.

                These same fu-kwits also think that because they have got a weapons cache bigger than some third-world armies and a stack of Au and Ag the size of the Shanghai exchange, they are somehow going to fight off all comers – government, golden-horde or whoever, and rebuild the nation.

                They are at best dreaming, and need a punch in the face from Stuckinsidethematrix to wake up.

                The ‘stand and fight’ talk is just that – talk. Talk is easy and its cheap. If they were ever going to do something to take back their country they would have done it by now.

                Many people in the US and the UK (where I am currently sitting) have not even the tinyest bit of understanding of how bad things can get, and how long they can continue real bad.

                From what I have seen of the UK it is even further down the hole than the US, and worse, most of the people, dont have a clue, not A SINGLE CLUE how bad things are or how extensive and invasive is the Police state they live in.

                There are armchair revolutionaries or survivalists in both the US and UK calling for all sorts of Bullshit and throwing keypad punches at anyone with a grown up attitude. These people are going to get one hell of a shock when the dictatorship in both nations reveals its teeth.

                All this talk about standing and fighting is absolute BULLSHIT. Not one in 10,000 will ever even get the chance, even if they could/wanted to fight.

                As for ‘running away’, what is wrong with ‘running away’ when there is diddly squat anyone on an individual level can do against the NWO Leviathan?

                Where the Jews who ‘ran away’ from their native Germany in the 30’s before the evil was unleashed any more cowards than those who pack up now and ‘run away’ from the US and the UK before the evil is unleased in these lands?

                How many people are familiar with the story of the people who left Yugoslavia before it broke up? These people were some of toughest and hardworking people in Europe – think 19th century US and UK for a comparison. Were these people who saw the collapse and civil war coming cowards too?

                NO THEY WERE NOT! They saw the warnings, did not wish to risk thier families, so sold up, packed up, and left for stange lands. That is real Heroism. To risk all for a new life in a new country.

                Hmm, that story sounds familiar does it not – leaving a homeland in order to begin a new life in a new land.

                What nation was built on that ideal, and can those who fled poverty, war, and oppression from Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Germany, and countless other nations to found the US be called cowards for ‘running away’?

                At this stage in the game I cannot be bothered to argue and debate with armchair revolutionaries and survivalists who think they are getting through whats coming unscathed, or that they will stand and fight (after everyone else has stood up first of course). And, I realy cant be bothered at all with those who critisise those who choose to get out of harms way now.

                What was said of the Jewish families who just packed a case and ran
                from Germany years later? Oh yea, ‘the smart ones leaving early’.

                Those who read the Bible shoud consider Proverbs 22:3, ” A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished”.

                Don, I have done swinging punches now. Hopefully I hit someone hard enough to wake them up. I’ve still got your back in this fight, but lets just walk away and leave the fools to consider what we have both said. Who is right and who is wrong will be decided by the history books.

        • Ed_B

          What fight? Don seems to have defeated himself before the 1st shot was fired.

  • Karilyn

    Jim . . . how will I pay for my rent and credit cards when the collapse happens? No money for rent . . . will find me in a culvert somewhere!

    • Timco


      You will be OK. We are headed for some tough times, but it will bring out the best in all of us. We are Americans. We will get through this together.

    • Eric

      Cut back and pinch and save as much as you can now Karilyn. Store up some food. Look for deals. Get those cc’s paid off. Think about alternatives and options in case the worst happens. The small moves you make now make a bigger difference later. Think about your survival. The more comfortable you are, the easier it is to survive…and ultimately THRIVE! Americans have been living way beyond their means for far too long and the government isn’t telling anyone.

      But we all try to help each other here with knowledge and wisdom.

    • jerry

      do like Jim to cut those expenses and head south

  • John

    Here are some Joel Skousen’s comments from his 7/25 weekly World Affairs Brief in response to some of Willie’s comments on Germany? I hope Elijah will consider inviting Skousen on his show.


    Jim Willie’s newsletter is called the “Golden Jackass” and he’s acting like one now—pumping out the baseless and exaggerated hype about Germany breaking with the globalists and the EU and joining Russia and China in their nascent mini block called BRICS—the moniker for the new alliance of leaders run by Communists or pro-communist leaders: Brazil (w/ Communist president Dilma Rouseff), Russia (Putin, fronting for the Communist Party which still runs the show), India (no actual communist leader, but fully socialist and allied for decades with Russia), China, and South Africa (led by the communist ANC).

    Willie’s headlines (the Break has already begun) implies that this is a done deal and yet when you read his stuff, you realize he has virtually no backing for his claims other than his own hype. Even the so-called areas of dissatisfaction are exaggerated and betray his poor understanding about how globalists secretly collude with other controlled Western leaders, despite the appearance of differences—which Germany’s leaders do mostly to placate the public. Here’s what he claims:

    Germany has begun to move East in full view [Really? How come he’s the only one claiming this?]. Only the deaf dumb and blind cannot notice, and they will probably never notice. They are fodder. The awaited signals seen by the Jackass have finally arrived.

    The Germans have had enough, fed up with destructive US activities of all kinds. For the last few months, they have been laying out their indictment, their justification, their reasons to abandon the corrupt US-UK crowd. The bank wreckage, the market rigging, the endless wars, the sanctions which backfire, the sham monetary policy, the economic sabotage, the spying, the gold gimmicks, it has finally reached a critical level.

    But what Willie either fails to notice or chooses to deny is that the Germans have been complicit in all of these same things—including bank bailouts, market rigging, endless wars, and also NSA spying! That is why the German Parliament suddenly canceled their meeting with Ed Snowden—they didn’t want him telling everyone publicly how the German government was a willing collaborator with the NSA in spying on its own people. So, while many Germans may be fed up—the government is merely faking anger.

    The German Govt has instructed its companies to limit cooperation and procurement orders with the US corporations. New strict guidelines on security are to be enforced, as the fallout grows. They are installing No-Spy clauses in German contracts to guarantee that untrustworthy US firms do not relinquish confidential data.

    This is true. While the government knowingly collaborates with the NSA for political purposes (the US allows German politicians to use the dirt the NSA finds on opposition leaders to blackmail them), German corporations are incensed about the economic espionage the NSA is engaging in and the government has to play as if it too is getting tough on the US.

    [The US] Severing ties with Russia [hardly—only in token ways], crushing relations with China [Nonsense—they are downplaying all Chinese naval aggression], alienating France [Not at all, no pressure at all to cancel delivery of French Naval ships to Russia], and angering Germany has managed to sour relations with old friends to a point where one wonders just who is a remaining US ally in Europe these days. Germany will sever banking and business ties with the United States, as a matter of survival, all in time.”

    How would Germany and the EU survive without the constant bailouts of short term dollar loans that the FED keeps rolling over constantly?

    The Jackass believes Germany will break from US/UK and its US Dollar fiat currency regime over four primary thorny issues.

    1) Good relations with Russia and continued energy supply from Gazprom [I say the Germans will continue to placate Russia and stay under the protection and control of the globalists.]

    2) Displeasure over planned Draghi Euro Central Bank bond monetization [German banks are displeased, but not Germany’s globalist leaders who protest verbally, but secretly assent to such increased EU monetary powers]

    3) Disgust over NSA espionage by US Govt, with benefit for US corporations [Wrong. This is protest only in public on the part of the German elite. The NSA has dirt on all German politicians, including Merkel’s former communist background, and spreads it around about the opposition to make sure Merkel stays in power.]

    4) Damage to German population from gold price suppression [The German people are largely clueless about gold suppression, and don’t hold much gold anyway. They are incensed about US refusal to repatriate German gold, but dealing with the US “Sugar Daddy” has its price for all those who become part of the conspiracy.]

    Willie sums it all up here: “The plan to make distance from the British & Americans appears to be well along in execution.” But he’s presented no firm evidence at all and he’ll be wrong.

    Remember, that Willie is part of the dollar collapse crowd and he keeps looking for any signs that can be skewed to support that failing thesis. He and others cite the fact that China and Russia have long since stopped using the dollar, but fails to mention that other BRICS nations like Brazil and India still use it as do all countries that have significant imports and exports with the US.

    Willie also touts the impact of the BRICS’ new International Investment Bank, supposedly to compete with the World Bank and IMF, to give Third World countries a better deal. Nonsense. Its claimed capitalization is only $100B—which is peanuts in the world of international aid. And so far it’s only hype. The BRICS countries have no real incentive to replace the profligate spending of the World Bank and IMF—which is mostly wasted money anyway on pro-communist nations in Africa and Latin America. Russia and China already have to aid deadbeat communist nations like Cuba and Venezuela.

    By running this money through their new “development bank” no new funds are actually expended at all—this whole gambit is a fraud. And the proof that none of this is bringing down the dollar is that the dollar has gone up in value well after these announcements, it shows no sign of collapsing at all.

    The two biggest reasons for long term dollar strength amid inflationary spending is 1) that all other currencies are inflating at least as much as the dollar (with a much smaller base to inflate against) and 2) there are trillions of dollars totally unaccounted for by the FED that have been hoarded by millions of people worldwide and who are holding on to them as an ultimate hedge, specifically because they trust their own governments LESS than the FED. So, while we all agree that the FED’s loose monetary policies rob us all of the value of our money, as far as the dollar’s value as a reserve currency, you have to look at things relative to what other currencies are out there—and none are truly strong.

    And lest you be tempted to buy into the hype about China’s Yuan replacing the dollar, think again. Despite China’s lack of transparency about anything, the news is leaking out that China has been inflating to beat the band: Here’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on the subject: “China’s terrifying debt ratios poised to breeze past US levels”

    The China-US sorpasso is looming. I do not mean the much-exaggerated moment when China’s GDP will overtake America’s GDP – which may not happen in the lifetime of anybody reading this blog post – as China slows to more pedestrian growth rates (an objective of premier Li Keqiang.)

    The sorpasso may instead be the ominous moment when China’s debt ratios overtake the arch-debtor itself. I had presumed that this inflection point was still a very long way off, but a new report from Stephen Green at Standard Chartered argues that China’s aggregate debt level has reached 251 per cent of GDP, as of June.

    This is up 20 percentage points of GDP since late 2013. The total is much higher than normal estimates, though it tallies with what I have heard privately from officials at the IMF and the BIS.

    Mr Green – a highly-respected China veteran – includes total social financing (TSF), offshore cross-border bank borrowing (a story that we are going to hear a lot about), bond issuance, shadow banking of various kinds, and government debt. The ratio has risen by 100 percentage points of GDP over the last five years.

    It is the speed of the rise that worries credit rating agencies and regulators – including many at the Chinese central bank – as much as the volume itself. Though China is scary on both fronts. It has pushed debt to $26 trillion, more than the entire commercial banking systems of the US and Japan combined. The scale obviously has global ramifications.

    Total debt levels in the US are 260pc (if you assume that the Fed will never unwind QE, which I do). So unless the Politburo gets a grip very fast, and this too would be dangerous, it may catch the US by next year.

    This does not mean that China is about to crash. It has a state-controlled banking system. Therefore any bust scenario will play out in a different way, probably through much lower growth and two decades of Japanese-style extend and pretend.

    As the BIS implied in its annual report: almost the entire world has now been drawn into the Ponzi scheme of unsustainable debt. We can inflate some of it away, or we can deflate into defaults and creditor haircuts. Pick your poison.

    He’s right, there are no solutions, but it doesn’t mean collapse is imminent either—all these countries have to do is keep kicking the can down the road until war comes—and then they have an excuse to start all over again with a New World Order in the aftermath of war.

    • Ed_B

      “For the last few months, they have been laying out their indictment, their justification, their reasons to abandon the corrupt US-UK crowd.”

      I can’t see a single valid reason why they would either have to do this or want to do this. If the Germans see their future more closely aligned with the Russia-China axis, then join them. No need to make a court case out of it. First step will be to formally ask the US to remove its military from their soil. Others have done this already, including France and the Philippines. We left. Germany can do the same. 2nd step is to let all trade relation agreements expire as they come due. 3rd step is to form new agreements with Russia. 4th step is to engage in mutually beneficial infrastructure projects in both Russia and in Germany. 5th step would be to align the German military with that of Russia. This is not rocket science and it would leave the US-UK virtually no say in any of it. It would take some years to accomplish but there isn’t much stopping them from doing this.

    • Eric

      Thanks for sharing John. I think Joel has always had one of the best handles on it.

      It’s always best to keep things in perspective. Everything is much more complex than just this nation and that nation. The collapse is occurring as we speak. There will be moments where it may seem like it’s accelerating but an imminent and sudden collapse of society is probably unlikely. I still like gold/silver for my long term savings over dollars in a bank somewhere. It’s not like the money printing can really stop. Just kicking the can down the road and delaying the inevitable as long as they can.

  • Rainmaker

    I believe in Liberty and Freedom. We can all choose to listen to JW or anyone else for that matter or choose not to. That’s what freedom is about, personal choice and individual responsibility.

    BTW, for all you other “ass-hats” that might appreciate JW, he and Alasdair Macleod did an interview yesterday:

  • Brian

    We all need to earnestly pray to manage our resources, love ones, and time to prepare for what IS COMING! The wise man sees the danger and prepares, the fool does not. Criticize me, if you desire but my family WILL BE PROTECTED, I pray for you and yours. Brian FL

  • Jack

    Folks folks. I worked in technical support of all kinds for 28 years. When you analyze a problem to resolve, you look at all aspects of the data presented. It does not matter what you want. What is real and important is utilizing as much accurate data to understand the problem. Dont shy away or complain about information from your sources. It has zero to do with likes and dislikes. Use the data in a neutral mindset and you will be better off.

  • Max

    This is one of hundreds of articles slick Willie has written over the years, proclaiming the death of the dollar. A bit premature I’m afraid.

    Title- Jim Willie: Death Knells for the US Dollar- Gold & Silver Set to EXPLODE
    Date- Oct. 8th 2012.


    Reality check- The dollar is up almost 18% since this article was written. Here’s the kicker. Gold and silver are down almost 44%. Sure Jimmie boy, tell us another one. Just visit Jimmy’s website for the daily dollar eulogy. Oh, but wait!!.. the dollar and gold “are manipulated” you say? Please wake up people. Stop the flow of money from your checking account to Jimmy’s Costa Rica love nest, and he will fade off into the sunset.

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Max. You claim the dollar is up 18% since this article was written. You might consider using a longer timeframe and a more reliable yardstick than the one you used to compare its strength to a basket(case) of currencies. Did you know that since its inception as the nation’s currency, the “dollar”, (ahem), has lost somewhere near to 97% (depending on your source) of its purchasing power? When you use purchasing power as your numeraire, (measuring standard), the dollar as well as any other counterfeited currency on the planet, is easily seen to be a device that does not fulfil the basic purpose of money because you cannot save them without realising a loss of wealth in purchasing power. Before you bring up the magic of compounding interest, be aware that the house always stays in front by manipulating interest rates. We’d all be rich if that nonsensical theory held water.
      The asset backing credit notes (dollar) is called “reserved money”. That asset doesn’t lose value when currency supply increases, the currency does. That’s why it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a home against the price of tens of thousands not too long ago. There are unimproved houses that I have seen rise from $60k to over $1m for no reason other than an increase in the availability of credit (unprinted and unearned or backed money). Now if you had been saving your butt off to purchase that house and were nearly ready to buy it at $60k and suddenly the price (unimproved) rises faster than you can earn it, it means that the value of your past saved wealth has been undermined.
      Your observation about the dollar rising against other currencies is akin to observing which scuttled ship stays afloat the longest. Does this make any sense to you?

  • Greg

    I am not an American, yet, but if Harper stays in power much longer I could be soon. I sure hope not. The level of stupidity I see in the American public (and here)certainly doesn’t make me hopeful. The NWO globalists are way too firmly entrenched; the main stream media is hopelessly captured and corrupt, and the so-called regulatory agencies are ineffective at best and complicit at worst. Thinking it is possible to vote ourselves out of this situation is denial in the extreme, especially in this 2 party farce that is supposed to represent choice. Add to that the non stop thuggery and cart blanche official acceptance of jack booted so called police agencies, and I see little…no…reason for optimism. Given up? Not at all..and if you saw my basement and garden you’d know it. Governments suck. Politicians suck. Police suck. Fundamentalists suck. I have way more respect for independents, anarchists, and musicians. Solution…de-centralized, regionalized self governing communities that actually practise representative government. Revolution? Bring it on. A total collapse is the only hope humanity has.

    • lastmanstanding

      Almaric Arnaud 12th century…”Kill them all and let God recognize his own.”

      Revised…US Marines, Vietnam conflict…”Kill’em all and let God sort them out”

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  • Eric

    I need to just add that in a Mike Maloney/James Turk video you posted earlier, according to Mike Maloney 33% of all US dollars are held outside of America and that all other currencies make up about 28% of all the total currencies. I thought it was higher than 33%, but if that’s accurate, then a 30% devaluation would sound about right to start off with as a new treasury dollar is implemented. Beyond that could be a lot more if they want to keep social security and other promises in some form.

    It’s no wonder Americans are 21st out of 34 countries in math, reading, and science. They can’t perform simple math. They sure don’t read. And science only applies if someone else is telling them what to think.

  • Andrew

    Sad to see all the backbiting and angry troll like behavior on SGT with regards to the metals. A pummeling of PMs sure brings out the hate and remorse. A lot of chest beating and blame games going on this site, usually a place for PM lovers to hang out. Sad to see the change, but to be expected with the disappointment in the fall of prices. REMEMBER – this is the long game we are playing. It’s not for the faint hearted or quick buck operators. It’s a diabolical game with people who are acting out a script set in place generations ago.

    • Eric

      Yeah it is sad Andrew. Precious metals as well as your freedom really takes the opposite consciousness. I always see precious metals as a buying opportunity and never plan on selling so i dont mind the sale. Americans just totally forgot what money is and they are too used to getting instant gratification. Good things come to those with patience. It’s difficult for people to think of money in terms of gold, instead of dollars.

      “Gold is money. Everything else is credit.”. -JP Morgan

    • WillyT

      They sure like beating PM’s to death, over night silver down .62 over night. Gold down another 23.62. There has to be a default soon one would thin. Either that or there isn’t one PM’s expert who knows what their talking about.

    • Angel


      Many bitter people who foolishly played the “let’s get rich game” with the metals – and LOST. Now it’s the fault of everyone else but their own, as they go through life trying to bring as many people down to their level of misery as they can.

      Now, if they had purchased with the long-term in mind, they wouldn’t be such insufferable brats, but would understand that this is playing out perfectly.

      It’s never too late to change, it’s only a matter of changing your point of view. And assuming they actually obtained physical (instead of playing the paper game) and have managed to hold on to it, then all the better.

      But it is what it is, right? We have to figure it out for ourselves and stand on our own two feet when the things don’t go as planned. It’s what separates the men from the boys.

  • Tyler Durden II

    Jim should move to Panama or even better, the southern hemisphere; Uruguay.

  • Gnostic


    Great name BTW…… Tyler Durden II wish I would have come up with it, Only kidding Tyler, seriously Bush’s bought something like 160,000 acres & a family compound in Paraguay probably a reward for 911, Let’s hope they are safe & happy. Not sure if they would want Willie as a neighbor?

  • Troy

    $14 silver, here we come!

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