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Survival Information Binder

from Survival Blog:

I am assuming that, since you are reading this, you are either prepared for the uncertain future we face, in the process of preparing, or curious about the subject of the preparedness lifestyle. You may have supplies on hand or have a support group of like-minded people to help when TEOTWAWKI occurs. You may have thought about possible scenarios that could occur and what you will do when they do happen. Do you have a backup plan? Do you have a second backup plan? Did you train others to do your job or jobs? Does everyone know how to do everything necessary to survive? I doubt that you could answer “yes” to all of these questions. So, what can you do to help your entire family or group survive?

I have done my best to see that everyone in my group is trained, but I know that individually, we still do not know everything needed to survive. I have compiled a small library of resources to help. This includes one resource, which I have compiled on my own. It is a binder with things we may need to know when TEOTWAWKI occurs. I want to share this process with you so that you may do the same.

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1 comment to Survival Information Binder

  • Spud

    Yes we have binders. Many of them. Some hold all the range cards and draws etc so we can place a hole in center of mass in anyone who did not prep and is now trying to approach us for any reason they have justified unto themselves…to either demand we feed them, give them a hand out or to try to just take…

    I mean a hole at 400 yards out there or more. Oh my binders are three hole binders to 😉

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