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Students Being Served Moldy, Under-Cooked Food At School (Photos)

by Mike Barrett, Natural Society

Have you ever tried the food served up in cafeterias in schools? In the case of one school in Connecticut, you would probably get sick to your stomach before even trying what their cafeteria serves up. The school was recently caught serving students an array of ‘absolutely terrible’ food, which was often either under-cooked, tainted with hair, or even moldy.

Students attending Farmington High School of Farmington, Connecticut have recently led one of the largest, most viral lunchtime boycotts to date. It was fueled not only by terrible food which should have never been served, but also the relentless system which would deny students food when an account was slightly overdrawn. Student’s weren’t even alerted that their accounts started running low; instead, the lunch would b e tossed in the garbage at checkout.

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3 comments to Students Being Served Moldy, Under-Cooked Food At School (Photos)

  • Ed_B

    Leave it to government. They can f*** up an anvil with a rubber mallet.

  • Po Rich

    And when they get old they can have the same poor quality mostly fast food crap at the nursing homes over and over…America is lost to the importance of a decent meal…too busy keeping a roof over the head.what’s next…..communal roofs or umbrellas?

  • Troy

    School lunch food is cheap crap…but if it was high quality, a lot of parents would bitch about the price. I would feed my kids big breakfast, so they would only need a small amount at lunch, then they would chow right after schools out.

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