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SOLA – The Achilles Heel of the Elite

from TruthNeverTold:

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2 comments to SOLA – The Achilles Heel of the Elite

  • What happened to 1 dime a day was the pay for a days labor???? In Rome 1 Denarius = 1 day of labor, remember.

  • So much for your credibility! IE shot to hell! Have you been less than truthful all this time? Are you now telling a new truth or is this the lie? Any other “new truths” you would like to share? Obviously you are aware that you’ve said for years that a dime was a days labor through out history. Why not tell us why you now say an ounce was a days labor? What kind of gears are turning in your head to say this now without an explanation as to why you devalued silver ten fold historically? PS I wont be buying your silver rounds any longer. I don’t like liars and I won’t help one prosper

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