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SOLA – A New Way of Thinking

from Truth Never Told:

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2 comments to SOLA – A New Way of Thinking

  • Randy

    Did you say “take the hit and pay taxes”? Seriously?
    At worst move to Puerto Rico and pay no taxes or just wake up. There is no law in the US requiring anyone to pay taxes.

  • mike

    Looks like Chris has lost his way..Sounding like a grandpa complaining about the Kids and their music. Light colors WTF, the mans gone mad? I just hope this silver stuff gets goosed up to $25 an OZ once again. I think with some of my better coins plus capital loss I can break close to even on this stuff. What happened to the “Dirty Dollars”? I am not sure at all what Chris was trying to say in this vid? Sounds like he wished he sold his silver at 50 for some dirty dollar, dollar bills y’all.
    About the Music it’s already getting better. Finally get away from that crap Metal especially the god awful Metallica (Lee press on metal) I hated in the 80’s. I haven’t been paying attention but Echo and the bunneymen made a pretty good album recently.

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