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“Rock Star Amongst the Gold Bug Community”

from Freedom Outpost:

Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve Chairman, had a lot to say about gold and a little to say about silver at the recent Council on Foreign Relations meeting. Greenspan is saying things that make you go “hmmmmm” and begin asking questions like “why now?” and “What’s happening in the background that is about to explode to the forefront?” The US Mint is currently sold out of the premier silver coinage in the world, the American Silver Eagle, without warning and more importantly, nothing about when they will resume production. The price to acquire both gold and silver have been beat into submission, to price levels not seen in many years. How low will they go? Only the manipulators can answer that question. But while we wait, it may do a person good to breathe in what Greenspan had to say about gold, silver, and the Central Banks role regarding real, honest money. It is also interesting to note what he has to say about currencies—fiat currencies in particular.

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1 comment to “Rock Star Amongst the Gold Bug Community”

  • dan

    the only high ground this man can claim will be the tallest light pole…when the crowd comes for ALL those that have decimated mankinds wealth with fiat currencies…..imho

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