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Putin Arrives At G-20 Meeting Escorted By 4 Warships; Sent Clear ‘Message’ By World Leaders

from ZeroHedge:

Having been ‘guest-of-honor’ at the APEC Summit the previous week, it appears Russian President Vladimir Putin is getting the ‘Obama-at-APEC’ treatment at the G-20 meeting in Brisbane. Following his ‘odd’ shaped convoy of protection last week, The Independent reports Putin chose a different type of entourage this week as he headed to meet the world’s leaders. Putin has stationed four warships close to Australian waters as he arrived in Australia. Having drawn ridicule from no lesser wit than Britain’s David Cameron who sarcastically bleeted, I didn’t feel it necessary to bring a warship myself to keep myself safe at this G20, and I’m sure that Putin won’t be in any danger,” when it came time for the team photo, it was clear what ‘message’ was being sent

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11 comments to Putin Arrives At G-20 Meeting Escorted By 4 Warships; Sent Clear ‘Message’ By World Leaders

  • Eric

    The wives club. That’s funny. What no mom jeans?

  • Romulus

    Judging by the covert actions of Black Forces over the last century. Putins action was well founded.

  • The Truth

    Show business for ugly people. Both Obama and Putin calling for a NWO. Goes to show that this is just a bunch of hard-ons, trying to see who can be stiff the longest. They are playing games with the lives of the entire population. All this is is a power trip as to who will be the head of their NWO agenda.

    • Anon

      “The Truth” – I think you are right, on this. Everything is staged. The “Leaders” of the world (Putin, Obama, etc.) are really front-men for the REAL POWER behind the scenes. Russian AND China are wanting a new Global Reserve Currency, and an end to the Petrodollar. Same thing Obama, and the BIS/IMF/ECB/World Bank, and so-called “Federal” “Reserve” want. Obama is their front-man – unfortunately, for America, and Americans.

      I’d say, that the Banksters are demonizing Putin in the Western MSM (Mainstream Media) probably because “they” need some outside “enemy” of America, to blame for whatever false flag event(s) they will use, to get Americans to go along with whatever their preplanned solution is – like some new electronic currency, for example. I can’t read their minds, but I understand that they stage (non-)”events”, like “Sandy Hook”, just as an example, toward the end of further eroding our 2nd Amendment Rights. It’s all staged. Like 9/11, in order to get us into their “War on Terror”. Keep your eyes and ears open, for the next FALSE FLAG! And, listen carefully to what they intend to roll out, as their preplanned “solution”. They literally TELL US (via the MSM) what their intentions are. It’s all scripted! It’ s all preplanned. It’s all theatre.

      • rl

        Vlad and China and the rest are part of the script and I have been waiting to see how many arent drinking the cool aid. The so called elites love communism/slavery and always have. FDR wrote it into the constution when he ‘saved’ the country if one cares to look. 100s of their writings and words for the last 100+ years say exactly this because theft is harder if people are free to tell the truth. And it has taken the same 100+ years to rewrite every thing you know and believe to fit the lie where the truth is absurd and scorned and the lie is backed up by fear porn. Dumded down has become brain dead and they have every reason to despise us for our stupidity if one is honest; they have mastered the game. It is so obvious that they crave depopulation more than ever it is beyond belief, and the dollar demise will quickly evolve into the real hunger games.

  • Angel

    Yes, the Koala is trying to get away from Barry. Animals have a good sense about when they’re in the presence of demons or other dark-souled creatures.

    On the other hand, the cat, ordinarily a very aggressive animal in the wild, seems more at ease with Vlad. And Vlad is showing no fear, which the cat also senses.

  • rudenewt

    These are the leaders of nations? We are so doomed.

    Or perhaps not if they put the same effort into world dominance they do into world peace.

    • Nd60

      Still doping the gov is for the ppl?
      n u hv rights?
      n u deserved entitled born w freedom?

      whats ur message?


      • rudenewt

        Judging by the spelling and syntax u r drinking about as much as I am. I’m not hoping the government is for anything are you? I have the same rights anyone else does probably more so since I’m willing and able to fight for them. I have no idea what you’re trying to say with your third sentence so bottoms up to that one buddy.
        Funny you should end with peace when you’re trying to start something.

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