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Pig-headed Ignorance or the Courage of Conviction? Why I’m Thrilled to Own Gold And Silver after a 3 year bear market

by Pining 4 the Fjords, TF Metals Report:

Make no mistake, I read what they’re saying.  I see it virtually every day, from Bloomberg to independent investment blogs to Market Watch. I see the slings and arrows in the headlines and in the comments.  Dogmatic.  Zealot.  Goldbug.  Emotionally invested beyond rationality.  Bleeding cash for three years straight.  Unable to admit being wrong.  Duped by hucksters. Dumb money.  None of it bothers me in the least.  Oh, the tone bothers me, to be sure- the unseemly pleasure taken from the (perceived) misfortune of others, the distasteful egoism and self-congratulatory glee.  That is annoying.

But the assertions themselves?  I am utterly and completely untroubled… for one simple reason:  I know, beyond doubt, that I am correct and am being proven more so with each passing day.

But Pining, you dogmatic zealot you, how can you possibly sit there and say that you KNOW you are correct?  Why can’t you bring yourself to admit that the 3 year bear market in gold and silver has proven your take on the world to have been utterly wrong?  Aren’t you stupidly denying reality as it has been demonstrated to you? Haven’t you learned anything over the last three years? 


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