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PETER SCHIFF: Gold Will Take A Rocketship Higher

You have the choice between owning fiat currency and owning real gold. And I think right now the only thing that’s keeping gold from going ballistic is the false belief that the FED is the lone holdout in this race to the bottom, that the FED is out of the QE business and is going to be raising rates, and when people find out that is wrong and when they find out that we’re going to do more QE than Japan and Europe combined, they’ll realize they’ve jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.” – Peter Schiff, CEO, Euro Pacific Capital

… “Greenspan ought to know how hot the fire is going to get – he lit it!”

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64 comments to PETER SCHIFF: Gold Will Take A Rocketship Higher

    • Woodchuck

      I know this might rattle some cages but it is very interesting for those that believe or not. Jonathan Cahn the author of The Harbinger and the Mystery of the Shemitah is saying it will really hit the fan in this coming year of the Shemitah that runs from: September 25, 2014 until… September 13, 2015. He indicates all of the major stock market collapses have occurred in the year of the Shemitah that happens every 7 years and some major market collapses happen on the very day of Shemitah. This is suppose to be a “Super Shemitah Year” which happens every 7 Shemitah (49 years). I like the idea of the Jubilee that follows the Shemitah and all debt is to be forgiven. Maybe that takes place because no one will have currency/money to pay anyone else?

      The Coming Shemitah 5775 (2014/5) & Jubilee Year 5776 (2015/6)

      One of many videos on the topic, This one is brief but summarizes it.

      • Aurora

        What about for all those who sacrificed to make sure they have no debt? Doesn’t sound fair, sounds like we will be punished for not running up debt.

        • Woodchuck

          Debt makes everyone a slave. Usury is seen as a sin my some. I have a problem with it when JPMorgan, Goldman, USBS, Wells Fargo, etc get ZIRP Zero interest money from the FED and then they Charge 12-21% interest rates. They create money from debt (our dollars) This ever increasing system is dependent on debt creation and will work until it doesn’t anymore. Debt is why our dollar fell in value 93% plus since 1913.

      • Eric

        Hey woodchuck.

        Yea I saw that. Goes right along with Martin armstrongs date of oct 1st 2015. The 7 year shemitah theory holds water.

  • Troy

    It will go higher if Goldman Sachs says so.

  • mark s mann

    Hey Sean,

    Great Interview! Funny about 2 hours before I listened tot his tonight, I was talking with my father about one of my cousins, and how they have become a victim of the “College Industrial Complex”….In debt for a worthless degree and now on their way to grad school to accumulate more debt with no practical experience or skills.

    When I completed my undergraduate degree 20 years ago, the better MBA programs would almost never even consider you without a least 2 or more years of real world work experience after completing your under grad. The education system has become a business and you can add it to the list of scams and things that are not worth what they used to be.

    As for gold / silver, the longer the manipulation lasts, the bigger everyone’s pile gets. I don’t care anymore…the lower they push the price, the more physical comes off the market, the sooner we get closer to a true price discovery. The US Mint sales over the last few weeks are proof positive. Personally, I will stop accumulating when China, Russia and India decide to stop.

    Just purchased a few 1/4 oz S.S. Gairsoppa British Silver Britannia’s as I think they are really cool. High premium, but what a neat item for the numismatic portion of my stash! This holiday season, everyone I am buying gifts for is getting silver coins.

    Happy & Safe Thanksgiving to Everyone here on SGT Report!

    Best Wishes,


    • PTS

      Hey Mark,

      Don’t know if you’ve seen these 1 Ounce Gairsoppas, but these are quite the deal:

      You can find them on eBay too for about 7-8 bucks over spot. Like you said with the 1/4 Ouncers — High Premium, but this limited-mintage coin with a historic story should hold its value well. It doesn’t seem like all that long ago Silver was in the mid 30’s, so these seem like a steal to me at current prices.

      Have a great Thanksgiving as well..

      • Jeff

        Hey PTS thanks for the link. I didn’t know about these coins. Just ordered a tube of them. I love the limited mintage stuff. And SGT what a great interview with PS. I love the way you wove into the “American Dream” dialogue. Nice touch and a great way to leave it on a positive note.

    • SGT

      Nice to hear from you Mark, it’s been too long. When I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Journalism in 1992 having worked part-time throughout college, I had accumulated a grand total of $13,500 in debt which I was able to pay off in three years. Today’s kids are being screwed by a system that has allowed for 538% tuition inflation since then. It’s absurd. It’s fascist. And it’s a shame. As for precious metals prices, I concur, stacking more for less is nothing less than fantastic because although they can cheat the market through manipulation, they can’t change monetary history and facts which the Asians well understand – and the fact is, the chicken is coming home to roost.

    • Eric

      That’s the spirit Mark!

      Be aware, if you give real money as gifts, you may become known as “the rich guy.” I did this for a while and it has always bitten me in the butt. People are just too dumb to get it and they like to talk. They dont know how valuable each coin really is. From now on, my stack stays with me. I will decide where it goes one day, and it won’t be to morons who take everything that’s important for granted each day. I actually really like Chris Duanes monastery idea. Maybe a Dog sanctuary for abused animals. I don’t know. I’m just tired of giving my wealth away to morons. Give them a book like the creature from Jekyll island instead.

      • Ed_B

        “Give them a book like the creature from Jekyll island instead.”

        Yep… and they WILL use it as a doorstop or furniture leveler. :-/

        • Eric

          You’re right Ed. Everytime I give someone a book, it gets thrown in the closet or lost.

          But it’s still better IMO than giving them real money where it gets tossed aside, tarnished, stored poorly, and you risk becoming known as the rich guy with a target on your back.

          I don’t give gifts anymore. I give to people who are in need and appreciate a little help up when they’re hurting. And that’s it. Giving and receiving should have meaning. If they appreciate what silver is, has been and know the importance of it, by all means give some coins. But I don’t see people appreciating the value of such a gift.

    • Ed_B

      Agree with you on the College / Industrial Complex aspect these days, with the notable exception of those going into professions such as medicine and law, or those going into science or engineering. For all of these, a sheepskin is an absolute must. For a lot of other things, though, it is not and it can even be a hindrance to anyone trying to get in the door via taking a lower level job.

  • J

    “Moonshot” Schiff… KWN has to hold the title for the best hype but Schiff is up there with the major contenders.

    “Someday, some way, you’ll realize that you’ve been blind….”
    “It’s Just A Matter Of Time”

    • Gnostic


      You are a SpaceShot Shill,

      Shiff is telling it like it is & the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, his father Irwin is paying the price for taking on the banksters & railroaded..

      “Bang Boom, To the Moon Alice”
      Ralph Kramden

      • J

        Now I am just not a “troll” but also a “shill”. Am I promoting anything with misleading advertising or hype here? I am just trying to alert the most blind followers on this site to the reality that you are being played and to wake up…

        • Gnostic

          “J” Please elaborate on the deception. What is the end game for fiat?

          • J

            Never have I said anything about “fiat”, or G&S for that matter… All I have tried to do is wake people up.

          • Stuckinsidethematrix


            The answer my friend is more Fiat!

            But I know you already knew that 🙂

            For those who arn’t so sure consider a few things.

            Modern history shows that when one fiat currency collapses, another fiat curency is created to replace it (either immediately or in a very short time span).

            Thats the way its been for the last 100 or more years. There is no reason to belive anything will change.

            The real issue is not what the end game for fiat is, but how do you tranistion to the new ‘fiat currency’? (for anyone who is fortunate enough to have any ‘wealth’ stored in the current fiat currencies that is).

            It matters not that the new fiat is paper based, crypto based, or just electrons on a screen that go down in number when an electronic card is used to buy something.

            Every major nation will have a new Fiat currency when thier existing one crashes (which they are all designed to do once the issuers debt levels become unsustainable). It is simply too good a system for those who hold the power to EVER abandon.

            When the fiat fedral reserve note, which we call the Dollar eventually ‘collapses’, a new currency will replace it – simple, easy peasy, a doddle for the banks and gov to do.

            The problems will be for people who have promises (pensions, savings, investments, etc) denominated in the old currency. If they have not moved their savings into a transitionary medium, such as fine art, high-end real estate, Gold, or Silver, they will loose any real-world ‘value’ thier pensions/savings/investments had.

            Now, such a thing is great for Banks and Governments because all thier liabilities are written down or even off in nthe old fiat currency. They can start a new currency and quickly buy everything of value with it – whilst the masses are clamoring to get into that currency before they loose everything.

            When the currency of Weimar Germany collapsed, the Germans did not abandon fiat, no, not at all, they just quickly transitioned to and then introduced a new one. Decades later when the Germans dropped the Deuchmark fiat for the Euro fiat, it was a case of same-old-same-old, just without the hyperinflation.

            Same with other nations such as Zimbabwe.

            Fiat is too good a deal for the Banks and Gov to EVER give up.

            People with ‘wealth’ just need to concern themselves about getting through the transition with as much of what they currently have intact.

            Those without any material wealth, such as me, need to concentrate on SURVIVING the transition.

            If people cant afford to buy what billionaires buy, ie, works of fine-art or high-end real estate, then it is Gold they should consider buying, and if they cant afford Gold, then they should consider Silver. If they cant afford Silver, then canned food (which everyone should be buying anyway – rich or poor).

            Few people are aware that the British Pound almost collapsed completely several times in the 20th century – after WW1, after WW2, and during the height of the Cold War in the 1960’s. They dropped all links to precious metals, took any silver coins out of circulation, and even took out copper coins too. They devalued the pound and generally messed around with it in order to keep it propped up, but, even with over 90% of its value gone they stayed with fiat. Then in the late 60’s it was crunch time.

            In the late 60’s the British Pound looked like it was dead – like the US Dollar today. So, what did the British do?
            Go back to Gold? No.
            Go back to Silver? No.
            Go back to Copper? No.
            Go to cryto? – LOL, No of course not they didnt have ATMs of internet banking then 🙂

            So, what did they do?

            They brought out ANOTHER FIAT CURRENCY.

            This was the most intelligent and stealthy introduction of a new currency I have ever seen.

            The Bank of England and British Government disquised the collapse of the Pound, and its further devaluation to less than 1% of what it was before the turn of the century by saying they were ‘Decimalising’ (going ‘euro metric’)!

            Yep, they introduced a new fiat under the radar!

            Out went the old denominations of ‘tupences’, ‘threpenies’, ‘sixpences’ and allsorts of other references seen in Dikens novels, and in came the 100 pennies to the £1 ‘New Pound’!

            They just brought in a new fiat currency, called it the same name as the old one ‘The Pound’, offered an exchange rate against the old pound (for a short window to keep the masses quiet) and then carried on printing as normal.

            Wow, that was impressive – a new fiat currency transitioned without a societal collapse, without any disorder, nor with the loss of any pensions!

            The above is what will most likely occur when the Dollar goes down (and the Euro, Pound, and Yen with it).

            A ‘New Dollar’, ‘New Euro’, ‘New, New Pound’ (or perhaps a crypto NWO currency unit linking them all together).

            As I have said before many times, when the Dollar ‘King’ dies it will be a case of; “The King (dollar) is dead!, Long live the King (new dollar)!

            • Eric

              Well then we better make sure that doesn’t happen this time around then eh Stuck?

            • Gnostic


              I agree with most everything you said except in Germany post Weimer I believe they released money into circulation based on GDP & no Usury. Usury is key to avoiding this ongoing debt system.

              Germany flourished thus the German Miracle, unemployment was nearly non existent & people had an excellent standard of living, Much like we had in America in the early days of the Republic. Rothschild would have none of that & well you know the rest of the story.

              • Stuckinsidethematrix


                Indeed. I still get caught up in the ‘official’ or edited versions of history from time to time and forget or overlook such things.

                It is simply amazing that even after WW1, WW2, Soviet occupation, and today under military occupation by the US and UK under the guise of ‘NATO’, the ‘families’ still struggle to keep the Germans down.

              • J

                ” Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking & Currency Committee from 1920 to 1931, stated the following in relation to this,

                “After World War I, Germany fell into the hands of the German International Bankers. Those bankers bought her and now they own her, lock, stock, and barrel. They have purchased her industries, they have mortgages on her soil, they control her production, they control all her public utilities.

                The international German bankers have subsidized the present Government of Germany and they have also supplied every dollar of the money Adolph Hitler has used in his lavish campaign to build up a threat to the government of Bruening. When Bruening fails to obey the orders of the German International Bankers, Hitler is brought forth to scare the Germans into submission …

                Through the Federal Reserve Board over 30 billion of dollars of American money … has been pumped into Germany … You have all heard of the spending that has taken place in Germany … modernistic dwellings, her great planetariums, her gymnasiums, her swimming pools, her fine public highways, her perfect factories.

                All this was done on our money. All this was given to Germany through the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Reserve Board … has pumped so many billions of dollars into Germany that they dare not name the total.”

                The money pumped in to Germany to build her up in preparation for World War II, was into the German Thyssen banks which were affiliated with the Harriman interest in New York.”

                • Gnostic

                  J ,

                  Just like calling Ghadafi a strongman, Hitler never scared the German people into submission, Total BS. Both were loved by the people. There economy was based on production with no debt & interest, the people shared in the prosperity.

                  Your story is the official version, truth is Hitler was funded by grassroot donations like Ron Paul the balance was from wealthy German Industrialists not Wall St. 1st rule of waking up is realizing the winners wite the history

                  Wake Up J !!

            • Hugo

              Hi Stuck,

              Agreed, once the Dollar collapses fiat will remain the prime currency. The setup of the currency will change though. No more global reserve currencies if you ask me. Just look at how the fiat currencies around the globe are structured.

              The one kind is issues their currency from thin air and their treasury note is used by other currencies to issue their base currencies from. Japan is a prime example. Then there are other currencies that issue their base currency from gold. They use gold as wealth. The Euro is one, Ruble another. Joining the Asians, they are fine using fiat for every day use but not for long term savings.

              Here in EUrope we experienced the curse of reserve curriencies a long time. Now the USA does. In a century destroying what was build. Countries like China also learned that lesson since they invented paper money and know what issues that brings. They sure know it will destroy their country and will not opt for that route (see Triffin dilemma for the details)

              regards, Hugo

              • Stuckinsidethematrix

                Hi Hugo,

                I agree with what you say about a global reserve currency. However, if the NWO people can pull it off they will go for an ‘Oceanic’ (US, UK, and EU) currency as they move forward to introduce the NWO.

                How many countries finally take the NWO Oceanic currency will depend upon how far NATO can expand before the collapse.

                You rightly state that the Euro is backed by Gold (I think the figure was originally 10,000 tonnes), but it would not suprise me that this Gold is the same sort of ‘bankers gold’ they have in the Fed.

                By that I mean it exists as long as you dont look at it, but if you do it vanishes! Thats why the Fed can never allow any to look directly at thiers. LOL! 🙂

            • Ed_B

              “Fiat is too good a deal for the Banks and Gov to EVER give up.”

              Yes, it is. But then, once people pull back the curtain and see the old troll pushing and pulling the levers in this fiat / debt paradigm, it will get MUCH more difficult to sell this line of financial BS. As with the boiling frogs analogy, people do not realize that they ARE being harmed by fiat. Inflation is built into fiat money, which seems to be working OK ONLY as long as the growth rate of the economy exceeds that of the debt created via printing fiat currency. This has been one of the major problems of the past few years. The economies of the world are NOT growing faster than the debt built into the currency, so all manner of problems occur from that and we are seeing them now. No matter the smoke and mirrors used by the elites, the US Gov, and the Fed, it is becoming more clear by the day that they are LYING about the state of the US economy. No, it is NOT recovering. It is not recovering for the specific reason that we are in a depression, not a recession, yet they will not ever utter the “D” word even though they know it to be a fact.

              But, getting back to fiat currency, it will take a major currency “event” to slap some sense into the sheeple out there. It will not be until they actually feel some financial pain that they realize that there is something wrong with the current system and that an alternative is needed.

              This hit my wife a few months ago when she went to our local CU. She wanted to get $500 in cash to make change for her business customers. They said that this branch did not have $500 to hand out and that we could either drive to the main office, which has a vault with a lot of money in it, or we could order it and it would be delivered in 2 days. Not being able to get HER money when she wanted it was a HUGE eye-opening experience for her. I just chuckled a little under my breath because something like this doesn’t surprise me AT ALL.

              In fact, like many others on this web site, I fully expect a bank holiday at some point in the not too distant future. I also expect a US dollar devaluation similar to the one that FDR did in 1934 when he “revalued the price of gold”. This is what the history books all show, although it WAS a dollar devaluation of about 69% as gold was revalued from $20.67 per oz. to $35 per oz. Further, I expect the next dollar devaluation to come at the hands of the Chinese when they have a huge gold hoard and the Western gold vaults are mostly empty. “He who has the gold, makes the rules” and all that. Well, he who has the gold will certainly be setting the price of it and not a flock of paper shuffling nincompoops in NY and London. Since China and Russia will have the bulk of the gold in the world, they will set the price and we can all safely assume that they will be setting the price MUCH higher than it is today.

            • Gnostic


              Fiat Reset Predictive programming Movie

              Current financial crisis predicted in 1981 movie Rollover (6 Min Excerpt)


  • Paul T

    Peter Schiff is the man! He is without a doubt one of the greatest economic minds of our time and one day, all the people who actually took the time to listen to him and took his advice will look back and realize how lucky we were to have someone like him we could look up to in these troubled times.

  • I love listening to peter Schiff! You have to admit that he does tell it like it is. Admitting that he is not just speaking out of the goodness of his heart we have to admire his honesty! Nice interview Sean with that said peter suggests that investing abroad is the key.foreign currencies and stocks,companies,PM’s…ect.Who am i to disagree this guy has a proven record of success. But i could never understand why if the dollar is doomed and has no value without being backed by gold or silver.why would peter and many others who are bullish on PM’s sell them for a depreciating fiat currency backed by nothing!if we’re all in the same boat as to what precious metals should be valued at when you look at the expansion of the currency supply we know they should be a hell of alot higher!so why would they sell i bought in the 40,s 30’s 20’s and teens and im not selling for these low prices And no im not a shill i have been stacking PM’s for sometime now.just never could understand that position.

    • Ed_B

      There are answers to your questions. First, US dollars are the currency that is accepted throughout the US. All retailers accept payment in US dollars and those who sell gold and silver are no exceptions. It is the turn-over of gold and silver that allows these people to make their money. Second, once they have made their money, they can then use it to buy some gold and silver for themselves, pay their bills, etc. Just remember: fiat is for short-term spending while gold and silver are for long-term saving. The US dollar has value because people are willing to trade what they have for those dollars. When the time comes that this is no longer true, that will be an entirely different story. Until then, US dollars are useful. Just don’t get hung up on them as any sort of a long-term holding.

  • Eric

    This would be good advice if she knew what money was!

    How to Start Saving Money

  • I would suggest that the Dutch got their gold for their silence on the real cause of the crash of Malaysian Arline Flight 17. Hint, it wasn’t Russia.

  • JeffG

    “Greenspan ought to know how hot the fire is going to get – he lit it!” Might be the best quote I have ever seen on this site…

    • Stuckonsidethematrix


      If there is any justice Greenspan will certainly find out just how hot the fires are – in hell.

      I hope hell is were he and all his Satan worshiping friends are going.

  • Angel

    If there’s one point during this interview with Peter that listeners should digest thoroughly, it is when Peter says this:

    “(Gold is) not currency, it is money. Dollars and Euros are a poor substitute – they’re not legitimate currency because legitimate currency is backed by real money. So when the dollar was redeemable with gold, the dollar was currency and gold was money.”

    I don’t know how much better this could be explained, and though it’s elementary to some who visit here, not everyone has grasped these points as yet. For such people, they would be wise to do so.

    Now, in so far as a legitimate currency being introduced again in the US, I cannot for the life of me imagine that happening. Rather, I adhere to Jim Willie’s view, which is the eventual introduction of the scheiße dollar, backed by gold IN NAME ONLY, with no actual ABOVE GROUND PHYSICAL gold backing it. In other words, a total scam that will only perpetuate our financial slavery.

    • Stuckinsidethematrix


      Spot on.

      As I mentioned above, fiat currency is too good a deal for those who hold the power to EVER give up. As one dies another will replace it.

      People just need to make sure that the majority of thier holdings are not denominated in green backs/red backs/purple backs when the music stops.

      A transitional medium such as Gold, Silver, or other such tangible is key to wealth preservation – and conversion to the new currency on the other side.

    • Dollars and Euros are poor substitutes thats my point then why sell PM’s for dollars and Euros?????but no one wants to talk about that i guess!

      • Angel

        Well, akip1776, people like Schiff are keen investors who know how to work the markets, which enables them to acquire even more gold and silver. I’ve heard stock market types discuss this in detail, Greg Mannarino being one of them.

        There will likely come a time when they won’t be selling PMs for fiat.

        • Ed_B

          I would not be taking ANY stock market advice from a guy like Greg Mannarino. Give me someone with 30+ years of proven market experience and success and THEN they can give me some advice that might actually be useful. But, maybe I am just being picky, being a successful investor in my own right.

          • Angel

            Ed, I’m merely using him as the example. He invests in the stock market, using his profits to purchase gold and silver.

            Other than that, I could say no more, as I don’t play in that arena.

            • Ed_B

              Understood, Angel. I also “play” in the US stock market and have done well with that. My investing experience (since 1980) is such that I can look at today’s market and see all manner of changes that make things worse for the small investor and the market in general. Because of this, I only invest in things where I can use stop loss orders, such as stocks and ETFs, and keep a significant portion of my wealth in cash. Is this perfect? No, it’s not. But it has been successful so far and is now backed up by a significant silver hoard and a small gold hoard as well.

    • Ed_B

      Some will be fooled by the claim that the “scheiße dollar” is “backed” by gold. The easy way to prove or disprove this claim is to just ask for the bank to give you some gold in exchange for these scheiße dollars. If they refuse, then it is NOT backed by gold and they are just saying that it is. Yes, I know… they will try to say things like it IS backed by gold, it’s just not convertible TO gold. HA! No conversion, no backing IMO.

  • Stuckinsidethematrix

    I was hoping someone else was going to call-out Mr. Shiff over his comments around the 30 minute mark regarding some well known families.

    I’ll have to do it then, at risk of having my reply button deactivated (again).

    Mr. Shiff, please explain why you have such heros as those you mentioned, as I am concerned why you would want to glorify and look up to such infamous families (who have grown rich and powerful through ways I would term ‘nefarious’, or dubious at best).

    Holding up characters such as the rockerfellas as heros is vey strange to me, unless you think that high-end organised criminals have a good business model, and selling your soul to Lucifer is a shrewd business proposition.

    Rockerfella certainly did not start from having nothing, certainly not from what I have come to believe. Far from it, and if he did start something from ‘scratch’, as oposed to ‘with nothing’, it would still be with the safety net of ‘daddy’ and his British elite friends. Thats a big difference.

    I am sure most people could start something ‘big’ too knowing that they had billionaire bankers and other elite (including royal) connections to smooth the path, oh, and do what was required to ensure they could not fail, if you know what I mean.

    Then Mr. Schiff, you mention Mr Bill ‘thanks IBM I can now patent your ideas and set up my own company to fund my eugenics programe’ Gates. How is Mr Gates a hero and a model of success? Please explain, but without using the wikipaedia, facebook, or other ‘sanctioned’ version of reality. The truth please.

    Im really sorry to pee on the parade of an otherwise good interview, but I aint sitting back and allowing anyone to glorify the Rockerfellas, Gates, and other elitists without challenging them (even if means I get my reply button deactivated again).

    • Angel

      I caught those remarks of his, Stuck. I honestly don’t know if he was glorifying them as much as he was trying to give an example. But there’s no doubt that he could have presented better role models than these.

      And I also know one thing, no “humble beginnings” of anyone these days will result in them becoming President of the US. We know WHO gets chosen for THAT role all too well, regardless of the American dream.

    • Jeff

      Guys I felt the same way during that part of the exchange. There is no reason to apologize. It’s also the same reason why Schiff won’t respond to 9/11 issues with anything other than the official narrative. Look that up on youtube. Bottom line, he’s a mainstream guy and I say that after listening to him for about a decade. Don’t forget he ran for a senate seat! He benefits from the status-quo as much as the people that would never be interviewed here on SGT. Let’s not pick the flyshit out of the pepper though. He’s an outspoken PM rock star and let’s be honest, that’s why we like listening to him. I appreciate Sean interviewing him and there’s plenty of good entertainment value there. IMHO it’s best to simply leave it at that.

  • I can’t get my comment to post. Stuck, I was sticking up for your comments about Schiff’s Rockefeller comment.

    • Stuckinsidethematrix


      I think the word I am looking for is ‘censorship’.

      I have had my comments pulled when I tried to follow that up on that thread of discussion.

      It looks like someone at SGT wants that line of discussion knocked on the head.

      SGT team:
      I deduce something I have written has been deemed inapropriate/offensive/contraversial or of that ilk, hence my previous comment being pulled the minute it was posted.

      I would appreciate it if whoever is doing the censoring of my comments could let me know what I have written that is so bad.

      I am not being combative, I would genuinely like to know what it is I am writing that causes this website, with one of the most open and free comment sections on the web, to pull my comments. Please feel free to respond to me via email if you prefer not to get into this in public.

  • WillyT

    Talk about pulling the curtain back. Check out the link below. If people would just wake up to this reality it would be game over the criminal cartel. Most central banks operate in this exact same way. How is it that a 12 year old girl has figure this out and the adults are just so not seeing this? Pathetic when you can learn a lesson from a 12 year old.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

    • Eric

      Willy… I commented on that earlier.

      Children haven’t had a lifetime of being programmed with propaganda. They are much more open minded and listen better. The older people I know in general do not listen and do not ask questions. They have always done things their way and that has always worked for them so they assume it will continue to work for them. I don’t waste my energy on older people any longer. There is no point in trying to get through to them. If you want people to way up, focus on the younger generations. They are the future. The older we get, the more stubborn we become.

      When we are born into this world, we already know everything. We just forget it as soon as we are born as there would be nothing to learn if we knew everything. There would be no challenge and the soul wouldn’t evolve. The longer the brainwashing and indoctrination goes on, the more ignorant and stupid we get, until you come face to face with something that just doesn’t compute, and you either figure it out, or your brain receives a syntax error and you go back to sleep.

      • Angel

        You’re absolutely right, Eric. And don’t forget, the older people get, the more entrenched they get in their comfort zone (or their fun bubbles, as I call it).

        They resent anyone pooping on their party or bursting their bubble, so they build up all sorts of walls that act as a defense mechanism. This amounts to nothing more than normalcy bias, and one that they will defend tooth and nail, even going so far as to call those who refuse to join the herd “terrorists”.

        So why would we even bother to engage such people in conversation of this nature if this is the attitude and response we get? The only time I might attempt such a dialog is when they show some sign of being truly interested. Otherwise, I have better luck talking to my cats. In fact, they will be terrorists themselves before long if I have any say!

    • Ed_B

      “Pathetic when you can learn a lesson from a 12 year old.”

      Heh, maybe that depends on the 12-year old. My wife says that our 12-year old grand daughter is 12 going on 32. She’s very mature and intelligent. Yeah, I know… ALL grandparents think this. lol

      • WillyT

        Yes it is pathetic Ed_B, what gets me is there is such a simple solution to this entire problem we can fix this. That said in there lies the problem, no one is together on this issue. This is the very issue that started all of this mess in the first place. Like this smart you lady said in the video never doubt that a small group of people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

        If Rosa parks can create a movement so big by not going to the back of the bus and she stood up for herself and all people of colour. But we let people steal our money. It make no sense.

        • Ed_B

          The independence that used to be so common in America is being pacified into subservience. The entire PC movement is a lefto-communist plot to ensure that this happens. They are using mind control, which is what all this PC-BS really is, to create a nation of sheeple. They have been remarkably successful but not completely so. Those of us who remain un-brainwashed now have the duty to resist this PC-BS with every fiber of our being.

  • J

    Not to worry… “Manipulation of Gold and Silver Definitely Ends This Year-Harvey Organ”

    Just about 4 weeks left for this prediction to play itself out.

  • andrew james

    Greasespan has been a liar his hole life but this time around it’s different. Whatever.

  • C.I.

    What A Lot Of Comments Read I Did.



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