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Paul Craig Roberts Shocking Interview On Criminality By US Fed

from KingWorldNews:

The Federal Reserve protecting the value of the dollar from quantitative easing and the massive increase in the supply of dollars and dollar-denominated debt. Normally when a central bank creates 4 trillion new dollars the currency collapses. It’s not worth anything in terms of rubles, euros, yen, or (even) pesos. This hasn’t happened (yet). …But it’s very obvious what they (the Fed) are doing. And the consequences of it are also very dangerous because essentially what it means is that gold is being driven out of the West, into the hands of the Chinese, Indians, and the Russians.

But when the fiat currencies in the West get in trouble, there is nothing to back them with because all the gold is in Asia. So the Fed, trying to save four big banks, it increased its balance sheet $4 trillion, and national debt in the United States increased 7 or 8 trillion dollars. This puts pressure on the dollar. The pressure shows up in the gold price and so they suppress the gold price. That’s the story. I’m convinced there is no other explanation.

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