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Harley Schlanger, historian and national spokesperson for LaRouchePAC joins us to discuss the total rejection of Barack Obama, his globalist policies and his Bankster inspired agenda.

“He has given us so many reasons for impeachment, but you have to pick at the most important ones.” says Schlanger, “Under the war powers act Obama should have gone to the Congress about three weeks ago on the question of the troops we sent into Iraq. He not only didn’t do it, bur he says he doesn’t have to… He says he doesn’t need the Congressional approval, which is a direct assault on the Constitution.”

We also discuss the Bank of International Settlements which is rolling out new Bail-In Bonds designed to rip off the pension funds during the next financial crisis. And in the middle of all of this Western banking criminality, we see the BRICS ditching the Petrodollar, forgiving debt, spurring real economic global development and forging healthy international economic alliances. It’s no wonder Newsweek calls Putin “The Pariah”.

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40 comments to OBAMA & HIS BANKSTER MASTERS VS. HUMANITY — Harley Schlanger

  • SGT

    Should be interesting to see what happens w/ precious metals this week. As Harley and I discuss here, the BRICS are rapidly becoming a global financial powerhouse and the world is beginning to turn its back on Obama and the broken, debt based, blood soaked promises of the West. No wonder Mockingbird rag Newsweek calls Putin, “The Pariah”. Have a great week.

    • Eric

      Elliot Wave Trader calling for a bottom below 1100 according to GLD chart.

      I checked this morning. If technical analysis still has any meaning whatsoever, it puts gold back at the high from early 2008 (pre Lehman) and the high from early 2009 so it makes sense to me.

      I give it another week or 2 before we have a bottom or any confirmation that a bottom has been put in.

      Keep an eye on the dollar index. 86.90-89 range Below that, the bottom is probably in for gold. Above it, and we’ll likely see more weakness in gold.

    • Ed_B

      LOL! @Newsweek. I haven’t read that bird-cage liner in so long that I cannot remember the last time I did. Ditto for Time magazine and all the other corporate / leftist rags out there. This is why the print media in this country is dying a slow death from irrelevance and also why the alt media is thriving. People want REAL news and not the political BS that the dying media continues to spew. Bully for SGT Report, Drudge, Silver Docs, and all the other great alt media web sites! 😀

  • wauhoo

    Another superb interview Sean. I can’t see impeachment using the war issue as McCain and Graham are thrilled that he is sending in more troops and those traitors will not vote to uphold the House impeachment vote. And trying to impeach using the international banking issue…well, Dick Durbin said it best a few years ago when he said that the banks own this place. Won’t happen. The enemies within will not let it happen.

    • SGT

      Thanks w, I don’t think impeachment will happen either. They were laughing about it and ridiculing the idea this afternoon on Fox News, fraudulent hacks that they are.

      • wauhoo

        I’m sorry that you have to watch Fox News to see what they are saying.

      • Ed_B

        IMO, saying that they will not impeach Obama is no different than saying, “We will not defend the US Constitution”. Shame on them! This power-grabbing lefto-communist needs to be stopped and RTF now. Impeachment is the only way to get this guy outta there before he f***s everything else up that he has not already f***ed up. If they will not do it, then they serve no purpose that is of any use to We The People. It is an incredible shame that with 535 of them, they cannot manage a “pair” among them.

  • Sam

    Excellent discussion throughout and really appreciate your guest Sean.

    The one point on the China global warming agreement alleged to have been made was news to me in that, as you guys pointed out, there was no agreement…I had heard somewhere how that fiction of global warming spun with China this last time was somehow “warmly” embraced – Ha! The liar in chief and the gaggle of devout corporate Presstitutes continue on in against reality, truth, and what was once respected integrity of the American way.

    Harvey pointed out that America has to get back to what America was, as we see indeed that Russia is now more American than America is…wow, how many people would admit how evidently true that is? Wake up people, the American dream is a dream because you would have to be asleep to believe it, paraphrasing from the well known comedic genius George Carlin.

  • Randy

    That was one of the best interviews I have ever heard! I think many people are waking up at an increasing pace. When the markets turn down the average person will start to ask what is happening and we will go from 0 -60 in 2.1 seconds.
    The only thing I would have like to hear about was the criminal investigation of obama by Maricopa County and Mike Zullow. Last I heard is Sept they wew working with “the highest levels” in Washington on several issues including the phony birth certificate. Any update on that?

    • Ed_B

      I dunno, Randy. Seems to me that the case Sheriff Joe Arpaio made that proved that Obama’s birth certificate was a photoshop fake and his social security number was from a man in Connecticut who’s been dead for a few decades SHOULD have ended this discussion with an impeachment trial, conviction, and a life sentence for treason. Additionally, those who helped this fake get into the White House should be similarly investigated and treated. Yep, every last one of them.

      But, as for any recent updates, no, I haven’t heard of any and that is most unfortunate. It is by now crystal clear that: 1) political power means FAR more to these politicians than does the good of the country; and 2) there is virtually no difference between the Dems and Repubs. Both are members of the same ruling class, unlike the rest of us who are members of the ruled class. Yes, this IS a genuine two party system but the parties most definitely are not Dems and Repubs but Rulers and Ruled. Short of armed revolution or military take-over to re-establish our true Republic, I see no other way forward… but many ways down and out.

  • Eric

    Damn good interview!

    Especially the ending. The power has always been with the people. The power lies within each one of us. Add up all the little efforts and it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE! Throwing in the towel now doesn’t end well for any of us.

    Never give up! Never Surrender!

  • Sean,

    “V” The Guerrilla Economist has a must hear interview for all Americans to hear. You should post it. Here is the link.

  • Angel

    Nice to hear Harvey again.

    It does continue to sound to me like Harvey doesn’t at all subscribe to the view that China and Russia are part and parcel of the same bankster NWO that others firmly believe them to be. Rather, he believes them to be sincere in their desire for fostering and maintaining the principles of sovereignty, not just for themselves, but for their BRICS partners generally, while the US demands the exact opposite from its partners. I must say, this does appear to be quite true.

    One thing is for certain, and that is the BRICS nations are fast becoming a group to be reckoned with, regardless of what the MSM tells us.

    From a recent BRICS Post article:

    “For the past 15 years, the BRICS have been seen as the world’s best hope for sustainable growth. These five countries, representing 40 per cent of the world’s population and 25 per cent of its GDP in 2013, recorded growth rates 4 to 5 times greater than those of the US, Europe and Japan, and threatened to displace them as the world’s most important economic powers in another 20 years or so,” say Prof. Ingo Walter and Prof. Roy C. Smith of the New York University…”

    These are hardly words to be taken lightly. It’s no wonder the West is attempting to demonize Putin and undermine Russia at every turn, and, as some believe, are “influencing” Saudi Arabia to flood the market with cheap oil in order to hurt Russia and their oil producing ally, Iran.

    If this is all geo-political theater orchestrated by people who are working toward the same goal, they deserve a serious medal for impeccable acting.

    In so far as Obama and his impeachment are concerned, I concur with wauhoo’s position that the neocons couldn’t have found a better ally in Obama, at least in so far as foreign policy is concerned.

    Granted, they are from different managerial teams or “crews” (even though they answer to the same godfather), but they are seeking the very same goals, principally the fulfilling of the vision outlined in the Project For A New American Century. I would recommend everyone web-search PNAC in order to see just how the administrations of W Bush and Obama have been following PNAC’s “mandates” since its inception. There’s simply too much at stake at this point in the game to risk interfering with all they’ve gained in this regard, especially knowing that Obama will likely continue to do the bidding of the War Party, and any voices speaking contrary to that will likely be silenced.

    In so far as Rand Paul is concerned, his sometimes-libertarian views on issues are a refreshing change of pace to the fasco-socialist status quo, But he definitely has NOT shown enough chutzpah in standing up to the (Zionist) War Party, certainly not in the manner in which his father did. And While Harvey makes an attempt at downplaying this, I wouldn’t dare do so.

    Furthermore, it isn’t ONLY his snuggling up to the Zionist crowd that has raised questions, but his endorsement of the despicable Mitt Romney. This is something I cannot with a clear conscience ever forget.

    • Angel

      My apologies for my (multiple) misspelling of HARLEY’S name.

    • Ed_B

      I believe that Rand Paul IS a true libertarian but that he is smart enough to know how DC works and that if he wants to achieve power, he MUST play the game that is there and not his own. His father tried that and did not succeed. Rand will succeed because he will use the current system against itself. Once he has achieved power, he will no longer need to bow to the party elites and will be able to go his own way. Yes, he will be in serious physical danger for doing this but it may well be the ONLY way that someone like him can get into power. What we see now is merely subterfuge that will confuse those now in power and allow Rand to make his end run. I wish him well. I also regret that he must take this path but it seems the only one available to him that leads to his goal.

      • wauhoo

        I also think (and hope) that Rand is playing along to get himself in position for the run. You can’t get to first base in DC without going to the Neocon woodshed. And I agree about the physical danger he will be in when he changes his stripes. So for protection, and especially if Hillary is the Dem choice, (please don’t think I’m crazy) what about Rand crossing the aisle and choosing Elizabeth Warren as his running mate? Things may be so crazy by then that Warren may be a reasonable choice. Solid anti-banking ticket vs the banker’s best friend. Now there is a choice!

        • Ed_B

          I think that if Elizabeth Warren is elected as a VP or a president, I will leave the US for good. This IS my country and I love it dearly but with people like her at the helm, it is headed for Hell in a hand-basket. That is not a ride that too many of us want to take or allow our family members to take.

          As to Hillary, I feel similarly. We already had 8 years of the Clintons in the White House and it was a time of national mortification. Let us not go down that path again, PLEASE!

    • Gnostic

      Yes Indeed, Rand, Insane McCain, Mittens, Clinton, Bush @ wailing wall, Most disturbing…..

      • Angel

        Good post, Gnostic. If this is what is meant by “playing the game”, then I’m afraid something is very wrong.

        Personally, I’m not willing to overlook such things, because, as far as I’m concerned, no person with an ounce of decency would resort to what Rand did in the video.

        I wasn’t exactly a dyed in the wool Ron Paul supporter (I don’t support the system at this level, period), but I have to say that he never would have compromised himself in this manner.

        If this doesn’t etch in stone Rand’s allegiance to Zionism, nothing does. And with “friends” like this, who needs enemies?

        • Gnostic


          What was not shown in the video which was even more degrading was he brought his 2 children with him & they were photoed with skull caps at the wall. Their is a message in this display & it ain’t good, marking their property, nothing short of “we own you.”

          • Angel

            I did briefly see Rand around a young boy who I believe is one of his sons. The boy had the cap on. Talk about initiation, ha?

            • Ed_B

              You guys are reading more into this than is there, IMO.

              Besides. If you don’t like Rand Paul, please point out someone that you DO like and who has a ghost of a chance of doing ANYTHING on the national level. No, there really isn’t anyone else, is there?

              • Angel

                Actually, Ed, I don’t like ANY of them, such is my contempt for this gaggle of FILL IN THE BLANKS in DC.

                Maybe I’m one of those who Sean speaks of that has “given up”. But I’ve only given up on the political process and the system, not on myself or the ability of others through the grace of our Creator to elicit change.

      • Anon

        Gnostic – I hate to say it, but it looks like our mis-leaders may have also “thrown-in-the-towel” on America, and Americans, for whatever reason(s). I STRONGLY suspect that it is due to the Western International Central Bankers and the International Communist “Jews” and all their SAYANIM. My message to Americans: If you think violent revolution is the answer, I’d like to caution you, that what started out, in Russia, as a populist uprising, ca. 1917, was quickly HIJACKED by the International Bolshevist/Communists, and funded by Jacob Schiff, and Max Warburg, from Wall Street, and Germany, respectively. Average Russian peasants began looking around, and noticing signs all over the place in YIDDISH. Question: What in the SAM HELL, does YIDDISH have to do with ancient Biblical-era Hebrews or the Hebrew language?

        Excellent article: All America Must Know the Terror That is Upon Us”,_kevin/kevin_strom_works/Kevin_Strom_1991-1994/Kevin_A._Strom_19930814-ADV_All_America_Must_Know_the_Terror_That_Is_Upon_Us.html

        Another one: (Be sure to read ALL comments in the ‘comments’ section which follows)

        Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Ban Gun Shops from 99.5% of Chicago, Videotape All Sales

  • Jeff

    Great interview Sean. I love listening to somebody so clear and articulate describe what we are seeing unravel right before our eyes. Unfortunately I am one of those “cynics” he describes so well in your comment section. You know, one of those that are in the majority, meaning the the 67% of the eligible voters that didn’t vote. This corrupt system cannot be fixed from within and it’s clear as hell that the people have spoken. This election was a referendum against the political system. And sorry Ed_B, with all respect, I won’t be voting for Rand either should he make it that far. I’ve heard your theory before. At this point I subscribe to Chris Duane’s hypothesis: It’s the corrupt that seek power. He’s no exception in my book.

    A side note… any way to clear the audio up on the interviews with Harley? The noise/modulation level goes from high to low throughout the interview. Not trying to pick on your hard work just thought you would want to know. Thanks for all you do.

    • Ed_B

      No problem, Jeff. Not everyone will agree on the best course forward. We all understand that. But, please… tell me who you DO want to become our president. Hopefully, it will be someone who has a chance of achieving that and not someone who has no chance at all. Sometimes we take half a loaf or even a slice or two when ALL other options amount to NONE.

  • Greg

    Hey SGT,

    I was sent a link to a video made by NIA (National Inflation Association) and there is confusion as to whether or not it’s your voice in the background.

    Obama’s $6 Trillion Budget Deficits

  • rich

    Matt Stoller: Lobbying Used to Be a Crime: A Review of Zephyr Teachout’s New Book on the Secret History of Corruption in America

    The Constitution is full of such bright-line rules. For instance, the residency requirement was intended to protect against ‘adventurers’ and the takings clause protects private property and has an anti-monopoly interpretive framework. The census, rules on representation of House members, the regular electoral cycle of two year terms, age requirements (to prevent dynasties), requirements for legislative journals, salary payments for legislators, and prohibitions on holding legislative and other offices are all anti-corruption provisions. The founders, Teachout argues, were obsessed with corruption. They had seen their beloved British system fall into the trap of corruption, with ‘place men’ (members of parliament dependent on the king) and rotten boroughs, and sought to prevent a recurrence in America.

    Teachout points out something fairly obvious, but not recognized today — the theoretical underpinning of the American revolution was that a corrupt government had no legitimacy to govern. This is something the founders well recognized. The debates they had — Madison, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Washington, Hamilton, and people in the culture at large — reflected a divide between political philosophers Thomas Hobbes versus Baron de Montesquieu. Hobbes’s vision, echoed today among the Chicago school’s law and economics scholars, was that corruption as a concept made no sense. Life was a brutal competition among selfish actors. In such a paradigm, a revolution would simply be a question of raw power, rather than any set of principles.

  • Steve_D

    David Icke with an update on the Global Paedophile network, lots of big names implicated.

  • andrew james

    People make stuff up in their head. Then they believe it. It happens all the time.

  • jerry

    I’m more into the scenario that Putin is part of this scheme, but who knows , and its all smoke and mirrors for the benefit of the bankers to start their war to placate blame and at the same time eliminate large swaths of the population with controlled nuclear strikes. Putin gives, China rules and we all go under the umbrella of the NWO and live happily ever after in the shadow of Rothschild domination.

  • jerry

    We all agree that there is a criminal element controlling this country and they control many others. If Putins not part of this con he is our only hope in bringing down these criminal banksters.

  • Suzanne

    I have hope for Rand Paul, but it looks like he’s already betrayed us again by blocking NSA reform:

    There’s a lot about him that isn’t passing the smell test… like how he immediately sucked up to Romney, trying to become his VP running mate, once he got sworn into the senate. Romney’s entire career has been money laundering for the Bush/Clinton crime families, and asset-stripping companies destroyed by NAFTA.

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