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Obama Betrays The United States In Secret Letter To Iran

from Western Journalism:

The letter to Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei supposedly went something like this: you help us in the fight against the Islamic State and we will look the other way in your effort to develop and acquire a nuclear weapons capability.

This letter was from the President of the United States.

In short, Obama is willing to sell out our national security in the process of making himself look good in fighting the new terrorist entity in Iraq. (Yes, the Iraq where he removed troops to get reelected, the consequences to America’s security be damned.)

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9 comments to Obama Betrays The United States In Secret Letter To Iran

  • Gnostic

    OK Western Journalism: I get it, I will vote the Democrat Obama the Muslim out & vote in a Republican Neocon. NOT!

  • Gnostic

    PS- I also get your drift on the implication of the “Evil” Iran. NOT!

  • Michael

    The US has invaded more countries than anyone in the last two hundred years.. The idea that Iran is evil is BS. Their people are educated, friendly, and loath war. Here is the reason Iran is labeled the bad guy. We thru out their government and installed the Shaw. They thru out the Shaw and installed the Ayatollah. This cut off our oil supply from Iran. This aint rocket science. The press in the US is controlled by Zionists, which make reports on Iran less than objective.

    It looks like the Zionists have a new ally in Mexico.

    • Gnostic


      I suspected jewish fingerprints on those student killings besides Mexico’s president is Jewish-Zio-Elite as well as most of their government much like US & Europe.

  • Angel

    This is a lot of nonsense, typical of this neocon website.

    Besides perpetuating the myth that the Out House fraudster is actually intent on destroying its CIA asset, ISIS, it leaves one with the distinct impression that Iran is something to be feared and are an actual threat to the US. The following says it loud and clear:

    “In short, Obama is willing to sell out our national security in the process of making himself look good…”

    The US is intent on stealing Iran from the Eastern fold, i.e., Russia and China, and Obama will promise them the world in order that it happen. And once the US has Iran right it wants them, it will betray them, like it does everyone else.

    The US also want to isolate Iran from another major ally of theirs, the Assad regime in Syria, who they are ACTUALLY targeting under the guise of fighting ISIS.

    The US cannot afford to have an economic powerhouse in the Middle East that doesn’t answer to the Western banksters, and they will continue to do all they can to undermine both Iran and Syria, but in very different ways: by offering Iran cyanide-laced honey, and by bombing Syria back to the Stone age, and doing so under totally false pretenses.

  • Gnostic


    Is it not odd that the FOX News Neocon/Christian Right Rednecks call Obama a Muslim when he has increased funding t0 Psycho Israel & increased attacks on Muslim Nations to 14 more than Bush? Are people that brain dead?

    • Angel

      Gnostic, I’ve been trying to explain this to people for years. I thought W took the prize, but once the other fraudster took the reins, it was astounding.

      Muslims are the easy scapegoats, the people “we” love to hate. And it isn’t only the pathetic neocons who are guilty, but plenty from the so-called progressive camp as well. These forces are fully united to wage perpetual war, and are committed to the full realization of PNAC, which has been unfolding before our very eyes for many years.

      And while the fake conservatives are celebrating their “victory over Obama” in Wednesday’s elections, Obama couldn’t be happier. His war agenda will finally come to full fruition, as all he has to do now is pass the buck on to the Republican War Party, hence deflecting any criticism that may come in its wake. After all, this is what they also want, but unlike him, they make no bones about it.

      So the burden of responsibility will fall directly in their laps, while Obama skates away, happy as pig in schiss. He’ll get what he wants AND get away with it.

      • Angel

        Both the “right” and “left” gatekeepers have propagated the myth about Obama for years.

        The “left” still parades him around as a man of peace, while the “right” claims he’s too soft.

        In actuality, his war policy in regard to Muslim nations has been the most radical and aggressive of any president in history hands down, but it’s been done mainly in stealth.

        So propping up the myth has worked just fine, and those not paying attention have been thoroughly bamboozled.

  • Stuckinsidethematrix


    You ask ‘Are people that brain dead?’

    I assume that is a rhetorical question, as you know as well as I that the vast majority are indeed ‘brain dead’ (for all intents and purposes in matters of geopolitics and religion, heck they even think that their votes make a difference!).

    The majority truely are beyond reaching. That is why we WILL have more wars, and we WILL have a Police State once the economic collapse comes.

    Remember, War is Peace, and Freedom is Slavery (and Obama really does lead the US, lol).

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