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NYPD says First Amendment Ends When They Say

from PeacefulStreetsNYC:

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4 comments to NYPD says First Amendment Ends When They Say

  • Ricky

    I love listening to flat out ignorant or otherwise uneducated people try and conjure up the rule and application of law. I live in a world surround by morons.

  • F16Hoser

    New York’s Finest = Uneducated (fatPigs)

  • iil

    1. summon for obscene language? Did anyone hear any vocabulary words that was used to be obscene. Or was all the obscene or “curse” word beep or cut out. I did not hear any cursing at all.

    2.summon for unreasonable noise… in the beginning, seems like that uniform guy was speaking a lot louder than the guy holding the camera.

  • Joe

    Sean – What’s with the constant pop-up audio commercials – not good when trying to view video on the site – an no option to turn it off. Any other complaints about this?

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