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NWO Puppet Hillary’s Paid Junket Tour Gravy Train

from 21st Century Wire:

There is something vulgar about career politicians who charge over half a million dollars per hour to speak to docile crowds about their illustrious taxpayer-funded careers (Tony Blair immediately comes to mind).

Apparently, her speeches normally last around 20 minutes, or 30 minutes if she’s feeling good about the gig. The going rate for that would be in excess of $300,000. According the Washington Post, $300K is the ‘college discount’ price (see full story below).

That’s not all. In addition to her six-figure fee, there’s the issue of her luxury travel requirements and additional ‘expenses’. These include (but are not limited too) presidential suites in luxury hotels, private jets (minimum Gulfstream G450 or larger), two “travel aides” and “advance staffers” who check out and approve her speech venues beforehand. 

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