The Phaserl


Navigating the Maelstrom and Dead Reckoning

from Zen Gardner:

We all knew this storm was coming but being inside of it is a whole different experience. It feels like things are coming at you as your spirit gets buffeted by unseen influences. A lot of this has to do with the angst and fear being ginned up by the media and the collective response. Images of alien like hazmat suits and panic mode announcements by politicians while draconian measures roll out, confusing news reports, and a whole lot of fear and uncertainty appear on our screens, causing personal insecurities to arise in our hearts.

We may be aware of what’s going on and see the game plan, but most don’t, and are tuning into this fear and worry vibe. And it affects everyone. It runs through not just the emotions and actions of those around us but also through the etheric and we can all sense it. This is again why detachment and staying out of the low level emotion mode is so important.

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