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MONSTER Energy drinks, 666 & the Satanic Agenda

from Valerie Venraij:

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2 comments to MONSTER Energy drinks, 666 & the Satanic Agenda

  • Stuckinsidethematrix

    This Lady is correct in what she is saying. But she is only looking at the very tip of the tip-of-the-iceburg.

    ALL of the energy drinks currently on the market have a Satanic reference somewhere.

    All of these ‘drinks’ contain a poisonous cocktail of chemicals which somehow have passed food safety testing, ie Aspertame, Alumininium, HFCS, etc.

    ALL of them are contained inside an Aluminium can. Aluminium is toxic to Humans, and combined with other chemicals, and carbonated to keep them mixing together and reacting, it serves as a catalyst for even greater harm, especially in the brain.

    Sadly this is nothing new.

    The very first ‘energy drink’ appropriately shortened to ‘coke’ is a heady brew contained within a can bearing massive subliminal Satanic references. Not incidently, this same company who invented the energy drink, also invented the modern version of the character we call ‘Father Chritmas’, or ‘Santa Claus’ (yes I did say invented, look it up). Santa Claus comes from St Nicholas, who in turn has deeper darker Pagan origins. St Nic, or Santa (santa is an anagram of Satan) is also a reference to ‘Old Nic’, an old European reference for Satan.

    We therefore have Satanic drinks to poison our children with, and a Satanic character with which to poison thier minds and decieve them with at Christmas. Instead of focusing on the Religious significance of Christmas we focus on a supernatural character who is all watching and all knowing and will bestow ‘gifts’ upon the children in his favour. Sound like anyone else?

    Adults perpetuate the deception and indulge in the sins of Gluttony, Sloth, Drunkeness, and excessive consumption (which was part of the festival of ‘Saturnalia’ which takes place around December 25th).

    Remember, the most basic definition of Evil is to present something which is harmful or dangerous as good, healthy, or beneficial.

    Learning the truth about Christmas is just as much a litmus test for being ‘awake’ as learning the truth about ‘9/11’. However, most of us are so badly decieved that we will NEVER escape from Satans Matrix and see the truth staring them in thier eyes – the truth is just too terrible for most to even contemplate.

    How many people can even contemplate what I have just written? I hope it is more than I think, but doubt it.

  • NEO

    Stuckinsidethematrix is correct. The rabbit hole goes much deeper then even that if you choose to follow it. The choice is yours.

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