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Mom Could Face Jail Time for Healing Son with Cannabis Oil

by Mike Barrett, Natural Society:

The social stigma attached to marijuana use is steadily dissipating in the United States More states are legalizing some form of marijuana every year, which means the once vilified plant is gaining more support from the public. But that nation-wide legalization of at least medical marijuana couldn’t come fast enough for some who desperately want to use the plant for its healing powers. That’s the case with one mom who used cannabis oil to heal her son; now she could face jail time.

A boy named Trey Brown suffered from a terrible baseball accident in 2011, causing a golf ball-sized area of his brain to bleed and leading to an unbearable buildup of pressure in his head. When brought to the hospital, Trey and his mother Angela Brown were told by doctors that his survival was questionable. After that, the doctors induced a medical coma. When Trey woke up, he wasn’t the same.

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