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Metals Insider Shares Alarming News About Demand & Mine Supply

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1 comment to Metals Insider Shares Alarming News About Demand & Mine Supply

  • Frank Zak

    Silver production has increased 200 million oz a year
    over 2003 numbers. It is overproduced. Silver has
    been the worst investment one could make over
    the last 150 years.

    Gold has also been a bad investment compared to
    real estate and stocks.

    The mint runs out of coins almost every year towards
    year end. Means nothing that blanks ran out.

    But, gold has a unique role now. It is the only thing that is
    real money. Silver is no longer money, it is an industrial
    commodity. In a complete system breakdown of all fiat,
    silver could become near worthless.

    Silver is mined as a by product of copper, lead, zinc etc.
    It must be extracted even if it was worthless. The actual
    cost therefore is about $3.50 to extract and fabricate,
    because it must be taken out as an impurity.

    The $11.00 cost to mine silver is actually an allocated number.
    It is not real. Only primary miners have real numbers.

    75% of silver comes as byproduct. $3.50 applies as real cost
    to make.

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