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Let’s Be Honest About Facebook Spying

from wearechange:

Help us spread the ANTIDOTE to corporate propaganda.

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1 comment to Let’s Be Honest About Facebook Spying

  • Eric B

    Luke…..WTF? I guess you must be working with TPTB now, we all know Faceplant is a creation of TPTB and the little pimply faced prick who runs it is a Rockefeller spawn. I dont do Faceplant, my video lenses on my computers and cell phone are blocked off with stickers, I’m sure that puts me up the list of unwanted citizens but hey you have to make your stand somewhere….I now wonder how reliable your reporting will be, for me FUCK! Faceplant! and the rest! Wont join it wont use it FUCK the ZUCK! hows that for a new slogan…..

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