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Large Comex Gold Withdrawal As Paper Price Manipulated Lower

from SRS Rocco:

As the Banking Cartel continues to push the paper price of gold lower, the Comex experienced another large withdrawal of gold from its inventories. The largest withdrawals came from the vaults at HSBC and Scotia Mocatta.

In just one day, 321,650 ounces of gold were removed from the Comex:

As we can see from table, 196,764 oz of gold were removed from the HSBC’s vault and a total of 85,584 oz were taken off Scotia Mocatta. The total 321,650 oz removed represents 36% of the total gold in the Registered Category. The Registered category is gold that is available for delivery into the market.

Furthermore, JP Morgan only has 577,937 oz of gold remaining in its vaults.  A few weeks ago, JP Morgan experienced a ONE DAY removal of 321,500 oz from its warehouse stocks.  This is not a trend JP Morgan can afford to continue.

Furthermore, total Comex gold inventories fell nearly 2 million oz since its high of 10 million ounces at the end of August.  This is a 20% decline of total gold warehouse stocks in just three months.

Gold Paper Price Smash During the Swiss Gold-Backed Franc Referendum

Right now the Swiss are voting on whether to back their Swiss Franc with gold.  The voting takes place throughout the month and will be tallied on November 30th.  It’s no coincidence that the paper price of gold is being smashed during this important Swiss vote, that if passed, could be a huge LOSS for the BANKING CARTEL.

Of course, there are no REAL MARKETS anymore as every thing is being rigged by the Fed and Central Banks.  Before the Fed took control of the markets in 2008, the Stock markets and the precious metals all declined in the same fashion.  However, today we see a totally disconnect.

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3 comments to Large Comex Gold Withdrawal As Paper Price Manipulated Lower

  • mike

    This is it folks..No more silver in just a few short days! Unfortunately that’s what Rocco wrote a few weeks ago with the 4 days of silver left on the Shanghai exchange. I think everyone (PM Silver gurus) have missed something crucial. If you add up the numbers with China having 20000 tons of gold with Indian demand from the beginning of time to the US leasing all it’s gold out into the market. In a 2400 ton market there would be nothing left 100 years ago. So the numbers are not correct. It’s time for the PM silver gurus community to start looking deeper into that instead of extrapolating numbers given to them by Gov agency’s reported by mines. Who would be the real false production number culprits? Who would have the most to gain? Mines and retailers in my opinion. I will bet that when the price of Silver goes to $4 an OZ there be no shortage in supply (Production shortages such as Eagles is not a shortage in silver just bad anticipation of demand for a specific product) and I will bet not one of these mines goes belly up. They are the only business in the world that can operate in a perpetual state of loss without going out of business….Weird. So maybe my math isn’t adding up and I’m wrong but at this point I really don’t think I am. I would love to know how this could not be the case. How mines and retailers are 100% innocent of manipulation and it is 100% Gov manipulation only.

    • Ed_B

      “I will bet that when the price of Silver goes to $4 an OZ there be no shortage in supply (Production shortages such as Eagles is not a shortage in silver just bad anticipation of demand for a specific product) and I will bet not one of these mines goes belly up.”

      That sounds a lot like a losing bet, Mike. As proof of my assertion, think back all the way to 2008 when the price of silver dropped to just under $9 an oz. What happened in the silver market then? Well, one of two things happened: 1) you could not find ANY physical silver to buy at that price; or 2) you could find silver but it had a BIG premium on it that raised the price to $12-14 an oz. Having the price drop even lower than this would only solidify this behavior on the part of silver sellers.

      But then, who really knows? No one. We might very well get the chance to see what happens under the scenario you propose if these cartel attacks continue to hammer silver and gold prices via their naked paper shorting and other skulduggerous tricks. If this does happen, then yeah, I will be backing up the truck and loading it with all the silver it can hold. In fact, I just might be needing a bigger truck! 😉

      • mike

        What did happen in 2008? ..New demand on Physical that sucked up existing supply and people not willing to sell at a loss ..Like that primary miner who is blatantly trying to manipulate the market by withholding 1 mil oz’s of the stuff. At no point during 2008 was there a shortage of silver simply fabrication bottleneck. I am not saying silver will go to $4 but if it does and stays at $4 plenty of silver will eventually come on to the market. If it shoots down for a day or two you will have retailers refuse to sell at a loss that’s not a supply issue, just greed not because of any real shortage. If it goes down slowly and stops at $4 and does not go up mines and retailers will be faced with something they have plagued all of us with, the prospect of selling at a loss. Mines and retailers old inventory will sell at a loss and all new production will be cheap…Simple economics. If silver was priceless or even rare and people actually wanted it, the price will increase. That hasn’t happened yet though at some point it will I believe. I think it will be a relatively short time silver goes up and stays up before the market is saturated with people selling the billions of oz’s out there. I read up to 45 billion existing oz’s when accounted for like Gold. If silver spikes to a high like $100 then I am selling it all. After that it will be 100 years before the price goes back up with all the physical that will bring into the market…Anyway I think there are manipulators and I think it is primarily the mines. Just my opinion and the only thing I can think of to explain how there is so much supply on the market when the numbers say there should not be any.

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