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Jim Willie – Stealth QE4: Operation Tokyo Twist

by Jim Willie, GoldSeek:

Simply put, QE can never be halted or even slowed. The USFed is in a corner, with no policy options, facing collapse, with no ability whatsoever to halt the systemic failure in progress. It can only rely on hidden machinery and profound lies, against a background of constant economic propaganda. The central bank franchise system wrapped around the fiat paper currency regime has failed. They cannot stop it, not even with endless bond fraud and endless war, the new twin towers of the fascist state legacy. The entire financial structures have become fully dependent on easy money and debt financed by a printing press, buttressed by derivative machinery. The Uncle Sam bearing the USDollar emblem is like a pathetic heroin addict brandishing a modern howitzer. The USDollar is fast losing its integrity, during a dangerous global rejection episode. Therefore, QE must be exported, the easy candidate Japan. Call it Operation Tokyo Twist.

Heavy pressure, threats, and subterfuge are the American way. It is yet another sordid chapter in the Weimar Amerika story. QE to Infinity is the marquee billboard message, which will be perpetuated until the USGovt debt default and US financial collapse, forcing replacement of the USDollar. A Japanese syringe does not prevent the USD death, only delay it while deeper cancer spreads to the Japanese Economy and its financial structure. The United States is fast running out of nations to plunder. See Libya, Cyprus, Syria, Ukraine, the Philippines. Now Japan. Witness death of the US nation. The national carving ceremony will be very interesting to observe in future years, after the commercial colonization.

The USEconomy will gradually move toward systemic failure for 10 main reasons. The isolation of the United States was foretold two years here. The US has become a pariah nation, ignored at all formal multi-national summit meetings. Obama is ignored on stage, placed with the wives. The US is not part of any new global platform implementation.

1) QE is killing capital from rising costs as banker welfare remains in place
2) USGovt has unmanageable debt as the great bloated welfare state remains in place
3) USMilitary is a cancer as the great predator war machine remains in place
4) Insolvent banks are grand casinos, no longer credit engines for capital formation
5) Rigged higher USDollar value will make exports to foreign nations difficult
6) Rejection of USTBond in trade will lead to amplified USGovt bond dumping
7) QE volume will rise significantly to soak the discarded bonds, in hidden rooms
8) Interest rate derivative reliance out of control, Failures to Deliver the smoking gun
9) All sanctions have backfired, the Russian sanctions being the final event
10) USDollar regime does not participate in trade settlement, on a growing basis.

The USFed has exported Quantitative Easing on a gigantic scale to Japan. The plausible deniability cover is that the US offers a higher bond yield, with a rising USDollar chaser. So the USFed announced with balllyhoo an end to QE and its unsterilized bond monetization, used for four years to cover the USGovt deficit and all the rolled over matured USTBills and USTBonds. Next just coincidentally, the Japanese announce unlimited QE in Tokyo. The Tokyo vassals will conduct highly corrosive unsterilized bond monetization, just like the Americans have done for four years. The untold part of the story is that the USGovt has demanded of its Asian vassals that they devote their $1.2 Japanese Govt pension fund to USTreasurys. The US covets the pot, which will buy another year of time. The Germans blocked QE in EuroCB under Prince Draghi’s tutelage. The focus of attention went to Japan, which cannot say to their American Victor Lords. The Yakuza sword lies above their heads. Keep in mind there are no $billion coincidences.

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21 comments to Jim Willie – Stealth QE4: Operation Tokyo Twist

  • Angel

    Willie states:

    “…QE must be exported, the easy candidate Japan. Call it Operation Tokyo Twist.”

    In other words, further kicking of the can down the road in ways that most of us never expected, which is the only reason this house of cards is still standing. More magic tricks and slight of hand, is all.

    He further states:

    “The untold part of the story is that the USGovt has demanded of its Asian vassals that they devote their $1.2 Japanese Govt pension fund to USTreasurys.”

    Hmm… Isn’t this the very idea that DC has been throwing around now for several years in so far as US pensions are concerned? If it has reached the point where they can force Japan to convert their government pension to US Treasury bonds, is it only a matter of time before, either by legislation or executive decree, US pensions (even private pensions) are fiddled about in similar fashion? When it reaches such a point of desperation, it seems to be the most likely course to take.

    At the moment, they’re preying on a weak, elderly host called Japan. When they’re finished devouring it, the parasite will turn on itself for sustenance if it is unable to find anymore suitable victims. And this may be the very thing the East is patiently waiting on.

    The words of Nikita Khrushchev, premier of the Soviet Union, made the following statement in 1961:

    “We do not have to destroy America with missiles; America will destroy itself from within.”

    How true that is.

  • Jeff

    Great point Angel. By the way…reminds me of MyRA. Whatever happened to that little gem? Anybody know somebody that is actually “funding” that?

    • Angel

      Jeff, I was thinking the same thing. What IS up with that?

      Well, regardless, they found an easier target in Japan, but the chickens will inevitably come home to roost once they suck them dry. And unlike with MyRA, we won’t have an option. It will be decided for us. (I should say “we” and “us” because I no longer participate in these retirement schemes. I’m sure others here could say the same thing.)

      • Eric

        Indeed Angel. I cashed out 2 years ago, paid the penalties and taxes, and watched my stress levels drop to much more manageable levels. I keep less than 2% of my “money” in this corrupt evil system at all times.

        Whatever they decide, I won’t be participating in it. Anyone that tries to initiate force against me will get what they deserve.

        • Angel

          Amazingly, I’m VERY familiar with a couple of people who label themselves “awake” and who just OPENED a 401K.

          But I think their idea of being awake is putting a pro-2nd Amendment bumper sticker on their car. They leave economics and finance to the government to “figure out” because it’s too boring a subject.

          • Eric

            Ha! That’s just asking to get pulled over for no good reason. At least here in California it is.

            Yeah there are too many people who think they are “awake” and “informed” because they watch the television news or read the newspaper or any other controlled information, but they never ask questions, can’t research anything, and they especially don’t think for themselves!

            I never knew how ignorant I was until I realized how little I know.

            We are moving down the list in intelligence and wisdom but we #1 in confidence!

          • Eric

            And then when you challenge their pea size brains with information and hard facts that you have done your own due diligence of homework on, they look at you like you’re the problem because you are shattering their beliefs.

            Rough days ahead for most people.

          • Eric

            And since when is economics and finance boring?

            I never thought money was boring ever since I found a jar of pennies in my mom’s linen closet when I was 4 years old.

            • Eric

              especially since I could exchange it for candy!

              Money… we all need it. Yet very few know what it is.

              • Eric

                Last one then I’m off to do some yard work…

                The word “money” is believed to originate from a temple of Hera, located on Capitoline, one of Rome’s seven hills. In the ancient world Hera was often associated with money. The temple of Juno Moneta at Rome was the place where the mint of Ancient Rome was located.[9] The name “Juno” may derive from the Etruscan goddess Uni (which means “the one”, “unique”, “unit”, “union”, “united”) and “Moneta” either from the Latin word “monere” (remind, warn, or instruct) or the Greek word “moneres” (alone, unique).

                In the Western world, a prevalent term for coin-money has been specie, stemming from Latin in specie, meaning ‘in kind’.

                • Angel

                  And here I thought that money is that piece of hard plastic in our wallets. You know, the one that buys us stuff that we don’t have to pay for, and cuts lines of coke on the coffee table while watching Sunday football. Oh, that’s right, you’re talking about the word itself…

                  But seriously, Eric, you learn something new every day. I never knew the origins of the word as described above. Interesting.

                • Eric

                  Yeah I’ve posted that before. I love looking up the meanings of words.

                  Chris D had the best though…

                  Gubernare = To manage or to control.
                  mentis = mind.

                  Guberment = Government = mind control.

                • Eric

                  Give them a vote. Give them a reason to think they have a choice.

                  I’ll bet most people don’t even know how the electoral college even works… or is supposed to work.

  • Jeff

    Well this is very encouraging. Feels odd being part of the majority for once. I’m sure the good people here at SGT feel the same way.

    The Worst Voter Turnout in 72 Years

  • KangaMoo

    I have been told that the word SILVER means MONEY in many languages…

  • Suzanne

    I’m glad I got some more silver while spot was around $15.40.
    I’ve tried to have “the talk” with both my boss and the office manager where I work… she’s on the fence about what to do, even though her sons have been talking to her the same as me. My boss just sat there with a glazed look on his face.

    People aren’t as awake as one may hope.

    I had to go visit my General Practitioner over a stomach flu that’s gone on too long. I was referred to a gastroenterologist after I went through a fasting blood test, peed in a cup and had a finger poked up my wazoo. Cholesterol was too high, Lipase was way up, A1C was up, and my fasting blood glucose was… gasp… 113. So the GP pronounced me “diabetic” and phoned in a bunch of diabetes and cholesterol prescriptions. They laid this crap on my husband 15 years ago… he fell for this racket and took prescriptions there have been lawsuits over since then. I damn near cussed out the “doctor”.
    Lemme get my gut diagnosed and fixed, and everything else will fall into line… and the gastro doctor backs me up on that.
    Bureaucrats and doctors… fuggem!

    • Angel


      I don’t know what your diet consists of, but this is more often than not what is responsible for what you describe.

      This is very common across the board, and we are more than capable of handling it perfectly well ourselves with some basic diet and lifestyle changes, and without the MDeities shoving poisons down out throats.

      My rule of thumb is that we need to take back our personal health before we can empower ourselves in other ways.

      Good luck.

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