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JIM WILLIE — CLIMAX EVENTS: Stealth QE, Currency Wars, Dollar Demise & Gold Demand Meets No Supply

We’re running out of nations to plunder. We’ve plundered Syria. We’ve plundered Libya. We’ve plundered Ukraine and stole their Central bank gold. By plundered I mean steal the central bank gold in all those nations. We plundered Tunisia and stole theirs. We plundered Cyprus, confiscated money. Now we’re turning to our allies and plundering them.”

from Paul Sandhu:

Dr. Jim Willie joins me to discuss the alleged end of QE, the great trouble brewing in Japan that has been caused by the US. Currency wars in Asia, Dollar on life support, great demand for Gold with little or no supply.

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27 comments to JIM WILLIE — CLIMAX EVENTS: Stealth QE, Currency Wars, Dollar Demise & Gold Demand Meets No Supply

  • Tom Aumeg

    Hey Jim, how about that “absolutely confirmed,” prediction that Germany was quitting the west and joining the BRICS? Now they’ve even dropped the investigation into spying on Merkel, exactly as I counter-predicted. Unless you’re willing to be accountable for past bullshit, I won’t touch your present bullshit.

    • If you don’t like the taste of bullshit….. why do you keep eating it???

      • Tom Aumeg

        Valid point, but I’ve changed quite a bit. I didn’t listen to the interview, and refuse to do so again. You caught me checking in and venting on him a little, but I don’t much read SGT report anymore either. They know Willie’s full of it, but they keep running it and other stuff like it because it’s sensational.

        • Hannon

          I think the last 5 or 6 times the SGT report got called out our for posting Jim Willie, the pretty frank response was because people clicked on it and it stirred up a lot of debate and comments. I agree with Willie about the general concept of what he’s preaching, but you’re right, it’s one sensational “absolute” after another that doesn’t happen. I liked the late Bob Chapman’s take, he always said NOBODY should be putting numbers and dates on any of this, because we have no idea how long this game could go on, or when it will fail.

          • Ed_B

            Bob Chapman was great. It was a pity that I only discovered him about a year before he passed. I have read all that he wrote that I can find on the web. Oddly enough, my Mom had several of his newsletters in with some magazines that she game me and I read them until they became soft and fuzzy. Good stuff for sure and I agree 100% with Bob about prices and dates. No one knows that. Hell, even the elites orchestrating all this crap do not know it. There are many things in motion that affect the prices of PMs and the dates at which something occurs as a result of all these things that are in motion. Only God knows this kind of thing and He does not share such info.

            That said, I do find Willie’s comments interesting and food for thought. Would I bet money on any of his comments? Hell, no! Like a lot of other info on the web, it is all grist for the mill. With BS filter firmly in place, we all need to gather as much info as we can, sift through it carefully, keep the few nuggets we find, and toss the rest. Just bear in mind that the MSM is not the only BS-producer out there. They may be the biggest, though.

            • Angel

              Agreed, Chapman was a one of a kind. I also discovered him late, but heard and read plenty from him. We need more Chapmans around.

              I feel the timing/pricing predictions are unnecessary and foolish, but I find some hosts still attempt to get this out of some analysts. Greg Hunter is famous for this.

              Unless the analyst harps on these things, I’m not going to automatically throw the baby out with the bath water because someone decides to tread there on occasion. Nor does it necessarily make the rest of their message illegitimate.

              You’re right, take what you can out of it.

          • JB Robertson

            @Hannon and Ed_B:
            Chapman was a great guy. Very down to earth. He did need a good editor though as his “novels” were often unwieldy.

            I talked to him a couple of times at the conferences Pat Gorman held in Phoenix in the early 2000’s (I don’t know if Gorman still sponsors them). Very approachable. His wife was very nice too.

        • SGT

          Tom Aumeg, the squeaky wheel who loves the attention tearing down others brings (even when he doesn’t listen to that which he is criticizing). Joe Rogan complains about guys like this all the time, he calls you “one of the bitter ones, a destroyer not a creator”. I personally post a lot of Willie’s stuff because I like his insights and I think he’s spot on regarding a helluva a lot that’s going on behind the scenes. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out Tom.

  • Vincent


    Absolutely correct when you say ‘Food for Thought’. These sorts of insights are to be absorbed and placed into a corner of our memory bank. The worth of many other talking heads is exactly the same (put it away and remember another day).
    Jim’s reasoning is based in logic, and the whole thing has become a floating dice game.

    The web has leveled the playing field in the sense that we all have an opportunity to read and study the rules. This is what keeps the Criminals and Racketeers up at night and the reason it’s monitored so closely. The only offense they have at this point is to pay in order to write the laws. Short of rewriting them, they simply break the law and subject themselves to the 10% vig .Gov will hit them up for.

    I’m reading the Madoff scheme currently as it is a prime example of criminals ignoring the rules, knowing full well that they can claim ignorance or simply blame someone else.

  • JB Robertson

    While I agree with a lot of what Willie is saying, I had to cringe when I heard him describe the negative effect that the Yen depreciation is having on the Yen carry trade. This discussion begins at about the 19:08 mark.

    It demonstrates to me a complete misunderstanding of the mechanics of the carry trade or at least not thinking the process through. The borrowing occurs in Yen which is then typically converted into dollars and then into stocks or bonds. If the Yen declines (with respect to the dollar or any other currency in which the end instrument was purchased) it means that when the trade is reversed there is a fat profit as the now cheaper Yen are repaid. Somewhere around the 20 minute mark he makes the statement: “You cannot have what you borrow go down in value”. Exactly wrong – you want to have what you borrow (Yen) go down in value.

    Interestingly, he cites the gold carry trade of the 90’s. This trade worked precisely because the “currency” being borrowed – gold – did go down in value, allowing fat profits on reversal of the carry trade (except for those unlucky borrowers who overstayed the party when gold began its upward ascent from the $250s in the late nineties.

    • SGT

      Thanks JB, at least your criticism is quantifiable, and if you are correct, warranted. Others, like Tom, seem to prefer to bitch and moan without ever taking the time to listen and to form lucid comments with any real value.

    • Kim

      Spot on JB Robertson the cost would be cheaper to re-pay should it de-value against the currency/commodity swapped. I think JW got it mixed up somehow.
      Also regarding JW, the guy is (just like me) a little loony, but I love his outlook and 90% of what he says and thinks make total sense.

  • Eric

    I like the ending. “The supply is non existent at the current price. If they have the sense not to look at the comex price. And I don’t think they have the sense not to look at the comex price.” 30-35% premiums on large orders. geeez.

    Value NOT price!

    Stop measuring the value of something in terms of dollars! The Federal Reserve’s balance sheet is nearly 6 times larger than it was 6 years ago.

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    Jim Willie is a brilliant analyst with an impressive background.To be honest I’ve rarely heard such an American expert with such a huge knowledge.And above all,unlike most of the economists,he is honest.
    As for Tom Aumeg,it’s more and more sure that Germany is going to leave the Euro and probably join the BRICS alliance.Jim’s prediction is thus perfectly right.It’s just longer than we could think.All we have to do is to be patient and wait.

    • Angel

      All in due time. And that goes for everything.

      If there’s one thing all of this has taught me (from geopolitics, to the metals, to a global economic restructuring), it’s PATIENCE.

      • Eric

        Indeed Angel. Patience really is a virtue. More time to stack. More time to prepare. More time to learn. I don’t think people quite grasp what the world (and their neighborhood) will look like at $3,000/oz gold, $5,000/oz gold, $10,000/oz gold.

        • Angel

          No, Eric, they cannot grasp it, nor do most believe it’s remotely possible. It will be a rather unpleasant shock, and a chaotic world that I’m not looking forward to.

  • Sam

    Always a pleasure listening to the well informed and highly intelligent Golden Jackass as he delves into the geopolitical tie ins around the globe.

    In reading some of the comments, perhaps, the “gigantic shit storm” and the further descriptives laid out like “leading to Marshall law” among others is causing some sheeple of the MSNBCBSCNNBBC mindset, a little paradigm sickness in their disconnection from the world they prefer to live in to the world as it actually is…

    Interestingly, the “acceleration of the end game” as the Jackass describes it too seems accurate in the January/February time frame with further weakening of the lynch pins to follow, in fact, deadlines of innumerable rules, insane legislation, and fiat decrees are being foisted upon the masses as witness to this – ObomBacare Amnesty hello- One only has to open their own eyes to see the fences being constructed right before them, and coincidently, the Lame Stream Bobble Heads refuse to see hear or speak of it – the three monkeys – oh my 🙂

    Thank you posting SGT and have a great holiday!


    my 2 cents:

    germany and the netherlands are going to leave the euro-disaster, they’ve actually admitted that they had a plan ready if the euro was to go under, if they had a plan that means they still have plan ready.

    Think about it, the netherlands retrieves its gold from the fed, they promise to be quiet about the results of the plane crash and the ukraine gold goes missing?

    • Angel

      Absolutely, GRYPHONv8. These things are very sensitive and happen when it’s time for them to happen, not when WE SAY it’s time.

      I believe Willie will be proven correct, but this could drag on longer than most expected. All the more reason to leave timing out of equation when these things are spoken of in public. All it does is give the naysayers more ammunition to unload on you and say you made a wrong prediction.

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