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I’ve Discovered I’m A Prepper

from Survival Blog:

How did I get here? About a year ago, I was covered up with apples from my one, lonely apple tree in my back yard. (I have since planted another.) I ate some, gave some away, canned a lot of apple butter, but I still had about a bushel basket of apples left. Not wanting to waste them, I did an Internet search for ways to can the remaining apples and found some great information. I ended up canning applesauce and apple pie filling, too.

This Internet search for ways to can apples led me to many prepper and survivalist sites. Initially, I thought, “Okay. I believe in planning for the future, but that’s all that I have in common with THESE people.” I always thought that survivalists were those odd ducks or crazy people who stood on the streets with signs proclaiming the end is near and who lived in underground bunkers. I was wrong. It turns out these everyday Americans are just like me. We’re your friends, neighbors, church family, coworkers, et cetera. We are aware of what’s going on around us, and we don’t want to be caught in the panic of those who weren’t ready, or worse yet, thought the government would take care of us. (Can you say “Katrina”?)

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