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How The Watchman Voted On Election Day

from The Wealth Watchman:

Here I sit at 3:45 a.m., and as I see gold and silver’s price sky-diving with anvils strapped to their backs(with gold ticking its low of the day so far at $1,139, and silver at $15.18) I’m reminded of what I wrote to my brothers less than a week ago, in the Watchman’s Warning:

“I believe the enemy is coming again in a big way, and telling yourself reassuring lies in the wake of his charge won’t save you, and won’t stop them.  Don’t do it!…

You must not allow yourself to give counsel to voices who are telling you that rosier times are just around the corner!  Tune those people completely out.

You must not concentrate on price direction alone in the days ahead.

You must not go on vainly hoping that price direction might change at any second.

Most importantly, you must not go on believing in “strong price support”, it does not exist!

Do not ask,  “How low can this go?”

It can and will go as low as the banks wish to take it, while they still have something to deliver to those standing in line for it.

Do not ask, “Where is the next line of “strong price support!?”

Repeat after me: the enemy owns the chart, the enemy is the chart.

Plant your feet, prepare to dodge the worst of their assaults, and give them one merciless counter-attack after another! 

My brothers, if “strong price support” existed(it doesn’t), rumor has it, that it’d be lurking near “$1,100, and then at $1,050 “fuh sure!”  in gold, and at $15 and then $14 for silver.  So, if we get down that far, I’d expect the enemy to let it bounce up for a relief rally….enabling all the cheerleaders to proclaim that we’re once again “in the money!(at lower prices than ever)”, to be followed by another soul-crushing smash.

Again, this is to be expected, the downtrend they’ve painted is still in place, and WTI oil(which I warned about) has broken through $80 with conviction, and is now trading at $76.75, which is getting dangerously close to that mid $70′s figure, I mentioned.  Again, you knew this was coming! 

Give these market riggers no quarter as they do this, help end this blatant display of criminality, it is within our power to do it if enough people just step in to parry these blows, and counter attack!  We can help bring the bullion and central banks’ Judgement day just a wee bit quicker, and our day of Vindication a bit sooner too.

Do not be afraid.  They thrive on fear, as bacteria on a petri dish.  Let confident courage be the air in your lungs!

Election Day

One of the Watchman’s heroes, the great G.K. Chesterton, once timelessly and powerfully wrote of democracy:

“…The situation comes to this: The democracy has a right to answer questions, but it has no right to ask them. It is still the political aristocracy that asks the questions. And we shall not be unreasonably cynical if we suppose that the political aristocracy will always be rather careful what questions it asks. And if the dangerous comfort and self-flattery of modern England continues much longer there will be less democratic value in an English election than in a Roman saturnalia of slaves. For the powerful class will choose two courses of action, both of them safe for itself, and then give the democracy the gratification of taking one course or the other. The lord will take two things so much alike that he would not mind choosing from them blindfold—and then for a great jest he will allow the slaves to choose. “

Man, it just hits you like a “1,2 punch” to the gut, doesn’t it? He nailed democracy….to the wall!

And as I sat on election day, trying to find the proper words to describe how I felt, I suddenly realized how differently this Watchman regards elections, in comparison to how I used to feel.

Because the truth of the matter, is that I feel totally alienated from the entire process of elections, and from the man I used to be.  My brothers, I’ll bet the same is true for many of you.

Growing up, I would’ve been really nervous about election day, asking myself things like:

“Will ‘the good guys’ win?  Will we ‘take D.C. back’?  What happens if the ‘wrong people’ keep control of D.C.?  Man, we are so screwed if that happens!”

I’ve long come to recognize the Federal political process for what it is: a mindless distraction, and a useful tool for releasing public anger.

U.S. imperial democracy: what a total non-solution to our common problems, and a total waste of time!

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16 comments to How The Watchman Voted On Election Day

  • Kevin

    Its hard to take this guy at face value when he appoints himself as “The Watchman,” and pontificates doom & gloom at every opportunity. People like this belong on Before its News, so the rest of us can get back to actual market commentary & analysis.

    PLEASE stop with the Doomsday Preppers….

    • Max

      I agree. He sounds unbalanced to me.

    • Hey Kevin, it’s funny you should put it that way, because in all my posts, I haven’t once, not one single time, even mentioned spread of ebola, or WW3, or martial law, or building your own off-grid shelter with solar energies…..

      Not once. Anywhere.

      I always, always focus on the end of the Keynesian, bankster system, which is a fact….and what you can proactively do to enjoy your life, and share life with others as we live our lives in the meantime.

      That’s the opposite of what you just talked about. There are plenty of “Doom porn” sites out there. The Wealth isn’t one of them.

      I use the alter-ego of the Watchman, as a tool to inspire others. If you met me in person, you’d seriously say, “wait….you? I don’t believe it.”

      Every post of mine focuses on what you can do, not what you can’t. Every post focused on ways to help you take control of your life, while shrugging off everything else that are outside your control.

      I personally haven’t prepped almost anything at all. I will continue to showcase a positive approach that individuals can take, to prepare for price attacks, so that we can respond rationally to them.

      All the best.

      • Angel


        Funny how people so easily put words in the mouths of others these days, isn’t it? It really makes you wonder what THEIR gig is that they would do such a thing.

        Maybe the message hits home and that worries them? Too honest and realistic for their liking? Obviously, I’m stopping short of calling them trolls, as it may just as likely be frustration or shear stupidity.

        As I said today in another post, bitterness over the metals’ perceived loss of value has many on end. But articles that present the truth creatively can often have a bigger impact than the dry and analytical sermons, which is pretty much all we’ve been served. There’s a place for it all, of course, so long as the truth is spoken straight up.

        The writing is on the wall and the message is getting out, so long as we have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Exciting times for those who do!

      • Kevin


        I stand corrected and apologize for any offense. I miss-took you for another “Watchman” that has popped up from time to time on other sites. Thank you for responding so professionally.

        It is my hope that SGT Reports return to its original roots, for which I now understand, you are a valued contributor.

        Thank you,


  • Eric

    A price smash on the day after election day wasn’t too difficult to see. You have to expect it to go to ZERO on the ticker! That would be awesome! Bix Weir has always said they can put the price at $1 or $1,000,000,000.

    Does that mean it’s only worth $1? Run run run out and sell your silver for toilet paper (which does actually grow on trees by the way). Oh here we go in the popup ad…Cottenelle FreshCare Flushable Cleansing for $3.84 I clean my toilet the old fashioned way…with a brush. but for silver I use this…

  • MrPappaFace

    The watchman is becoming one of my new favorites to read. I appreciate his perspective, level head analysis and over writing style.

  • MrPappaFace

    Lol, typo. Level headed analysis and overall writing style.

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