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JIM WILLIE — How China Is Taking Over America

from FinanceAndLiberty:

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12 comments to JIM WILLIE — How China Is Taking Over America

  • andrew james

    It’s nobody’s fault but mine.

  • Angel

    So then, at the rate things are going, does China even NEED to invade the US militarily (as some are suggesting will happen)?

    • Ed_B

      It is extremely unlikely that China will ever invade the US. The Pacific Ocean is quite a barrier and China’s navy is incapable of bringing the men and materiel that would be required for any kind of invasion attempt. Added to this is, yes, the US would use nukes on the high seas, far from our homeland, to repel an invasion force. Our navy is WAY better than theirs and is more than capable of repelling any such invasion.

      What we may not be up to is a much more subtle invasion… one of financial ownership. Our “leaders” have already demonstrated a complete lack of understanding insofar as economics goes. They do not know the difference between money, credit, and debt. Our current financial position in the world is evidence enough of that.

      If nothing else, the Chinese are VERY familiar with the writings of Sun Tzu. His philosophy of war is a classic that many have studied over the centuries. One of his prime observations is that to succeed in battle, one throws their strength against the enemy’s weakness, not his strength, and then rolls him up after shattering his flanks. Therefore, they will challenge us on the economic front where we are weak and they are not. Dealing with them from a position of massive debt puts us at an immediate disadvantage and them in a superior position. They would be foolish, indeed, not to take advantage of this superior position. Here, they clearly have the high ground. Gold will be one of their greatest weapons. If we wish to remain a sovereign nation, we MUST have a gold hoard that allows us to remain independent and not in their thrall. Foolish indeed are they who do not grasp these simple facts, for this is where they will strike and strike hard. How do I know this? Because, in their place, this is EXACTLY what I would do.

  • glitter 1

    ” The Dodd-Frank bill revealed that the Fed created/loaned 23 Trillion at 0% interst to member banks and friends so that when they collapse the world economy they will buy it up!”

    I’m not sure JW is aware, but this is right out of “The Protocols” play book,the end game if you will.They boast about it in their planned world take over.As I’ve stated several times here,they have a plan and they’re working the plan.If you follow/connect the evident dots you can step back and make out the silhouette of the canvas they are painting.Their final masterpiece is to be a Totalitarian Socialist One World Government Utopia.China and Russia are the model.The US will be folded in after they collapse the economy,there will be no middle class wealth left to fight back.In addition,following the collapse they will seal the deal/freedom & liberty lock down and take away all cash and institute their long time dream of an electronic cashless system,(Aaron Russo’s interview w/Jay Rockefeller).

    • Angel


      There can be NO doubt that the US is heading towards a cashless system. We see signs of it day in and day out in our own dealings. When I stopped in to AAA Auto Club to renew my coverage the other day, they offered me a “too good to refuse” AAA credit card deal. The only stipulation is that your monthly payments will be directly withdrawn from your bank account. Everywhere we look it’s paperless billing. My internet provider will not let me view my account online until I agree to paperless billing. Right now we have the option, but that won’t last forever if they have their way. And by the way, I DID refuse that AAA credit card.

      Anyway, considering the rabid amount of gold (and silver) being accumulated by the East, presumably to back their currencies at a future date, it seems to me this contradicts the electronic system that you and others believe they will initiate. Especially in China, where the government ENCOURAGES the people to accumulate gold.

      Why would they do such a thing if they only intend to diminish their wealth in the long run with the electronic system? Sounds like a contradiction. Or am I not seeing the entire picture?

      • glitter 1


        Of course the question is all about timing.David Rockefeller made a statement in 2013 that we need to institute a cashless sytem by 2016.Now maybe it will be 2016,maybe the timing will be off a bit,but when one of the principle players of the NWO make a statement,you know that a message is being telegraphed.When you overlay that statement over all the project events that may/could come to pass by ~2016,it’s not a stretch to visualize the economic circumstances both in the US and the World for that matter that may in play at the time.I’m of the opinion that they will try to usher in any electronic/cashless system during an economic upheaval of some sort.It will most likely come in the form of a debit card,no more cash accepted anywhere,then at come point down the road will come the biometric implant/tattoo(remember that panel of CEO’s,Google etc).IMHO when that moment arrives,when there will be no more cash,Gold and Silver will most likely become perhaps a Black Market Currency/tool.There may be a grace/transition period as the reality of the cashless sytem becomes more widely accepted/utilized.Once cash is no more,they will be very close to their Total Control System,but you already know this.I just believe that we are closer than most.

  • Angel


    “…but when one of the principle players of the NWO make a statement,you know that a message is being telegraphed.”

    I agree, this has been envisioned for a very long time. I suppose where we disagree is that it might not be across the board, at least right away.

    In so far as the US is concerned, it seems that all bets are off in so far as salvaging the cash-based system. I have no doubt that they will take full advantage of the opportunity to institute a cashless system when things reach such a dismal state economically that they have the people by the cahones.

    Of course, this will require that everyone open a bank account of some sort – good luck with that. But they have already eased us into it over the DECADES, including those who collect their monthly government payments, so they do have a definite head start – by design.

    The mark is also something they fully intend to implement, but this might not be as easy as some believe, at least in the short term. But they have been introducing us to this idea incrementally for a very long time.

    But in so far as China/Russia are concerned, I’m not so sure the electronic system will be implemented so quickly. For one thing, I’m not so sure that they are going to experience the same degree of devastation that the West will experience (although I know some will beg to differ with me), and some sort of a gold-backed system might actually be up and running successfully as the West falls into utter disrepair. It seems to me, this is the very thing they’re counting on.

    But that’s not to say that we ALL won’t eventually go down this same road should the elite succeed in realizing their global vision. Personally, I DON’T believe that it’s a foregone conclusion across the board, but I do believe that short of a miracle or a mass awakening, the US is most definitely in enemy hands and cannot be salvaged.

    However, I do see attempts at smaller, independent communities that are not part and parcel of the Beast system attempting to sprout and flourish in the US amid the rubble and chaos, along with attempts at squashing them. And yes, timing will be everything with all of this, and those black swans could dramatically change everything as well.

    Seeing that you subscribe to the belief that China and Russia behold to the same global masters, I’m sure you will take exception to some of my views. And while things might not play out in the way that I state, I think they’re as plausible as any other.

    • glitter 1


      The Global elite’s MO is they always have a Patsy set up,always.I believe Russia is being set up as the Patsy,but make no mistake,when all the Global Elite Leaders meet,whether singularly or as a group,they all use the same handshakes/esoteric greetings.They’re ALL in on what is going on and will play their parts,like it or not.They All,without exception belong to the same Lodge.It has taken centuries to align everything up for execution,they will not allow it all to be undone/thwarted,even if it means detonating some Nucs/unleashing some Bio Death.They will obtain their “Order Out Of Chaos”.Most think there will always be the other side to pick up the pieces.I’m not so sure the other side will comprise what we/most can imagin at this time.You can not place a limit on Evil.

      • Ed_B

        “… when all the Global Elite Leaders meet…”

        Man, would that ever be the time and place for a back-pack nuke to attend the meeting. SURPRISE!!!

        • glitter 1

          If you’ve seen the movie “Shooter”,that’s what I think would work,a squad of committed,crack ex-marine snipers to one by one start picking off these people from 1500yrds until they realize they had better knock it the heck off.Imagine the fear after several prominent leaders/politicians suddenly out of nowhere have their pumpkin blown apart.

  • AgShaman

    What were the lasers in Panama all about?

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