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Historic & Unprecedented Events Unfolding In The Gold Market

from KingWorldNews:

I personally think that having control of one’s own gold is a prudent thing to do. The topic of repatriating gold is getting a lot of play in Europe as a consequence of the Swiss referendum, which you reminded me is coming up on Sunday.

And I think there is an undercurrent, an intelligent undercurrent frankly, of voters in Europe, particularly older voters, who remember that times aren’t alway good. Who believe this (gold) is part of their national patrimony, it’s part of their wealth, why should we store it in a repository that doesn’t subject itself to an audit? Why don’t we keep it ourselves?

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1 comment to Historic & Unprecedented Events Unfolding In The Gold Market

  • Eric B

    Kids……do yourselves a favor stay far away from Rick Rule, this guy churned my wife’s Sprott USA account to a 50% loss in about 9 moths, if this guy is such a genius why cant he pick a winner and stay with it. For myself, Agust Metals physical bullion IRA is where I’m headed, hope its a legit outfit. Setting up the trust right now…..

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