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Here’s what I think the financial system will look like in the future

from Sovereign Man:

Thousands of years ago whenever the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt passed away, they were buried with all of their gold in a specially constructed tomb. The idea was to ward off thieves with booby traps and other perils so that these perceived demigods could enjoy their riches for eternity. It worked. In the case of Tutankhamen, his gold was untouched by both thieves and desperate government tax collectors for thousands of years.

In the Pharaohs’ day, gold was money. Today, it might be even more important than ever.

As advanced as our modern civilization may be, we’ve been playing with fire for more than a century. Every single experiment with unbacked paper money throughout history failed. And though today’s economists like to think that ‘this time is different,’ our own experiment with paper money will share the same fate.

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3 comments to Here’s what I think the financial system will look like in the future

  • Ed_B

    In spite of the fact that ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were slave owning absolute dictators, they still only took one part in ten for taxes. Compare that to the 50% and more demanded by today’s governments. So much for taxation WITH so-called representation. 🙁

  • J

    I like the reference to currency used in the movie: “Guardians of The Galaxy”… Units. We are units, “We are Brute”. What is at play here is not paper or metal but it is your life force or your soul as it is called. It is its possession that is the ultimate endgame, the rest is a means to an end.

    • Scott

      Spot on! Once TPTB have complete digital currencies we will all be enslaved. They can manipulate your holdings any way they see fit. One day entire areas designated as “extremist” could wake up and find their monies gone! Can you say “District 12”. And equally as likely is a large disaster that takes down the electrical grid for 6 weeks. No power, no money. No money, no food.

      In this crazy fucking world I for one will always have 500 Silver Eagles and $5,000 cash in twenty-dollar bills in my bug-out tube buried in the woods easily accessible within bicycle range. Just a little something to smooth out any government “for your own good” bullshit.

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