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The Angel Clark Show on Anarchapulco and Moving to Mexico on $500

from TheDollarVigilante:

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6 comments to The Angel Clark Show on Anarchapulco and Moving to Mexico on $500

  • ilikethisvideo

    Made me think of this.

  • Man, these people really stoke the fires to want to get out of dodge. Would love to hit Anarchapulco too…sounds like a blast!

  • Angel

    O.K., so, now you all know what I look like! Oh, the decadence that freedom brings: the wine, the cigs, the sexy sunglasses. We’re so HIP!

    But seriously, this interview is likely to ruffle a few feathers. There’s a mindset amongst some Americans that leaving the US for greener pastures is akin to surrender. Although the stubborn aspect of my being concurs with this view completely, the practical side sees it quite differently. In fact, I can’t say that I haven’t considered going elsewhere, though it’s highly unlikely it will ever happen (unless I get disappeared and flown out against my will).

    Because what this interview DOES do is further remind me of how we in the US have been thoroughly flushed down the toilet, right into the sewer. It also elicits and even stronger longing for freedom, but RIGHT WHERE I AM – the US. After all, isn’t this the very reason that we (Americans) come on this site day after day? To take back OUR country from those who hijacked it long ago? (Please spare the Native American diatribe, unless you plan on using this argument to describe the very same transgressions that occurred against the native population in what is now Mexico. Or ANYWHERE, for that matter.)

    Actually, many of the things that Angel and Jeff describe about Anarchapulco were once taken for granted right here in the US – and not very many years ago. In fact, I can remember those days like they were yesterday. Which goes to show just how quickly the fasco-communists perverted our nation, the final death throe being the 911 false-flag attacks.

    But the one thing we must all keep in mind is that transcending the matrix is not simply a matter of going from one location or community to another. First and foremost, it is a STATE OF MIND. That said, how long will it be before the Brotherhood of Darkness stake their claim in Anarchapulco, or any other “free” enclave on the planet?

    Unless we are fully committed in mind and thought to living a life outside the matrix, no amount of physical relocating will TRULY free us from the clutches of the Brotherhood when they decide to launch their next parasitic invasion in our new back yard. Because we could run but we cannot hide.

    • Angel

      Just to further expound on what appears to be a contradiction in my above comment:

      While I mention the fact that we need to “…take back OUR country from those who hijacked it long ago…” in one breath, I further state that freedom was “…once taken for granted right here in the US – and not very many years ago.”

      In actuality, both statements are correct. Many point to the (long-ago) Federal Reserve Act as being the point in which the nation was hijacked (though I believe it was much earlier than that).

      Whatever the case, some SEMBLANCE of freedom remained for many decades after, right up until fairly recent times, which only perpetrated the illusion that we were ACTUALLY free.

      What this accomplished was to to cause Americans to keep their guard down, while the Brotherhood softened us up for the final leg of the takeover. How many times have we heard over those many years that “America is the freest country in the world!” Amazingly, some still believe this. Which only goes to prove the power of the false reality that was meticulously laid out for the unsuspecting masses.


    “They say Mexico is the place to go, and maybe they right.”
    Angel, I have always enjoyed reading your comments here on SGT.
    Your interview with Jeff was fun listening to. However, $500.00
    seems “false reality”? On FSN, Kerry has twice interviewed this
    gentleman that lives in Progreso (Merida) Mexico. Needless to say,
    he had it “going on” in Mexico. Please keep us informed. God Bless.

    • Angel


      I assume you realize I was only joking about my being Ms. Clark. Anyway, thanks for the compliment.

      I also can’t speak for $500.00 being a false reality. I suppose if you know where you’re going, have a connection already in place, have an employment prospect, have somewhat a hold of the language, posses some street smarts, a lot of determination, and are open to the Grace of God, then it might not be so unrealistic. But attempting it Willy Nilly isn’t recommended.

      How many people posses all of those things when they make a move of this nature is beyond me. And even if I did, would I attempt it on a measly $500.00? Not even maybe.

      On the other hand, less than twenty years ago, I did make a move from one side of the country to the other, with nothing but a U-Haul trailer towed behind a 20-year old car and a few cats in the back seat. I did this with less than a grand in my pocket, which didn’t last long considering the gas expense. (I did have a credit card in the event of an emergency.)

      Although I had a connection and an apartment waiting for me, but no job, I had no hold of the Spanish language, no easy task considering I ended up smack in the middle of an apartment complex in which about 95% of the residents were Mexican. And in a horrible, crime-infested part of a large American city, to boot.

      Granted, this isn’t quite the same as moving to a different nation, but believe me, I could write a book on the challenges that confronted me. But before I knew it, I landed not one, but two jobs, all the while playing in a “rock” band (a position that also awaited my arrival) that held rehearsals promptly at 2:00 a.m. (for the purpose of weeding out the lightweights).

      So whether or not attempting something of this nature with limited funds is a false reality, there’s a slew of other factors that enter the picture that will determine that. And anyone who makes it sound easy is being disingenuous.

      And by the way, although I would eventually return to the nest, it was a valuable experience all the same, and one that has only benefited me in the long run.

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