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from PastorDowell:

St. Louis County prosecutor Robert McCulloch who announced Monday night that no charges will be filed against Ferguson, Mo. Police officer Darren Wilson. Mark my words and watch the political life of this man. Let’s see if he will run for Governor or some high office seat. On this Jury, 9 whites and 3 Blacks.

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    Could all of this be done by “Design”? False Flag? Agenda 21? Expansion of the St. Louis Airport? BIG Claims on Insurance properties? Where are the people of Ferguson
    going to live and trade now? This and all “energy of destruction” should be to dismantle this oppresive gubberment! Yes, MORE to come!!!

  • The Truth

    I have said before this Ferguson things is just propaganda to keep the people divided and blind. Slavery started this country and by this same evil they will bring the end of this country. Anyone who will say “Slavery” is not evil and the atrocities it has done to the Negro people was not Barbaric, has their heads screwed on wrong. Reciprocity is what you put in you get back. AMERICAN which means (A=A MERIC=CRIME A=Against N=Natives)” A CRIME AGAINST NATIVES”, means that what was done before shall be done unto them that done it and there is no new thing under the sun. There is no evil under the heavens which was done before, that has not come back unto the descendants of those who instilled it.

    This divide and rule mentality has worked for the enemy for so long and people are oblivious to it. You cannot get any justice in a system of criminals. What many people see as the police being innocent, is just another case of the police state showing that they can do anything and get away with it. This is not a white against black thing, it is a criminal system imposing its will upon anyone who shows dissent.

    When no rule of law is present, the rule of lawlessness will always rule. Immorality, lawlessness, racism, communism, socialism, and all the other izims and skizims, is what has already and continues to bring mankind to their complete end. The only thing which the Most High created, and in his image, that does not give reverence unto him is “MANKIND”. Everything else which he has made gives him honor and glory, but in “MANKIND” you will find the lowest of anything honorable, for mankind loves to receive glory unto themselves.

    Therefore “MANKIND” is the greatest defect the Most High has ever created. And we are seeing the manifestation of this defect every day of our lives. What happens to something when it is defective? It is always scrapped and ends up in the waste heap aka hellfire!

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