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Entities Owning Paper Gold Are Now Getting Very Nervous

from KingWorldNews:

Eric King: “We had the news about the Dutch Bank bringing home 122 tons of their gold. Incredibly Egon von Greyerz telegraphed this nearly a month ago. He put out another piece with King World News today and his message was that for these countries looking to repatriate gold from the U.S. Fed, the gold is not there — the gold is gone.”

Turk: “Yes. That was the message that we learned from Germany and the fact that it’s taking so long for Germany to get its gold back from the United States….

Eric King: “James, as you know the Germans simply asked to be let into the vault at the Fed just to inspect their gold, and they were told, ‘No.’ They were denied access. Of course the reason given was that they represented a ‘security risk.’ That’s preposterous.”

James Turk, Egon von Greyerz. Luzi Stamm Audio Interview @

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2 comments to Entities Owning Paper Gold Are Now Getting Very Nervous

  • Frank Zak

    My calculations show GLD will drop
    below 400 tonnes by next Christmas 2015.
    GLD has 720 tonnes now.

    John Paulson’s hedge fund owns 323 tonnes,
    or 45%, of GLD and he said he won’t sell.

    That will only leave 73 tonnes in GLD
    that can be sold.

    Now you know why Paulson won’t sell ?

  • Ed_B

    I think that all too many people are accepting the story that the Dutch have actually received this gold and that this is not simply a book entry somewhere in a ledger. AFAIK, there has not been one single story on this wherein an independent 3rd party has verified this gold transfer. For all we know, this is just more smoke and mirrors. It is likely that the Swiss referendum on the SNB being required to hold 20% of Switzerland’s assets in gold has a lot to do with this story. Whether or not the truth has anything to do with it remains to be seen.

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